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Brit's Conservatorship - All Good Things Must End

7/21/2009 3:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

britney spearsBritney Spears' daddy is ready to release his daughter into the wild again -- we've learned the conservatorship may be coming to an end.

Sources tell us Jamie Spears will ask the court to review the terms of the conservatorship after her concert tour ends in November. Jamie can't ask the judge to end it -- just to review it. The judge then decides if Britney should regain control of her life.

We're told Jamie thinks Britney is ready to roll on her own. He has made her life his full time job since February, 2008.

Fact is ... if it weren't for the tour, given Britney's progress, the judge might already have made the decision to undo the conservatorship. The various vendors were promised under their contracts that the conservatorship would stay in tact throughout the tour.

A little editorial comment ... it may be the most remarkable turnaround we've ever seen. A year and a half ago, people were worried for Britney's life.

Britney's Circus


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1884 days ago


Mischa Barton is in a nut house and is now the new Britney. I guess quitting the OC to become a big star didn't work out. NEXT.

1884 days ago


She's *bipolar*--she wasn't on drugs, and the disorder manifests at different times so her parents' care (or lack there of) had nothing whatsoever to do with this. Her father did exactly the right thing--major care is required when someone gets very sick like that, and I hope to God she keeps taking care of herself or she'll be back to manic episodes of british accents, shaving her head, and generally messed up behavior she can't control.

1884 days ago

Lisa Van Syckel    

As long as Britney stays off the Prescription Meds, She'll be just fine. And to Jamie, from parents who have watched their children become violent and suicidal due to prescription meds, We solute you for a job well done!!!!!

1884 days ago

Tony B    

THANK YOU for being NICE to Britney TMZ! You guys are AWESOME!!!

1884 days ago


This worthless POS will be back on the street flashing her nasties for everyone, neglecting her children to roam filthy bathrooms and shaving her extensions off again. This is a big mistake. She will not take the medications she needs to be sane. Can't wait to see her being hauled off to the loony bin again!

1884 days ago


This is the BEST news I've read in MONTHS! Jamie did a great job of putting her back to work, and hopefully he socked away a few million for Britney's boys. Once she is off the leash, it's just a matter of a little time before Britney is back to being her old self again! While reading about Lindsay's antics have been somewhat amusing, they don't compare with watching Britney's crazy ass adventures! I would guess that about 90 days after they cut her loose, TMZ will be interesting again!

1884 days ago


You guys manage to post the worst pictures of people!

1884 days ago

brits ok    

This is what good parenting can do no matter what the age. This is what other kids like Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan need. Of course nobody in their right mind would ever give either of Lohan's parents conservatorship over a flea. They'd whore her out for douche commercials and spend all her money. Maybe Jamie Spears can make Lindsay his next project. She needs the help.

1884 days ago


Better tap the breaks on proclaiming her turned around. She is still one big steaming mess.

1884 days ago


All the rude comments are uncalled for. Jealousy is a terrible thing. Britney had the number one tour in north america for 2009 and i believe the number 3 tour in the world for this year. An accomplishment that none of you slobs, browsing the internet from your cubical will ever experience. You'll also never experience constant scrutiny from the entire world. So until you walk a mile in someone's shoes you have absolutely no right to judge. I'm so proud of Britney and am confident her star will continue to shine. I think having her dad in control over the last year has really helped her, and I think she now realizes she wants to be a good mother and always be close with her family. She also learned to never let seedy people into her world ever again. She'll be just fine.

1884 days ago


This non-singing, good for nothing whore is mentally ill. She is only stable due to the many medications they have to force feed her. Taking care of a nutcase is a lot of work. I don't blame the dad for bailing out.

1884 days ago

love her!    

Britney having control of her life didn't work so great. Almost resulted in suicide. Sorry but there is tragedy on the horizin for her. She is mentally ill and won't care for herself which will be like watching a spool of yarn unravel. Too sad

1884 days ago


#5 - Amen!

1884 days ago


IF BRITNEY DOESN'T take care of herself, her dad can always petition the courts to reinstate him. She deserves a chance to call her own shots.

1884 days ago
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