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Jacko's Kids: Let Us Pray

7/15/2009 3:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A week after speaking at her father's memorial, Paris Jackson (left) with older brother Michael Jr. (right) were spotted entering a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall on Tuesday.



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Hi Be Informed,

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, we have been painting...UGH love the results HATE the work, with a passion. I have a daycare so I have to have it done by tonight. We have just finished and are putting everything back. Still needs more work, ugh, so I guess I get to do that next weekend but the big stuff is done...

How do I create an email account? I don't mind giving one out to you...tamjacsamcod at hotmail dot com It's one I rarely use...If I start getting crazy emails I will just close it down and give you a new one okay?

Thanks...and Jonathon I read your site...It was very interesting...I have some questions though so you are invited, if you wish to contact me too.


BTW I have a lot of things I am concerned about with the Witness faith, there's a lot of good in it don't get me wrong but yea some stuff just doesn't sit right but I wonder if I am misunderstanding. I appreciate Be Informed your good attitude in handling all of this. Out of all the Witnesses on here who responded you are the only one who acted like a Christian. And same for you Jonathon. You took a bold stand but you were very respectful and did not resort to personal slander and I appreciate that and it makes me feel comfortable talking to you. I am not interested in a war between you two, or a 'battle'. I believe Jesus came and died for my sins and he is my Lord and Savior and I am committed to Him. So whatever I can learn about Him I am all for.

Have a great day!

If I don't respond till tomorrow night or it takes me a bit please don't think I have ignored you, I am tired and have a lot to do...but I will at least be kind and let you know I got your emails....God Bless

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I have researched many religions and discovered Buddhism, catholic .scientology,etc , are more cult than jehovahs witnesses. research is the key people. if you cant understand a religion doesnt make it a cult. are you scared to listen and actually learn about them ? most of my family is in the truth, i was raised in it and after a few years lost in the world i became one 8 years ago. those kids are in the best hands. if grandma can keep the worldly people away, those kids could have a normal future. grandma jackson needs to keep them at the hall, in field service and around other positive witness kids

1883 days ago

Be Informed    

In response to #314 by get your facts straight:

For clarification. Dissassociation is similar to disfellowshipping. Per the organization guidelines, members are NOT allowed to talk to disassociated ones. The difference is that the disassociated person CHOSE to leave. The point is that in either case, both have severed their relationship with Jehovah. It is up to that individual to repent and return to the organization or not.

Persons do become INACTIVE for various reasons and it is ok to speak to them. If one has direct knowledge of serious wrongdoing by the inactive person, in that case, they should be referred to the elders.

1883 days ago

Be Informed    

It is interesting that many making claims against the JW faith seem to not have knowledge about it. Most important since they claim it is false, where is their truth? We can claim anything but do we use God's word to prove it? The JW organization does not flip flop, but uses the bible to refine itself from within. It makes no claim to be perfect, but attempts to adhere closely to God's written word the bible.

FYI, JW's in the beginning USED TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS, but ceased when it became apparent that God does not approve of anything with Pagan origins.

(Psalm 25:14) 14 The intimacy with Jehovah belongs to those FEARFUL of him, Also his covenant, TO CAUSE THEM TO KNOW IT.....

(1 Corinthians 1:19-21) 19 For it is written: “I will make the wisdom of the wise [men] perish, and the intelligence of the intellectual [men] I will shove aside.” 20 Where is the wise man? Where the scribe? Where the debater of this system of things? DID NOT GOD MAKE THE WISDOM OF THE WORLD FOOLISH? 21 For since, in the wisdom of God, the WORLD through ITS wisdom DID NOT get to know God, God saw good through the foolishness of what is preached to SAVE those believing. . .

(Matthew 11:25-30) 25 At that time Jesus said in response: “I publicly praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have HIDDEN these things from the WISE AND INTELLECTUAL ONES and have REVEALED THEM TO BABES. 26 Yes, O Father, because to do thus came to be the way approved by you. 27 All things have been delivered to me by my Father, and no one fully knows the Son but the Father, neither does anyone fully know the Father but the Son and ANYONE to whom the Son is WILLING to reveal him. 28 Come to me, all YOU who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh YOU. 29 Take my yoke upon YOU and LEARN FROM ME, for I am mild-tempered and lowly in heart, and YOU will find refreshment for YOUR souls. 30 For my yoke is kindly and my load is light.. . .

1882 days ago


Excuse me people, but accidently I klicked on the same message I've sent days ago.

So my message number 1179 is an old one.

