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Jacko's Kids: Let Us Pray

7/15/2009 3:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A week after speaking at her father's memorial, Paris Jackson (left) with older brother Michael Jr. (right) were spotted entering a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall on Tuesday.



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Michael Jackson knew his mother would send them to Kingdom Hall. And how do we know that they have never een before? It could be a regular occurance for them and nothing new.

I wish TMZ would leave them alone. They are children who are grieving for their father. Be decent please.

1928 days ago


The Good Lord willing....Katherine and Joseph Jackson are elderly and won't be around much longer.
Maybe then these children can make a permanent break from this dysfunctional family.
But it looks like they didn't waste any time in utilizing their manipulative and controlling influences in the meantime.

1928 days ago


Michael Jackson wasn't a jehovah when he died, and those kids shouldn't be forced to follow any religion that they don't want to. That's a shame. If the money loving bitch, Rowe wanted anything from the Jacksons, it should be a guarantee that they can follow whatever beliefs they want to or have in the past. But all Rowe's worried about is money, which someday will run out, cause I'm sure their agreement wasn't forever, and then she'll be a broke looser, just like she was before she surogated those kids for Michael.

1928 days ago


CUlts are dangerous!

Happens in the Mormon "church" too.
Millions of dollars have been paid out by them to settle molestation lawsuits over the years.

And if anyone questions their teachings or whitewashed history they get harrassed and are threatened with excommunication.

RUN from cults and their representatives.

1928 days ago


you guys are such idiots leave the poor kids alone you guys need a damn life they are so cute it bring tears to my eyes reading some of the comments go get a life guys

1928 days ago


All religions are cults you morons! LOL! You people are so very stupid. I see his mother is already pushing that on them though huh? Look all of her children were raised that way and now look at them. Not one goes to church. And Jermaine is a Muslim. When you push religion on children real young they don't stay with the church. You should let them grow up and decide what they want to do. It's really ridiculous dragging children to churches.

1928 days ago


Katherine is a devout Jehovah.....she is going to raise them in that cult.....that's why she didn't divorce Joe (they don't believe in divorce). As long as they live with her they will be attending the Kingdom Hall.

1928 days ago


Explain. Kids look like neither parent. Is it like this.....egg from ? fertilized by sperm from ? implanted into womb of Rowe? You would think Jackson would use people he knew. Who do these kids look like? Now there is a contest for you.

1928 days ago

Gerry R    

Please leave these kids alone. I was afraid this would happen. Their dad has'nt even been buried yet.

1928 days ago


1) Where is Janet? Why is she considered the normal one? If she was so nice and caring she would step up but it doesn't look like she cares about these kids.

2) Do they really live with 6 other random jackson kids in that house? What a dsyfunctional zoo.

3) Prince Michael always looks so dispondent. I feel for him. He isn't connected to any of those nuts. Living in that house is going to mess him up more.

please save those kids.

1928 days ago


Clarification: Jehovah Witnesses DO accept taking medications (even antidepressants), they also accept surgery and anesthesia, and they will see Psychiatrists and also Psychologists. They will NOT ACCEPT a blood transfusion for them personally or any minor child under their care.

1928 days ago


I AM a Jehovah’s Witness and am not surprised at the lack of knowledge as to what we believe. If you want to know the TRUTH about our beliefs as opposed to hearsay and speculations and “I know someone who is or was” then visit the website or just wait until one knocks on your door. Nothing to hide here people, just ask and learn before making a judgment. Michael left the organization because he chose to live a lifestyle contrary to bible morals. Which is not acceptable to people who want to be Christian and claim to follow the bible as their guide. That doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the organization. Adhering to bible standards is not popular or easy and no doubt especially in Hollywood. The poor child was shoved into the spotlight too early and never recovered. Good thing God is one of love and forgiveness. We all need it! I hope those children chose a good course in their lives despite the tragedies, and there is no better path than the one Jesus walked!
it is false that we don't accpet medical treatment and condone abuse. seriously...i AM one i KNOW. we are also united in belief across the world so i can speak for us all.
If there is something you don't agree with on our beliefs. Take it up with God. We merely follow Bible standards to the "T". It isn't our "rules" they are the requirements of God given to us through Christ Jesus. I would be more concerned with an organization that disregarded the law of God yet still called themselves Christians.. So quit picking on us already....

1928 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Pssst.... folks. Check the credit line underneath the picture for who actually took the picture. It wasn't TMZ. They are just re-posting it.

Think it's funny if you look at Paris' book, it's upside down. I really don't think this is what Michael wanted. As many have said, he did leave JW faith, started celebrating Christmas with Elizabeth Taylor, and every year after that. Look at his mansion gates--in June, there were still Christmas wreaths. The children were taped during interviews praying, so it is very likely that he did instill some sort of religion into their lives. I just don't think he would want them as JW.

Maybe Debbie can speak up about this on Monday. After all, she might not even know about this if no one had snapped the shot. (so mixed feelings on the taking pics of the kids). Totally different scenario about Princess Di's children. We knew they were taken care of and in a safe environment. Can we really say the same for these children right now?

1928 days ago


Some you you guys are asking for Janet. Isn't Janet adopted, will someone seriously please clarify. Thank you.

1928 days ago


IF Katherine is such a great JW why is her family such a mess? A lot of good it did for her. SHe doesn't seem to live by it.

Does anyone really think MJ is one of the 144,000? Please with the life he lead( I don't believe in 144K only but the JW's do)

What a twisted message to send the kids to church and then back to that dsyfucntional circus to show them how xians really live.

1928 days ago
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