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Jackson Doc Was Under Investigation Before

7/9/2009 2:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurryDr. Conrad Murray -- the doctor who was at Michael Jackson's home the day he died -- was once under investigation for an alleged botched surgery.

In 2007, Dr. Murray drained fluid from the heart of a 67-year-old Las Vegas patient. The patient died after surgery. According to the coroner's investigation report, his wife was told by one of the docs her husband's heart was punctured during the procedure -- so she complained to the coroner's office.

The investigation report confirms that, during Dr. Murray's surgery, the patient suffered a puncture to the right ventricle of his heart, which was eventually listed as one of four causes of death on the autopsy report.

We spoke to the family, who told us they wanted to file a malpractice suit but it was too expensive -- in part because pursuing that kind of legal action requires testimony from another medical expert, and that costs a lot of money.

Altogether, the suit proved to be too much trouble and the family stayed quiet ... until now.


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Michael Madsen    


1898 days ago



1898 days ago


have you noticed how many leeches around MJ. Heres my take on all this. I think MJ had this drug that killed him already in the house and no one to properly administer it to him. Only this doc Murray was available and he gave it to him not knowing any thing about it. So he eiyher gave to much or didn't watch his vitals until it was too late. Why wouldn't he be at the memeorial if he were innocent? why wouldn't he go to the family and tell them what MJ's last moments were. If you've got nothing to hide then you shouldn't be in hiding yourself. That to me is guilt all by itself.

1898 days ago


Excellent Job Doctor you are a SAINT

1898 days ago


This Doc is a hack! He probably pumped enough Propofol into Michael to kill an elephant.

1898 days ago


i am confused but on the 911 tape when the operator asks if anyone saw what happened the doctor sounds like he said yes but that they need to get there soon.

1898 days ago

patrick v w    

this docter shouldent have been caring for michael, not enough money to investigate it ? why is there a medical board.
so sad. i hope they take his licence and life in the for of life without parol

doctor, sish butcher comes to mind

Rip michael

1898 days ago

Ut Oh    

Put the man in jail!! He was the HIRED Doctor, Micheal his patient. The patient died at the hands of his dr. who should have been monitoring him. Micheal should have at least had a pulse oximetry on while on his Dipravan drip. It has a loud beeping noise when a patients blood oxygen level falls below a certain point. The beeping noise would have warned him to stop the drip, and the Micheal was in danger. Pulse ox are used on ALL patients on any sort of drip. They cost less than $300, placed on the patients finger. The Dr. was there, he let his patient die. Why is he not arrested for Murder?

1898 days ago


This guy is sooooooooooo toast!! he's safer in jail...i'd say in 2 or 3 weeks or so.. before a crazy MJ fan takes him out! all the evidence is there, and he'd been staying there several nights??!! What was he thinking? Leaching $$... well.. this is gonna haunt him.. the man above is the man that killed MJ! Have fun in jail... probably get protective custody.... bastard!! Doctors are supposed to help... this is ridiculous... bomb all hollywood doctors!! rrrrrr... makes me sooo mad.
gone too soon

1898 days ago


OMG I'mnot surprised although I really wish tmz could find a photo of this jerk murder doctor that does not have a smile on his face I'm wish that smile could be removed it really bugs me. He is should have not waited 30 min to call 911 what an idiot. the truth will come out soon.

1898 days ago


Just for rec black people can be doc....but on subject this is a doctor who knows he did wrong and knows that he is guilty of murder. No one pointing fingers at him at first but what did this jack azz do he ran and hired a lawyer to start speaking for him. He didn't tell the family MJ's last words thoughts or action and ran to get protection. Then to quit the pratice he knows he is guilty and I think he should rot in hell. I loved MJ and try to get to every show to see him I just got my passport in to see him in london. Now he gone, and we don't all ave to be hurt now if this doctor wouldn't of kill him. I think this family also deserves to have justice for their loved one and I will be wiling to help them in any way possible I want this doctor to go down for all the wrong he has done and I'm sure there is more people to spak out about him. We need to encoyrage them to speak out this is serious. We have a doctor going around killing people not healing them. Rev al n family let's get justice for MJ. Let our king live on forever!

1898 days ago



1898 days ago


Mje was in fear of him as I remembered when we recorded some tracks

1898 days ago


He loved our new age studoz

1898 days ago


Well doctors are human and do make mistakes even in their specialty. But Dr. Murray was not performing heart surgery on MJ (that we know of). Since he is a cardiologist he should know how to perform basic CPR most effectively. If he was administering Propofol outside of a hospital setting one has to question his professional judgement and query what experience he has had as an anesthetist.

I'm curious why Jackson choose a cardiologist to be his personal doctor. It's been reported that MJ felt he "had a rapport" with Dr. Murray. Makes me wonder if this ment Dr. Murray would do anything MJ wanted. And considering he had only just been hired recently it leaves many unanswered questions. I think all of MJ doctors need to get themselves a good lawyer because this story is just getting started and it's going to get nasty.

1898 days ago
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