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L.A. Mayor Asks Jackson Fans for Money

7/7/2009 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonL.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is asking fans of Michael Jackson to kick in and offset the $4 million it will cost the city to cover the city's costs associated with the funeral and memorial.

UPDATE -- All major credit cards accepted. Checks too.


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The family should have to pay the expenses like every other taxpayer in the city. Maybe all of his Friends should raise money by having carwashes. Why is there money for this but not enough money to keep our city employees from getting furloughed three days out of the month. We are all on budgets, you can only do what you can afford.

1871 days ago


Good luck you dumbasses. You should have got the money from the Jacksons for this 'event' BEFORE letting them carry it out. SUCKERS!

1871 days ago


What it be like? AEG owns Staple Center, and are making a fortune on this circus. Why arent they made to pay for the security, police, clean up, etc that this event requires? They just refused to pay. Then why were they given permission to have the event in the first place? Arent there permits etc that need to be gotten for this? You need a permit to do anything in LA, I cant believe they didnt need something to host this service. Somethings wrong here, but for that idiot mayor of LA to ask for money from the fans, while he vacations in South Africa at the city's expense, is disgusting. He is an embarrassment to LA and should be removed from office. He contributes nothing, and takes all he can, a typical politician in today's world.

1871 days ago


Just when you think politicians can't get any lower, you hear something like this.

1871 days ago


In case anyone forgot, our state is in DEEP financial trouble!!!! Our taxes are going up, car registration is going up, schools are laying off....YET we fork over $4 million for a pop star's funeral!!!! This is why we're in debt!!!!

1871 days ago


The estate or the family should be covering the cost, not the city, shame on the mayor for even asking. Send the bill to the executors, this is a cost associated with Jackson's extravagant lifestyle, not one the city should bear for any reason!

1871 days ago


JOE JACKSON HAD THE AUDACITY TO GIVE RECOGNITION TO MICHAEL AND PROMOTE HIS BUSINESS AT THE BET AWARDS ALL IN ONE BREATH. This man slithers!!! The Jackson family can come up with the money. Janet is doing very well. Show some dignity and cover your own families expenses. 4 mill is nothing for their family to come up with. Don't leave Michael looking like a charity case.

Have Randy go ask his "foreign" business associates. L A is broke ... where letting go of teachers, city employees ... WE HAVE NO EXTRA MONEY FOR Michael's last performance. Have love for Michael, but let's remain realistic.

1871 days ago


What's wrong with asking these HUGE fans of this HUGE superstar to kick in a few bucks? They love him and his family so much - part with some dough, why don't you? What's wrong with that? After all he IS the greatest Entertainer of All Time!

1871 days ago


Sounds Good - you're either Mayor Villaraigosa or an idiot.

1871 days ago


If Laker fans made donations to the city expenses, why haven't any of MJ friends made donations?

1871 days ago

Jack Blade    

This is the way of the dumbass political jerks of today! They allow a big waste of money on a ridiculous cause (in this case a dead pedophile) have no real way to pay for it so they expect the taxpayers to foot the bill! Why should this surprise anyone since this kind of crap goes all the way to the top of the Odumbass Nation!

1871 days ago

Math For You    

The sales tax in California is 8.25%. In order to make $4,000,000 they will need to sell (goods/services) equal to $48,500,000 to get the amount needed to cover his funeral. Jackson family needs to pay up. When my mom died I had to pay for the funeral by myself (no siblings and dad out of the picture) at the age of 21. I'm sure they can afford a funeral if I could then.

1871 days ago


Why shouldn't they? When you're already depressed because your house burned down, and all of a sudden you get a bill for the fire department, why shouldn't the Jackson's be asked to pay for 4000 police, fire, paramedics, barriers, closing down freeways, etc. As for money going to hotels, etc. that MIGHT cover the loss of revenue for the businesses that lost employees because they couldn't get to work or were late, or the businesses near Staples Center, etc. that had to close down. A friend of mine received a bill for over $4000 for fire and amulance costs when her son was hit by a hit and run driver. If a private citizen and be billed for more than 10% of their anual income for a medical emergency, why should a celebrity family be billed 1% of the estates assets for a funeral?
PAY UP!!!!!!

1871 days ago


That money should be paid out of Jackson funds. This was an avoidable and ridiculous spectacle.

1871 days ago


AEG who owns Staple Center and Nokia and will make big bucks from the memorial and I'm sure a memorial tour they will do could donate a % of their profits to the city. Another thought would be a % of all the Michael Jackson songs that will be downloaded today and I would guess a CD might be made with the songs from the memorial - that could be donated to the city. The fans are the last ones that should be asked to contribute to the memorial.

1871 days ago
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