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AEG Wants a Piece of the Action

7/22/2009 6:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AEG AEG has filed legal papers asking for a heads up on all matters relating to the probate of Michael Jackson's estate.

The papers entitle AEG to receive all legal papers, including notices of court hearings, connected to the probate.

It's unclear if AEG is teeing up a financial claim against the estate.

An AEG rep says they have an interest in the probating of Jackson's will because "a vast majority" of the money the company will generate will go into the estate.

Stay tuned...


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But here is the real question: is Lloyd's of London daft enough to pay out to AEG? Come ON!!! Insurance companies never want to pay for anything; surely one of the world's biggest will launch a MAJOR investigation before capitulating to all this mayhem. Give us justice, Lloyd's!

And I quite like Jermaine's hair.

1919 days ago

This Is Just So Sad and Incredible    

I've read all of the comments regarding MJ on this thread. It is just so very, very sad that MJ died in the fashion that he did. Yes, I believe he was addicted to prescription drugs. Yes, I believe that his "particular" doctors and handlers enabled him. However, one must note that if MJ's handlers and employees did not do what he wanted, he chose to get rid of the lot. That's another story. Nevertheless, I don't think MJ's family, employees, business partners, etc. has had HIS best interests at heart--especially when it comes to money. (I understand some of the family work at regular type jobs.) If they really cared, someone should have gone public LONG before MJ continued to abuse prescription drugs. If they were self-supporting, it would not have hurt them one bit but WOULD have benefited MJ as he most likely may have still been alive to enter recovery (again). I do understand how MJ's family depended on his income stream. But really. Wouldn't you want to SAVE the golden goose? (This is excluding Janet). I personally think that MJ had already expired before the 911 call was placed. I think there was a dangerous, inexcusable delay in making the call. The type of medications that MJ abused were for limited, therapeutic use (i.e., Alpralozam, Clonazepam, etc.). How the prescriptions for specialized drugs used only within the confines of hospital were even filled boggles my mind. Any decent pharmacist should have called the prescribing physician to verify the prescription and then demand some sort of ID from the person picking up and paying for the prescription. This is just a sordid tale all the way round. And now all of these people have come out of the rafters claiming a close, personal relationship with MJ but say they did not observe any signs of drug abuse. All of the talking head pundits who have surfaced are being well compensated by the media outlets on which they appear, including this one. Just remember that fable about the "goose that laid the golden egg". Sounds very familiar to what is going on after MJ's demise. Bollocks.

1919 days ago


#108, I couldn't have put it better myself. This story continues to get more twisted, tragic and frankly demented. It's staggering the lengths to which people and corporations will sink for money. Michael, please rest in peace. I hope you are buried and allowed to fully rest soon and someone good is found to raise your kids. It's hard to understand how you could be addicted to all these drugs and somehow have managed to love and care for your kids. Clearly you didn't just throw money at them and leave them with nannies all the time like so many "stars" do. I pray for your children. Other than that, like so many others, I hope someday the people who committed criminal acts to enable you are found and charged. It won't bring you back, but it's some kind of justice perhaps.

1919 days ago

Still in Shock    

101. I think Joe Jackson had someone kill MJ. I was a great fan of MJ's and I did not have his fathers phone number, any of you have his number? He said on Larry king that a fan called him and told him and I quote!!! " a fan called me and told me the ambulance was leaving from Michaels house." End quote.. It could have been any number of the people working and living at the house in the ambulance. Hello why are the police not giving a warrant for Joes cell and home records please Michaels blood is crying out wont someone anyone give a damn and follow up on the clues that are falling at your feet!!! I was an abused child and my mother who was my abuser wouldn’t save my ass from falling over a cliff if she could. Once an abuser always an abuser Joe doesn’t know how to love. Two weeks before MJ’s death he filed a suit against MJ. Come on I think Murry was sent by joe or aeg or both to to kill MJ. I will forever love you MJ and I will always "remember the time" I first heard your beautiful voice.

