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Dr. Arnie Klein Calls the Cops

7/10/2009 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnie Klein Calls the CopsWe've learned Beverly Hills Police have just responded to the office of Dr. Arnie Klein, Michael Jackson's close friend and doctor.

We're told Klein's office asked the cops to come -- someone in the office told us they called for protection. We do not have further details.

UPDATE: Cops tells us Dr. Klein's office has been receiving "suspicious calls" today -- so they took a report and are going to investigate.


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just looked at a few photos of christian brando and miko.....i think prince michael 1 looks like christian....
plus i was reading that marlon brando the father would go to neverland for weeks at a time.....maybe marlon brando himself is.......he was very ecentric too......i wonder will it ever be revealed.....

1909 days ago

Oh My Goodness    

I'm wearing purple panties on my head right now! Don't I look so adorable?

1909 days ago


TMZ put the man on blast and now his life is in danger...when will it end?

1909 days ago

Oh My Goodness    

There is nothing wrong with giving yourself deprivan! I never do it, but I tell my clients it's perfectly safe!

I am the BEST doctor there is! Come see me now for some free BOTOX samples! Need some pain killers too? I got it all! Just have your credit card all ready!

1909 days ago


Children simply fed MJ's messiah complex. After all, this was a manwho had commissioned a giant replica of Leonardo da Vinci's The LastSupper to hang over his king-sized bed. In the painting, Christ's face was replaced by Jackson's. Thesinger's disciples, meanwhile, were shown as Abraham Lincoln, John F.Kennedy, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin,Little Richard, and, of course, Elvis Presley. Whatever his motives,Jackson was clearly addicted to children - or to be more specific,other people's children - even when his pursuit of them acteddirectly against his own interests.

1909 days ago

The Truth    

Country music legend Mickey Gilley was seriously injured in a fall in Branson, Mo. on Sunday and underwent surgery on Tuesday.

The 73-year-old has since been flown to Houston, Texas for further treatment but, despite numerous reports, can confirm Gilley is not paralyzed.

"He is absolutely not paralyzed," his rep said. "He did have a fall and surgery on his back, there was some bruising, and he was flown to Texas for physical therapy, but his doctors are satisfied with his recovery. He will then be flown home in a jet. They just want to make sure it won't tire him out too much."

Gilley's condition does remain serious, however.

"When you have surgery on your back its not a mild thing, it is serious, but he'll have physical therapy because of stiffness and they expect him to be fine," added the rep. "His doctors are satisfied with his recovery everyday. He is 73 so it will take time and therapy to get back to jumping around the stage which is what he likes to do."

Gilley was scheduled to perform in Branson, but the shows have been canceled pending his recovery.

1909 days ago


Okay whoever is making those phone calls is a complete fool! We need this doctor around so we can get information from him and find out what happened to MJ and this doctor's role in everything. We don't even know if this doctor did anything for sure!

It was like when Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald before anything could've been done about the case.

Ugh, I love MJ and all but seriously people.. Think about what you're going to do before you do it!

1909 days ago


10 - My thoughts exactly. Someone is going to take out revenge for killing Michael.

1909 days ago


just look at prince michale 2 and looked at MJ when he was in jackson five, they looked exactly the same, am not making this up, they r defenitely his kids. they all have dark skin, but because their mother is white they r not as dark as some mixed race kids,it just the way it is sometime, i know a lack who is married to a white woman and their son is as whte as me, blonde with curly hair,,, the kids r his, keave the kids out of this please, shame on u all.

1909 days ago


Regis Philbin the other day said that both he and his wife have been patients of Dr. Klein for over 20 years and other celebrities have said the same thing. Klein didnt depend on Michael! BUT its suspicious that someone like Miko who has been on larry King since the first day it was reported that MJ died and not once has he reported that MJ had a drug problem, he actually denied it as nonsense! this guy was his personal bodyguard, he traveled with him everywhere and most probably got perks. Now what? what is he gonna fall back on? be a commentator on tv shows and talk about how he was a great friend of michael yet never ever suspected a drug problem?!very strange! if he doesnt want to admit it, its cause he probably helped him get them, either some drugs were under his name or who knows! but its way too suspicious!i dont know, my own personal view is this doctor is the kids dad, prince has his eyes and other features. he cant admit it cause he's maybe under some confidentiality agreement but whats obvious is obvious! i saw that interview with Larry King and you can tell he has nothing to gain as opposed to other so-called- friends who still claim that MJ never ever had a drug problem!mmmmmmmm

1909 days ago

Oh My Goodness    

Anyone seen my other eyeball? To the best of my knowledge I lost it yesterday.

1909 days ago


Someone needs to tell Joe Jackson to stop calling Arnie.

1909 days ago


I don't know about Arnie, but Blanket is a dead ringer for Miko Brando

1909 days ago


did anyone watch extra or access hollywood last night. they were going to say something about a rift between lisa marie presley and her ex husband, mj....just curious about it and noticed that a lot of the people involved in the memorial weren't even close friends of mj's. Like Queen Latifah......and John Mayer.....and Sheila Jackson Lee, just to start.....

1909 days ago

MY offer is    


1909 days ago
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