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Lenny Kravitz

Good Genes

or Good Docs?

7/12/2009 2:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lenny Kravitz may party like a rock star ... but you'd never know it.

Lenny Kravitz
Here's the 25-year-old singer back in 1989 (left) -- and 20 years later, the 45-year-old version in London last month (right).

Are you gonna go his way?


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So what if blacks age like 10% better than other what! I would rather be good looking, smart, and into things other than bling and nice wheels and tires than age a tiny bit better. Seriously...this is something to brag about? How desperate.

1927 days ago


Gee, who woke up all the racists? Later for you jealous haters. To address the actual QUESTION, I don't think there is any plastic surgery here. He's put on a few pounds, which has probably aged him more than anything and not 20 years. He does appear to have amblyopia (aka "lazy eye"), but I happen to be one of those people who finds so-called imperfections sexy on a confident man.

1927 days ago


RE: Simply Said

Typical black person talking about everything but what really matters! Great, you're good looking and your husband is good at sex!! Wow, something to be really proud about!! Oh wait, your black and so that's about all you all worry about...oh yeah that and how you walk!!?? That made me laugh, so pathetic. You forgot to mention what a nice blinged out car you drive!!!

Oh and the one drop rule is ancient...unless you want us all to believe what folks did decades ago?? Funny how you twist things to work in your favor...but then're black so I expect it.

1927 days ago

Looking Great At 48    

Black people age better than whites. They are blessed with naturally good aging genes.

1927 days ago


Wow. What is wrong with you people? This isn't 1950... no need for the racial hate!

1927 days ago


Im sorry but he does not look as good now as he did back then. Something is going on with his left eye. He looked hot when he was younger. It doesnt look like anyone has touched him. Who ever wrote this from TMZ needs to have their eyes checked.

1927 days ago


Hey David don't be mad its true. Black Don't Crack.

Obama is black okay honey. If he had not told yaul his Momma was White, yaul would think he is black. Put Obama by any white man, and he don't look white. He looks black, and he married a Strong Black Woman he knew what was up. And now he got a BLACK FaMILY. ok

THe White Man is the NEW MINORITY, SORRY BUT TRUE, LETS SEE HOW YOU GUYS LIKE IT. From what I heard there won't be any white people around in the next 20 years, Cause they can't have babies like everyone else. THey go to Fertility CLIINICs

1927 days ago


Haven't You Heard: ...Black Don't Crack! Mama had some strong genes.

1927 days ago


OMG Simply Said, you are bragging about the fact that ya'll run around humping like bunnies and aren't smart enough to use protection? Holy crap, my jaw is on the floor with that comment. You are seriously bragging about all the little black teenage girls that are running around pumpin out kids and costing this country millions by being unemployed and raising 5 kids off welfar. Wow Simply Said, I knew you all were a little wacky but holy crap - I still can't believe you think pumping out babies is a skill to be desired. The fact whites and/or educated folks don't have a bunch of babies is because it takes a lot of money and time to do it right and actually raise a smart, educated, caring individual. Keep opening your mouth Simply Said cuz you're looking like a bigger and bigger ass each time you do...and I love it.

1927 days ago


His Mother, Roxie Roker, seems to have died rather early for a race that just doesn't "age". Could it have been black ON crack?

I'm old enough to remember the Ms. Jane Pitmann hollabaloo. Hollywood aged her quite well.

Black may not "crack" in many opinions but they become very, very fat, jaded and die at ages much younger than Whites. Deal with it.

1927 days ago

Loving life    

Question, good genes or good docs? How did a simple question turn into such a racist diatribe?
Kids it wasn't a nightmare it really is 2009, but the adults require a much needed time out.

1927 days ago


David you are A ass. I am sorry if your Man is small, not my fault. I said that your race will be no more in 20 years. Its not just black people, the Latino Race is going to be the Majority, your so smart didn't you know that. How do you know that people aren't using protection are you in their beds. What you are trying to say is black people don't use protection. Let me tell you, I work with so many stupid white females. Not Married and have babies. Now tell me whats that all about. Educated people have more than one child, for example my father is a Lawyer and he has 5 kids and are we all have done very well, I have two brothers who are doctors so please that means nothing. Get the Facts Jack, because you sound like you live in a trailer park.

Ann----Black Men only want yaul for two things. Going down on them and your money. My cousins told me that they say you white girls will do anything for that BIG THING its like Crack. And if the White Chicks didn't like it, why they with them, Trust me they set yaul up, they use yaul its a game. They tell us they can take the WHite Mans WOman and yaul fall just like prey.
Then they turn yaul out like Tricks

1927 days ago


Once again simple head (I mean simply said) ~ I am well versed in the trends of our country. It's part of my job in fact, if you'd lke me to go into great detail I can. And, twenty years is a little sooner than what the projections indicate. I am not in the beds of all these little ghetto kids pumpin out babies but it doesn't take much more than to walk into a poor black neighborhood and put two and two together. Why don't you do some research for me and tell me the percentages broken down by race, of those having children out of wedlock. And, of course, there are individual situations where a smart educated person has 5 kids, etc. I am talking broadly here, not on an individual basis. That would be moronic to look at one families situation and draw a conclusion for a whole race wouldn't it? God you keep getting dumber and dumber...and to bring up that my "Man" is small? WTF? What in the world are you talking about? How is that even the least bit relevant??'ve done nothing tonight but lower my already low opinion of the majority of your race.

1927 days ago

just sayin    

my God so much racist comments on here jheeze people in america really need to get over themselves i live in britain and judging by these comments we're not even half as bad as you guys on this post are

1927 days ago


As Obama said, "[M]any black men simply cannot afford to raise a family." (The out-of-wedlock birthrate among black Americans is close to 70 percent.)

1927 days ago
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