As long as you people communicate with respect for each other, respect for each others religion , respect for the mourning MJ-kids and their grand-ma , respect for all people , stop hating, stop using rude language, I have no problem with this dialoge. Sadly some of you are were very rude in their comments. But among you are some that showed kindness and respect for each other. That's a good example.

1882 days ago



1882 days ago


Some people are so ridiculously ignorant. First of all, Jehova's Witnesses are not a cult. We do not follow a man, we are christian. Second of all, we are not called Jehovas, we are Jehova's Witnesses. Try to get it right, it's really annoying.

Third, we do not celebrate Christmas or birthdays because they are not christian celebrations. In the Bible, the only two birthdays mentioned were of the Mesopotamian religious leaders. In the second birthday mentioned, John the baptist was murdered. Also, Christmas was later started by a pope to replace the pagan celebration of the winter solstice. Nowhere in the Bible does it mention Jesus being born in the winter. As a matter of fact, it gives details that lead us to believe he was born in summer time. Never does it either that we should celebrate his birth.... And where did Santa Claus come into all of that?!! But yet, we're the weird ones? Get your facts straight.

Also, what Ramond said is not true. I personally question EVERYTHING to know that I am in the true religion. If I didn't know my facts, I might think I'm following a man's teachings. Yes, I study. I study history along with the teachings to make sure it's the truth.

1881 days ago


In response to comment number 6 ("Poor kids are being forced into religion before they are old enough to choose. I hate when parents do that-kids have no choice in the matter.")... so I'm guessing you're not Catholic then, who actuallly BAPTIZE babies in their faith. I suppose you feel the same about Muslims and Jews or anyone else who "forces" their faith on their children? Any half-decent parent educates their children in what they feel is best for them and that includes religion or maybe you are one of those people who refuse to see logic in denying that there's a God so that you don't feel responsable for anything. Thanks for proving just how bigotted some people are! :)

1881 days ago


Is America still an open society? When I read the comments on this blog, I`m no longer sure!!! We alway hear in Germany: "Oh! In America everyone can believe what he wants. There are no religious prejudices and you are not stigmatized because of your believe or credo." What the hell is going on in America? Do you forget your roots?! Or are you simply jealous of Jehovas Witnesses, because of their publicity they have now unintended in this case (I think, the picture goes around the world and many people hear of JW the first time in their life or want to know now, what it is all about them). By the way: I think, that is not their opinion! They want the people make followers of Christ and not of any person - so famous however the
person may be.

I get the impression, that many people who put in motion on this thread, simply hates JWs, are for example "escapists",
or excommunicated. You can not expect to get the truth from those persons.

1881 days ago


19. 7. Poor kids are being forced into religion before they are old enough to choose. I hate when parents do that-kids have no choice in the matter.

Why not let your Kids Play in a Busy Street.............well they should have the choice, right? Kids are directed for their protection............."they have no choice in the Matter" REALLY?!?!?!?!

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Tomara que os filhos não sejam vitimas dos anciãos tarados pedofilos que estão no meio deles, e que não são poucos, e que esses mesmos não são denunciados a policia por uma orientação lá de cima... e conforme eles dizem, não colocar um irmão seu, perante um tribunal.Conversa pra boi dormir.

1875 days ago

cristian vera    

soy testigo de jehovà y solo queria decir a esas personas qeu no tienen otra cosa para decir mas que solo cosas malas.. que se abstengan de dar inforcion falsa sin saber,,,,
por ue razon se toman con los testigos de jehova?? si se les tomaba la foto saliendo de una iglecia catolica nadie diria nada... se nos culpa a los TJ de locos y otras cosas.. peroq ue dirian de sus sacerdotes corruptos abusadores de menores violadores y homosexuales?? son cosas que la biblia condena y sus lideres las practican..
Nosotros tenenmos la costumbre de reunirnos.. y la madre de MJ tambien lo hace y ay que tiene la custodia de los niños los lleva con ella.. que pasaria si no los lleva y justo cuando ella estade reunion les sucede algo a los niños?? mejor que los lleve con ella verdad??? ademas si los niños cuando sean adultos deciden no seguir nadie los detiene,,, son libres de ahcer los que les les parezca mejor,,, al igual que su padre MJ..que decidio apartarce....solo eso quiero decir

