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Tom & Gisele's California Adventure

7/8/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Brady, a pregnant Gisele Bundchen and Bridget Moynahan's kid were all at the Disney Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim yesterday.

Anywhere Gisele shows up is the happiest place on Earth.

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Home wrecker. She is so jealous of Bridget and her son. That baby is going to have a profound butt chin.

1899 days ago


I have nothing against Giselle, but I can certainly understand why Bridgette was upset by Giselle's over the top public parade of her child. Especially when Bridgette had been attempting to limit her son's exposure to the press. When Giselle's baby is born, perhaps she will be able to comprehend to how hurtful her actions were. But with celebrities, and Tom's history, perhaps she will get to relate to it first hand when her baby is being so publicly "loved" by Sport's Illustrated magazine's next supermodel when she is traded in herself.

1899 days ago


Wow, if she is pregnant she should start wearing a bra. Those breasts will drop real fast, especially at her age. They are already looking kind of low.

1899 days ago

Mickey Mouse's friend    

I saw them by the Matterhorn yesterday. I kept wondering what they were doing at the parade cross over and wondered who it was. They were just chillin' and no one seemed to recognize them....talk about low profile.

1899 days ago


Bridget Moynahan is the best person to enjoy the adventures of John HER OWN CHILD Disney no whore of gislut

1899 days ago


gisele is lovely beautiful and sweet

1899 days ago


It is clear that they have the same problem as Denise Richards.......can't take the pacifier out of the mouth. The kid is too old to have it, This is bad parenting, just like Denise.

1899 days ago


It's the typical trip of a guilty parent. Guilty because he won't be around during the season, guilty because he ignored his son and mother during her pregnancy, birth, infancy and wanted to spend time with the model instead, and guilty because his son doesn't have his name because he didn't want him. Now he can give this new child his name - if it's a boy he can call him Tom and his last name will be Brady and you can bet he won't be ignoring this pregnant mother.

1899 days ago



When Gisele's baby is born, I hope Bridget publicly says that it's her child, 100%, and that she has felt that it is her child, right from the very first day. I would love to see Gisele's reaction to that- it would be nice to see her get a taste of her own medicine!

This has nothing to do with Denise. Her kids have been through a lot- they have an a$$hole of a father who has a criminal record, drug abuse record, had problems with alcohol, shot his former girlfriend in the arm, and had fun with prostitutes. So if they want their pacifiers, they should be able to have them.

1899 days ago


Giesele's butt chin + Tom's butt chin = baby with HUGE BUTT CHIN.

1899 days ago


Gi's and Tom's baby will be gorgeous

1899 days ago


To the person who posted under my name,

I could really care less what their baby looks like. But I have to admit, I do think it's pretty cool that TMZ said "Tom Brady, a pregnant Gisele Bundchen and BRIDGET MOYNAHAN'S kid were all at the Disney Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim yesterday," because they didn't identify the baby as Tom's, but instead identified him as BRIDGET'S!! Haha!

Linda, Tom didn't get followed like this until he started seeing Gisele. So he should have known that if he's going to have a relationship with her, he will be seeing the paparazzi much more. He chose to have a relationship with/marry her so he needs to buck up, suck it up and deal with the paparazzi. He made the choice to be with her, now he has to live with the repercussions (seeing the paparazzi more).

1899 days ago


The Paps follow Tom before Gisele a lot,bwcause ge is a big Superstar. He is in USA, Germany, Austria, England and Swizerland and Russia more famous than Gisele

1899 days ago

hillary Berkley    

Yes, that gold-digger previous girlfriend, Moynahan is the one everyone should be pissed at! She's the one that saw her relationship un-ravelling after 3 years and decided to throw a Hail Mary pass and get knocked up so A. he might come back B. USE a child as a vehicle to get money from him! and C. secure her fading aging career and make sure she has money for the future! Doesn't anyone out there wonder why after 3 years she "suddenly" gets pregnant?? Pulleeze. Oldest trick in the book. Woops!! Its call DESPERATE. She knew he was pulling away - dont we all?? The signs are there. She tried to pull a fast one and it backfired. REALLY backfired! Giselle was right, when you start off a relationship perfect and then a major curve ball gets thrown your way, it really tests your relationship and Im SURE this earned her big kudos in his eyes. Moynahan must be SEETHING with Jealousy that Giselle NOT only got her man - the RIGHT way but now is pregnant on top of it. Its gotta be killing her!! ha ha ha ha haha. Congrat's Giselle & Tom. Your both perfect together.!

1898 days ago


I think Gisele really loves this child. Bridget should be happy her sons stepmother loves him and takes good care of him. To me she seems like a kind and loving person.

1890 days ago

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