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Jessica Biel

Unleashes the Hound

7/9/2009 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Can you spot what's missing in this picture? How about the leash around Jessica Biel's pit bull, Tina!

Jessica Biel
Though Jess held tight to Justin Timberlake's two boxers as she left Runyon Canyon yesterday, a third leash for her own pooch was mysteriously absent.

According to Pit Bull Rescue Central, the stakes are "always higher" with this kind of dog, and "while they may not instigate a fight, they won't back down from a challenge."

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Instantly attack the fact that the pit bull is off the leash...... get a clue people. It's how the dog is raised. You train it to attack and it will. Pit Bulls can be very well trained dogs and I bet they are smarter than most of the people who are on this site posting idiotic statements against the breed. If you have never owned one then you need to keep your mouth shut.

1909 days ago

Pit bull lover    

Hey Lady,
Where did you get your "info" from??
Let me guess....the same person who did this picture?
Or the Sun or National Enquirer. Wow. You should be a reporter for them too.

1909 days ago


Way to perpetuate a stereotype. You can't generalize the actions of a few to an entire breed. Dog attacks happen from all breeds. From poodles (who, ps, have bitten me WAY more than my pit bull) to Rotties and everywhere in between.
Animals do what they are taught and reinforced for doing. Nature and nurture play a role. Predispositions may exist, but ultimately, what they learn is what they exhibit.
No bad dogs, just bad owners.
By the way, according to the temperament test given by the American Temperament Test Society, pit bulls have a passing rate of 82% or better. The rest of the dog population? 77%.

1909 days ago


FYI, not all pit bulls will take on a challenge. The writer is a ignorant jerk, as usual, if employed by TMZ. WTF? where do
they get these morons who write up their stories anyway??? I have seen huge pit bulls being chased by a chihuahua.
It all depends on the dogs temperment, which may vary from dog to dog. It's determental to the bred to constantly sterotype them. I have seen more aggressive yorkies + chihuahuas than I have seen pit bulls.

1909 days ago


i cant stand people who put pitts down because they no nothng about them...idiot people breed mean dogs...i have a pit that i rescued as a baby who was going to be a fighting dog and she is absolutely a baby. i dont need a leash with her either because she wont leave my side no matter what kind of dog is around...get educated people most dogs wouldnt back down from a fight! their sooo loyal and loving. ignorant stupid people that no nothng about pitts are the ones who should be euthaniized not the dog and lets start with #1....idiot...i also have a little collie that bullies our pit...get informed people...any dog can attack and harm...its all about how you train and love an animal....

1909 days ago


I'm a mom to 4 dogs.....and I'm not a fan of her but LEAVE HER DOG ALONE! I do NOT own a pittbull, but I DO have a rottweiler. Let me tell you ALL something, dogs are NOT born bad, people MAKE them bad. We have a rottweiler and then we have 3 small dogs (1 min pin, 1 chihuaha, and 1 mix dog). Our ROTTWEILER is the least aggressive of all, because he had more training and was taught since birth to respect other people and animals. He would ONLY lick you to death and he is routinely bitten by our min pin on a daily basis....and he knows not to overstep his boundaries and bite back.

The small dogs are MUCH more aggressive, will bite faster, and in general are less safe than our slobbering, goofy, teddy bear rottweiler. The only way he would ever hurt ANYONE would be by smashing them by laying on their lap, as he thinks he's a lap dog....or licking them to death.

Get real,

I would not be one bit concerned if I seen her with her pitt off leash approaching me. She knows her dog. Good for her.

1909 days ago


Am I the only one who thinks the two dogs on the left look like boxers, not pit bulls? And to the poster who says why own more than one dog when thousands get put down every year, we own sreveral because they were about to be put maybe that's why people want to own more than one dog.

1909 days ago


I just lost my respect for TMZ!! I can not believe that you are making a big deal over one specific dog being off leash.....First of all pit bulls are very friendly dogs and they just love to play....It just appears to be easy for narrow minded people such as the person who posted this blame violence and negative acts on these dogs... versus dealing with the real issue...and thats bad owners and people who treat animals poorly. There is absolutely no sufficient scientific evidence that says these dogs are worst than any other dog breeds. Anyone can be trained to be mean and cruel...even people....and the only reason why the most attacks come from a pit bull bread is because any dog that resembles pit bulls is automatically put in that category...Shame on us for being "racist" towards these animals....

1909 days ago

T BONE    

I have a pit bull. IT IS HOW THEY ARE RAISED. I broke my leg in four places protecting my PIT BULL from a dog chasing us cause I KNEW SHE WOULD NOT FIGHT. When the Rot got to us I fell trying to put myself between the two dogs while my PIT BULL WENT IMMEDITELY DOWN ON HER BACK IN A SUBMISSIVE MOVE. Dont judge the dog. You are ignorant if you do. I walk my dog all the time without a leash because I know she is safe just as if you see another dog owner walking their lab off leash.

Has anyone every realized why PIT BULLs are used in fighting. Thats because the owners can mistreat them terribly to make them aggressive towards other animals and when necessary can walk into a fighting ring of two dogs and SAFELY pull their PIT BULL out. Read about it. Educate yourself. PIT BULLS are agressive to other animals by nature NOT HUMANES.

1909 days ago


@ 36 aka Jessica Biel or her assistant trying to spin the truth about Tina the KILLER

But just to remind the people that don't know what happened to Tevy.......

It happened a few years back and it was well known here in Hollywood. She had her PR person spin in it that it was some dog fighting accident when in fact Tina killed Tevy.

1909 days ago


All of your who hate pitbulls are idiots. Mine are certified therapy dogs, certified with Therapy dog Incorporation. They are also certified with Canine Good Citizenship. I guarantee that my dogs behave better and are more lovable than your dogs.

1909 days ago



1909 days ago


Um...isn't that the 3rd leash wrapped around her upper body? Notice it looks exactly like the other 2 leashes?

1909 days ago


Really, enough with defending Jessica, the dog, or the breed. I had an ex who owned a pitbull so I've been around one and loved one. But I am not going to sit here and say that they are all cute and safe to have as pets and off a leash. His killed other animals although it wasn't trained to do anything of the sort. Haven't you people heard of the families who have had these dogs, the loyal family pet, well-raised who wouldn't hurt a flea, until one day it decides to kill the young child in the house. Remember that lady who was attacked and killed by 2 pitbulls in her own apartment building? It's stupid enough to own these dogs, you don't go around tempting fate with these animals. They are ANIMALS. They have their own nature and their own minds, and pitbullss will lock their jaw on a victim.

Jessica Beil is not only overrated and a rotten actor, she's also dumb as a post as this photo proves! Wait til that dog decides to attack someone else who is walking or another dog being walked and then go for the owner while he's at it. They most likely won't live to tell about it,

She wants to walk around with a pitbull off a leash, BOYCOTT HER. BOYCOTT EVERYTHING SHE TOUCHES, She has no right thinking she's spexial or above the law and putting others in danger like that.

1909 days ago


This chick is the perfect representative of liberals. Even though she has everything in the world she could possibly want, she's absolutely miserable. Why are kooks such depressing human beings? Is it just in the warped DNA?

1909 days ago
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