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Michael Jackson's Grand Farewell

7/7/2009 1:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's Grand FarewellMichael Jackson will create even more pandemonium in death than he did in life -- his body will take center stage at Tuesday's public memorial at the Staples Center in downtown L.A.

The family will hold a private memorial early in the morning at Forest Lawn -- where the body is now. The coffin will then be transported to Staples for what promises to be one of the biggest spectacles in L.A. history.

We will be live streaming everything as it happens beginning early in the AM.


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Tulip from JerusalemIsrael    

My prime thoughts are with his spirit. It is just his flesh they are carrying around at the cemetary right now and tomorrow through the streets of LA. His soul rests now, far away. The breath of life is out of him.

After his burial we should start to go back to normal life. Surrender him into the hands of God eternally, the best place he can be.

1900 days ago


I don't think the LAPD has any idea the amount of people that will show up around the Staples center tomorrow..MJ's fan are passionate. The media or anyone else cannot take the love and compassion we have for Michael.

1900 days ago

my opinion and i'll never change it    

I don't believe it, who says this is happening? Having a memorial is fine but a very bad idea to bring the coffin/body to it. And if this is happening, I'll bet it's closed casket because it will be empty.

1900 days ago

Tanja Theriaulr    

Oh man I was praying his body would NOT be there! Theres to many nut jobs out there, I really dont think its a good idea to do that!

1900 days ago


Honestly, i wouldnt be surprised if joe jackson is having him taken apart to sell to the highest bidder. He is one sick individual and will squander, quickly, whatever of mj's he gets his hands on.

1900 days ago


What a time for a terrorist attack! How will they ever know if there's a bomber in the mob until one goes off.

1900 days ago


It's being reported by ET Online, that the body has just been "removed from the Hall of Liberty at Forest Lawn Memorial-Park and loadedback into the hearse". Moving it to another building...This just happened before them cutting off their live feed...

1900 days ago


TMZ seemed to have some things correct but I highly doubt the body will be there tomorrow. The live stream showed the hearse move the casket from the auditorium to his burial place.

1900 days ago


With that many celebrities there, I'm sure they'll have scanner devices like in the airport.


47. What a time for a terrorist attack! How will they ever know if there's a bomber in the mob until one goes off.

Posted at 12:53AM on Jul 7th 2009 by Roro

1900 days ago

Not a real fan but a person with respect for the dead    

On the behalf of all Michael Jackson fans out there. All you haters and guys that post negative comments: BEAT IT!

1900 days ago

Amber Berglund    

You forget that the Jackson Family are Jehovah's Witnesses. The memorial service (from my experience as a witness) is seperate from the actual funeral. The body usually isn't present. I've never heard of a Jehovah's Witness memorial where the body is on display. It goes against the whole "resurrection" theme. They don't concentrate on what was left behind, they wait for the New System when they will be given a new, perfect body and live forever on a paradise earth. (There's not going to be talk about "Heaven" -- because Michael Jackson was probably not on of the 144,000.) They don't think his soul went to heaven. They don't have an explaination of where his soul/spirit is right now...that's probably why he's wandering around Neverland as a Ghost, on CNN, with Larry King...haunting Neverland, until the New System happens.

1900 days ago


The hearse was not there long enough for them to do any kind of memorial of visitation (even if it was supposed to be closed casket)...look at the time stamps of the updates.

1900 days ago

fish taco    

They should paint him black again...
Maybe sell add space on his coffin.
Give his obssesive fans something to talk about.
Please dont Riot at his services.
I hear they will be serving Jesus Juice for the kiddies.

1900 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised if he is relocated to Neverland like Elvis was. This cemetery is really nice, but I don't see it EVER being peaceful again once his actual plot (or crypt) location gets out.

1900 days ago
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