Man Claims His Beat Nicked by Pharrell

7/16/2009 1:25 PM PDT

Man Claims His Beat Nicked by Pharrell

Ever heard of the band Geggy Tah? We hadn't either until one of its band members just accused Pharrell of some serious musical thievery.

In a federal lawsuit filed this week, Thomas Jordan claims the Pharrell produced track "All I Wanna Do (Feel Like Me)" is a total rip-off of the Geggy's '96 tune "Whoever You Are."

The suit alleges Pharrell produced "Feel" for the rap group The Clipse -- made up of Malice and Pusha T -- back in '97 ... but the song wasn't released until 2007.

Check out the two songs -- "Whoever You Are" and "Feel Like Me" -- and judge for yourself.