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Barbara Walters' Spy Cam at Jackson Memorial

7/8/2009 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If everyone were to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, Barbara Walters would too.

Barbara Walters' Spy Cam at Jackson Memorial
During last night's "20/20" Michael Jackson special, Walters showcased footage shot by an ABC producer sitting next to her at the memorial. The video captures Katherine Jackson and Michael's kids two rows in front of Barbara watching the service -- despite the fact that tickets to the event clearly state "no camera/video/recording."

Barbara Walters' Spy Cam at Jackson Memorial Click to view!An ABC source tells us Barbara's producer decided to shoot video because "once inside the Staples Center it was quite obvious to our producer that plenty of people were shooting video."

Calls to AEG (which threw the event) were not returned.


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How CLASSLESS!!!! I am disgusted by her now! She really should be ashamed of herself! She clearly lacks ethics and morals! I hope there is a lawsuit! So what if she saw other people doing that makes it right? Then to play it immediately after to make $ off it. Have some respect woman...if not for Michael than for his children!!! They are just kids and no matter how anyone feels about their father it was still their dad and they loved him because obviously he showed them love and they are very well poised. She's disgusting!

1931 days ago


the sky is crying

1931 days ago


Journalism at its worst. Expected this from TMZ, not Barbara Walters.

1931 days ago

patsy ramsey    

barbara, you old nasty bitch,
when you die, since you are old and have no class,
there wont be a big funeral for you, cause nobody cares about you. but if there was a public funeral for you, i suggest anybody who goes to video tape all of barbaras equally ugly family and post it all over you tube. i will laugh when i see people videotapping your crying family. although if they are as shameless as you then they probably wont even cry for you. lol
barbara deserves nothing cause she is nothing

1931 days ago

SHAME! Other people recorded for memories. YOU recorded and televised to
the world. An old hag trying to seem relavant. She didnt even know all
the jacksons names.
TMZ good job calling out baba wawa. She is just classless!

1931 days ago


and you wonder why Jackson had masks on his kids when they were in Public.

1931 days ago


# 41. You are 24 hours too late. It was already made clear by the media YESTERDAY, that blanket was holding a Michael Jackson doll.

1931 days ago


#62 Yeah, it is a Michael's doll.

1931 days ago

Karen in Texas    

As far as I am concerned Barbara Walters and the whole ABC News crew has lost all credability. The Martin Bashir story on Michael Jackson was full of mistruths and inuendos. Martin should be tried along with the doctors who allowed Michael to get his hands on those drugs if they ever find them. Martin was as responsible for Micheal's death by his actions in that attempt to grab ratings that he calls journalism. Barbara Walters and her crew on the View save for Elizabeth are in the same boat with Bashir and the others at ABC. Her actions or those of her producer only show how much disregard she has for anyone but herself. The media in general is responsible for Micheal's death. It's no wonder he couldn't sleep with all the negative publicity true or false that was constantly hurled in his direction. We need to go back to the days when a celebrity was asked to do an interview and not chased all over town to get some snippet to be taken out of context. The media needs to be held to a much higher standard when reporting on anyone. People are fragile and have hearts and feelings that need to be taken into consideration before splashing some flashy headline across a news rag. This needs to stop now. The media has managed to kill both Princess Di and Michael Jackson and God knows who else with their casual disregard for the person they are targeting. The blood is on the media's hands as well as the doctor's in Michael's case.

1931 days ago


Now that good ol' Joe can weasel a share of moolah from Katherine, gotta move all the old product.

1931 days ago



1931 days ago


Oh my dear God can we move on already..

1931 days ago


Barbera and her crew and ABC clearly show they have NO CLASS! She is a fake and fraud and its just classless just for the sake of trying to sensationalize and get some ratings cause she is too old with her fake accent. Yu been in America for over 40 years no one keeps an accent. She s classless and so is ABC.

1931 days ago


Goes to show - fame, money notiriety do not buy class.

Barbara Walters is tacky by extension if one of her employees is doing this.

1931 days ago


Barbara Walters makes me barf !!! She should of been off the air for the last twenty year's. I cannot understand people. Why do they watch her ??? Can't people find something better to do than watch barf bag or the View ??? And talk about hard to look at, that's an understatement. Show's what a nice family the Jackson's are to had allowed barb bag their. I think I need to throw up now.

And while were at it where was Oprah ??? Never seen her at the memorial. I suppose she was hanging out with MJ's true friend's you know, Liz & Ross and the list goes on. Yeah right, friend's my ass. Brooke showed who was a true friend.

1931 days ago
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