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Jackson Doc Talks Himself Into a Corner

7/16/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson DocWe've learned the doctor at the center of the investigation into Michael Jackson's death is in the cross hairs of the LAPD because of his own words.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray's statements to police on the Saturday following Jackson's death contained incriminating disclosures about his involvement. Some members of law enforcement are surprised he spoke in the first place and surprised at what he volunteered.

As we reported yesterday, the LAPD is already treating Jackson's death as a homicide and there have been multiple conversations between detectives and the L.A. County District Attorney's office, although the D.A. has not opened its own formal investigation.

And we've learned, although some of the toxicology results are not in yet, important test results already completed point to the anesthesia Propofol as the primary cause of death. Our law enforcement sources say the evidence is clear -- Propofol was the primary reason Jackson's heart stopped beating.

Dr. Murray's lawyer would neither confirm nor deny if his client administered Propofol to Jackson the day he died.

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TM in LB    

Micheal jackson will always be with us… he is not biodegradable.

1934 days ago

TM in LB    

What's the difference between Michael Jackson and Acne? Acne will wait until the kid is 13 before comming on his face.

1934 days ago

TM in LB    

I suspect MJ really died from food poisening...he ate some 10 year old nuts.

1934 days ago

just sayen    

I do hope the children are not raised as JWs. There is good reason Michael left it long ago (why too he had many issues as an adult) & it is not right for his mother to put his children in it now. Many adults that were JWs as children are under going therapy for what they went through as children & even adults. Just search the web & you will find them. In my own case my mother's wishes at her death were not met because my sister was one and gave what was suppose to go to the family to the JWs & herself, what they could not sell off they kept among them self not honoring her last wishes for personal items to be left to her grandchildren. These were not items worth great amounts of money simply sentimental items. If one does not agree with them they expel them from any family contact & are treated worse then any criminal. My mother died in great fear too, she lived acted as my sister a JW wished when my sister was around in control for fear if she did not she would never be spoken to by my sister or my sister's JW friends & she was as a very happy care free normal person when my sister was not around. They forget that above all else Christ taught us to love each other, total "unconditional love". The children should grow up to make their own religious decisions at the proper age just as their father so wished & not brain washed at an early age by others.
I hope as far as the guilty in this case they are punished to the fullest extent of the law so this type of thing never happens again, it has happened to often & taken away now one many of us love dearly who did more for this world we could only dream to do. If the state drops the ball on this case I for one will be certain to not purchase or support anything coming out of that state, wine, produce, movies anything including vacation spots or attractions. As for asking people to pay for the services they should be ashamed. Any other state or country would have welcomed him with open arms. I would be interested in the amount of taxes Michael has paid that state during his lifetime as well as his family has too, not to mention the money revenue he alone brought into the state during his life & time there or the millions he gave in charity.
RIP Michael
We Are The World
We Will Never Ever

1934 days ago


47. I am so sick of hearing how poor Mikey didn't have a childhood so that is why he lived the way he did. The truth is that Joe and everyone around him did NOT allow him to GROW UP!! His celebrity and money "bought" him friends. And he certainly was not the first person who experienced pain from an accident. Bottom line, he was spoiled rotten. He was given whatever he wanted and he honestly felt that money could buy anything including his safety. Along with his hair going up in smoke, so did his career and that was almost 30 years ago. Another drug addict bites the dust. Oh well.

Posted at 3:03AM on Jul 16th 2009 by Bond Blonde
Ya know, I've been thinking about how MJ complained that he had no childhood. Ok, that may have been the case, but how many years did he have Neverland to fulfill every wish of his broken childhood? How many years did he need to make up for it? Dontcha think he had plenty of years AFTER his childhood to make up for it?

1934 days ago


Michael Jackson used people just as much as they used him. Poor Michael Jackson, poor Conrad Murray. Self-indulgence, greed, pride, etc. sucks, but each one of us understand it. Come on.

1934 days ago


Latoya is right there were others involved because after Dr. Murray found MJ dead he called many people who told home to pour demerol down his throat (the half dissoved pills at autopsy) to hide the propafol OD ..throw away the phone so calls can't be traced and then find another phone to call 911. This all took time and no one even thought about CPR only covering up the fact that Dr. Murray FELL ASLEEP....AND WOKE UP TO A DEAD MJ. At 100k a month I would not be asleep on the job...this is so sad...

1934 days ago


There is no money to be made by the jacksons, this guy was broke before.

Posted at 3:32AM on Jul 16th 2009 by Hawk 1
Doctors need to have malpractice insurance to be licensed. That'll cover it.

1934 days ago


something aint right... why are things not adding up? the cpr on the bed ,the delay of the 911 call ,now the missing tapes from the surveilance cameras?? the doc not denying giving MJ the drug ? he is GUILTY as hell!!!!! but those missing tapes makes me think he wasnt working alone, there's more to this story and im only hoping it will all come out eventually, he had help in commiting this crime

1934 days ago


84. I've been saying all along that the caller who dialed 911 has something to do with it. Was MJ wearing shoes while in bed? He must have been carried there by the doc and the caller. The caller never mentioned MJ's name but just "A 50 year old male" This is common lingo from a security guard or someone associated with law enforcement. This person had 30 minutes to retreave the tapes, burn them or even hide them in his car and sell them on ebay at a latter date. Yeah!! There is foul play. What is the motive though? Was MJ threatening someone? Who knows. Too soon to tell.

1934 days ago


3. Crucify him!

Posted at 2:07AM on Jul 16th 2009 by Gdia

^ That's what I am thinking too!!
I hope they get EVERYONE involved and not just him though. I mean everyone who has ever prescribed him anything that he didn't need medically. I want to see him than one arrest in the Michael Jackson case!!!

1934 days ago


To MJ fans who never had the chance to see him in concert you have got to go to youtube and search for MJ BUCHAREST CONCERT FULL VERSION or you can buy the DVD at amazon. you have got to see this , he was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

1934 days ago


Not to be rude or anything but why hasn't the doctor committed suicide yet? He seriously has no heart, what's wrong with him?? Who could continue to live their life knowing they killed Michael Jackson? I would hate to be related to this monster, I feel so sorry for those who are.

Michael Jackson had the most beautiful smile ever. He was a music genius. He didn't deserve all the disrespect he received. He also didn't deserve all the torture people put him through. Michael didn't deserve being made fun of. He did something so beautiful for us, he made such fun beautiful amazing music for us to enjoy yet nobody focused on the music. Everyone focused on his personal life. No one cared that he gave millions and millions to charities and he let thousands of children enjoy neverland park for free. he paid for all the rides and junk food the children enjoyed there out of his pocket. Michael was so misunderstood. He had so much love and just wanted to be loved. I've been watching interviews and videos of Michael and I just can't figure out why people hated him so much.
Michael was an amazing performer. Every time I watch a video of him performing live I am in awe. He really had it going on. I love watching "you are not alone" from the 97 history tour. Another favorite is the Dirty Diana music video. And also the 30th (i think, it's the performance he did in 01.) anniversary of Billie Jean live.

he will live on forever through his music. I haven't bought a cd in a very long time but I have gone out and bought thriller and I plan to buy his other cds.
I honestly hope michael is resting in peace. He deserves it.
much love from oregon.

1934 days ago


Be aware - there are no real pics from michael's autopsy. For more details visit:

1934 days ago

Jimmy D    

He may have been negligent, irresponsible and illegally enabled Michael to get his fix, but did this guy really intend to KILL MJ? I don't think so. He was just a victim of his own greed. You break the law and sometimes you get caught. MJ probably paid him a chunk of change to get doped up.

1934 days ago
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