1874 days ago

cristian vera    

I am a Jehovah's Witness and just wanted to say to those people qeu no more else to say that only bad things .. to refrain from giving false inforcion unknowingly,,,,
ue is therefore taken by the Jehovah's Witnesses? if they took the picture out of a Catholic church Nobody would say anything ... we blame the TJ and other crazy things .. but I would say its corrupt priests, child abusers, rapists and homosexuals? are things that the Bible condemns the practice and their leaders ..
We tenenmos the habit of meeting .. and MJ's mother does, and also because it has custody of the children born with it .. would happen if we do not and just when she takes on this reunion thing happens to children? better than it really lead? Also, if the children as adults decide not to continue, no one stops,,, are free to make them seem better,,, like his father who decided to depart MJ .. .... I mean just that

1874 days ago


Summary of some of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Beliefs and Teachings

Taken from

Every now and then the Jehovah's Witnesses make significant changes to their doctrine that reach to the very core of their belief system. As such, it can be a real challenge to pinpoint exactly what they believe from one year to the next. The changes they make are to be expected given the weakenesses in their dogma and the need to accommodate mountains of theological criticism. Invariably those changes bump up against other points of Society doctrine resulting in an ever-growing tangled mass of contradictions. Due to the nature of these shifting sands one should take their asserted beliefs with a grain of salt.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that only 144,000 people go to heaven (Reasoning from the Scriptures (Reasoning) [New York, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, 1985], 166). They are the bride of Christ, God’s children, the elect, and often referred to as the “anointed” of Christ (Insight on the Scriptures (Insight), 2 vols. [New York, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, 1988], 786). The New Testament Greek Scriptures (New Testament) were written primarily to, and for the benefit of, these brothers of Christ. They are specially chosen because they live especially good lives while on earth (Insight, 786-788). Once resurrected to heaven, a process which began in 1918 and will soon be concluded (the first resurrection) (Revelation - Its Grand Climax at Hand (Revelation Climax), [New York, Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, 19__] 103, 277) they will become a kingdom of priests and kings who will rule with Christ for one thousand years over humans on earth (Insight, 170, 524, 525).

This reign will involve their judging resurrected humans during the thousand year reign, and after the thousand year reign when resurrected mankind will undergo a final decisive test before being destroyed forever or having their names written permanently in God’s book, or scroll, of life (Insight, 251, 788). Whereas the 144,000 are resurrected to heaven as spirit creatures, all other billions of humans worthy of the resurrection during the thousand year reign will be resurrected as corrupt flesh and blood humans with the possibility of immortality on earth (Reasoning, 333-336; Insight, 251). During the thousand year reign the Great Crowd will engage in “perfecting” resurrected humans to a sinless condition enjoyed by Adam and Eve before the fall (Reasoning, 337, 338).

The Great Crowd (or large multitude) is a term found at Revelation 7:9. The Great Crowd are those Jehovah’s Witnesses who survive the Great Tribulation. They do not die, do not need to be resurrected and are declared righteous through faith (Insight, 788) although it appears as though they also must pass a final, decisive test to gain eternal life (Insight., 251). Most Jehovah’s Witnesses today consider themselves to be members of the Great Crowd and according to their interpretation of Revelation 7:9-17 they will always be earthly, not heavenly, subjects of the kingdom of heaven (or kingdom of God). As to those Jehovah’s Witnesses who are not of the 144,000 and do not survive the Great Tribulation, it is believed they will be resurrected in God’s due time (Insight, 788).

The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that when Jesus Christ died and rose to heaven to sit on God’s throne he began to reign only as king over his congregation of 144,000 followers who at the time were still earthly subjects of this spiritual kingdom (Insight, 524). This rule began with Christ’s blood sacrifice which was initiated pursuant to the much-anticipated New Covenant which replaced the old Mosaic Law covenant (Law covenant). This New Covenant, to which only God, Christ and the 144,000 are parties, will expire shortly after the last of the 144,000 are resurrected to heaven (Insight, 524). The only people who have their sins forgiven through Christ's blood sacrifice from the time of Adam until the beginning of the thousand year reign are the 144,000 (Insight, 736).

The real kingdom of God, a much larger, expansive and lengthier kingdom, began in 1914 (the 1914 kingdom) when Christ supposedly sat on the throne to begin his rule over mankind (Insight, 169). Jesus, being a mere angel (Reasoning, 218) created hundreds of millions of years ago, only receives a subsidiary share of this kingdom of God (Insight, 169). 1914 A.D. is arguably the most important date in the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ belief system because it is the year that Jesus returned, or arrived (Great Man, ch. 133, 2; Reasoning, 344), to earth. This was the invisible Second Coming of Christ, or “parousia.” It also heralded the beginning of the first of three judgment days.

We are currently in the first

1864 days ago
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