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L.A. Mayor Asks Jackson Fans for Money

7/7/2009 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonL.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is asking fans of Michael Jackson to kick in and offset the $4 million it will cost the city to cover the city's costs associated with the funeral and memorial.

UPDATE -- All major credit cards accepted. Checks too.


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the people who won the lottery ticket could pay a $! then we'll see where the true fans are

1941 days ago


This is nothing. Watch the family kill each other over estate. The money will transferred to the lawyers,who already know this will happen. No one truely loved him, they just want his money,plain and simple.

1941 days ago

Wilhelmnia Williams    

I think that LA Mayor is a disgrace, I am so glad he has not lost a love one, lets see if he (The Mayor of LA) will pay the cost. O no I forgot the Mayor has no one who is as BIG AS MIKE.

1941 days ago


So far they have collected $1.98

1941 days ago


Millions of fans are not even allowed to pay MJ their final respect and are blocked away. If the city ask for help from those people, the city should have made it possible by putting up screens outside of the Staple center and not block them away from it all.
There are MJ fans who have traveled around the word for his sake and now have to see the event on TV at their hotel instead of being at or nearby the event. Everybody knew before planning the memorial that MJ would draw millions of people and just to make it possible for 20 000 to attend and block away the others is SO WRONG.

1941 days ago


TOTAL BS!!! DUH... Michaels last week record sales profit from Sony should cover it!! The JACKSONS Elected to make this a public spectacle by having a PUBLIC MEMORIAL! Plus the TV/RADIO and WEBSITE MEDIA will make millions from advertisers!! Guess who should pay for it?? If I call for a Fire Truck or Ambulance ..guess who gets the bill?? I DO!!


1941 days ago


The Mayor is a loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont give a damn how broke any city is.... Michael was a provat citizen who lived his life as a contributing tax-payer of California. I am sure the family is only having this big memorial service for the fans, so that they can say good bye. Would you charge any other citizen/star money for providing safety?? I am sure all the thousands of people who are in your city, wil be spending money of food, drinks., hotels... Maybe you should charge the vendors the extra money from this event. What else does the L.A. police have to do today??? The Mayor is a weasel, and insulting with his petty demands.

1941 days ago


our mayor is an idiot period...this guy speaks up now?...where the hell was he while the planning for this memorial was taking place?...out of the country?...yeah...he just blew it offf as he has w/trying to run this city we live pay for this?..hell no...the huge corporation AEG should pay for this flat out...they are the ones who will be making money on this sad situation for years and years to come....they own the sttaokes center and they are the promoters...they should pay...our mayor is just an ass...period...

1941 days ago


Uh, no. I say Mariah Carey, John Mayer, all the performers who are singing, etc. should pay - not the fans. And I think the CITY should have charged admission to the memorial. Not necessarily the family, but the CITY should have. Anyone crazy enough to be in CA right now for the memorial should be willing to pay $25.00 tp get om to see a dead Michael Jackson.

1941 days ago


Hey Villaregosa

How about you send all the ankor babies back to Mexico and that would more than cover the cost of this event.

We could get at least 3 Trillion back. I'm paying the their benifits medical, welfare, Section 8 Housing and all the low income housing that you provide them. KISS MY A S S.


1941 days ago



1941 days ago


Where are Big Al & Jesse now, get them to pass the hats. Better yet how about Puffy , Jaime Foxx, Madonna and all those claiming they owe him for their careers, let them foot the bill.

1941 days ago

The 1 & Only    

What's the address to send donations?

1941 days ago


most people don't put funeral arrangements in their wills because the will is usually not opened (and many times not even located) until after the funeral is long over.

i was against them billing the family since this is really for the fans (i would have paid the $25 rumored in the beginning), but now that i know 9,000 seats are reserved for "jackson friends and family" that pisses me off

1941 days ago


WOW! just when i thought the Mayor of California couldnt get any more stupid, he goes way beyond. So the State of California, The Brokest of the states is asked of its many jobless layed off residents to find change in their couchs to help pay for this so called ICONs arrangements....whats happened to this mans money. so the money he made on record sales, and the money they saved on 10 range rovers california is asked to help! And i cant imagine the people who were'nt allowed to view ol' mikey would want to pay for something they cant even be apart of. what about all the BIG STARS, who will be there and perform for him....let me guess they're broke too. and the SWAT and Police are escorting cause....they're affraid someone might want to kill Mike again. F@#$ THAT NOISE!

1941 days ago
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