Posted at 8:39PM on Jul 22nd 2009 by Wish I could have seen him perform live one time!!!!!!


I wouldn't believe a word that old dried up ba@tard had to say. He was lying out his a@@ on Larry King.
I watched the interview twice. Joe Jackson was just trying to act like he was ALL THAT!!!!!
Did you see Leonard Rowe's facial expression when Joe said, "I introduced Rowe into the entertainment business"........ROTFLMAO!!! (Leonard Rowe's facial expression was priceless!!!!!!)
Did you also notice Joe Jackson denied ever beating his kids, but.,.... he brought up people spanking their kids now.........
H.e.l.l., back in those days, a beating was considered a spanking!!!!!

Did you also notice how he acted like he couldn't hear the questions Larry asked him, and when he did... he hesitated before he answered.

--------------->>>>>>>UNTIL......................................Larry asked Joe if him and Katherine were separated???
Joe glared into the camera and immediately said, "NO WE'RE NOT"...he sure didn't hesitate on that question did he...NOPE...LMAO!!!!

Joe Jackson, is an SOB, and I hope he doesn't get a d@mn nickel of MJ's $$$!!!!!!!

1919 days ago

to little    

TMZ that fat slob you have on CNN all the time needs to shave and at least look professional seeing as you hire losers. Do you not pay the loser enough to buy a decent shirt and tie when appearing on TV?

1919 days ago

to little    

TMZ that fat slob you have on CNN all the time needs to shave and at
least look professional seeing as you hire losers. Do you not pay the
loser enough to buy a decent shirt and tie to wear when appearing on TV?

1919 days ago


How the prescriptions for specialized drugs used only within the confines of hospital were even filled boggles my mind. Any decent pharmacist should have called the prescribing physician to verify the prescription and then demand some sort of ID from the person picking up and paying for the prescription. This is just a sordid tale all the way round.

Posted at 9:08PM on Jul 22nd 2009 by This Is Just So Sad and Incredible

You can't get a prescription for diprovan and you can't get it from a pharmacy.

1919 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Why aren't the autorities looking in AEG..... Where are all the accountants? Why has not the AEG (those employed by those therein) One must asked why oh why did they take out extra insurance especially for drug overdose from Lloyds of London? This is much bigger than we have come to believe...... Doctors hired (payed by AEG).... Insurance.....Hundreds of hours of filming of rehearsal...... Insurance...Insurance.......Insurance......


1919 days ago

Random Angel    

I agree with Jessie. Omer Bhatti is NOT Michael's child. He met Omer in 1996 and was intrigued by his impersonation of him. He wanted him to appear on tour with him at times. He got to know the boy's parents who at the time were unemployed, and offered them positions working for him. The father was a driver , and the mother was Prince's nanny. He may have been "like" a son to Michael, and they did remain close. But Michael was not his father. If Omer wanted a DNA test, why did he wait til Michael was dead to decide to want one? A DNA test would be the answer once and for all. My guess is that Omer likes the air of mystery and the attention it gives his failing music career, as he really is not all that talented. Also, no matter how much of a secret he was, there is no way that Michael would leave his own flesh and blood child out of his will. He would make sure he was taken care of.

It's also been said that Blanket was actually a fraternal twin, and has a sister that lives with the surrogate mother. She's actually in some of the older pictures with the other kids, but some have also said that she was just a friends daughter. Who knows. She looked like Blanket ,though.

1919 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

AEG is doing what any responsible company/employer/creditor would do. Get off your high horses people and learn the ways of the world. The implication that AEG would have Michael Jackson killed is ridiculous. AEG is owned by Philip Anshultz, the 31st richest man in America.

>>>Anschutz Entertainment Group, the Los Angeles-based concert promoter controlled by billionaire Philip Anschutz, could recoup significant amounts through a tribute show, live albums and films, Randy Phillips, chief executive of AEG Live, said at a press briefing.

''If we could recoup the money we put out, we'd be less of a burden on the estate,'' Phillips said.

1919 days ago

dee marie    

Does anyone know anything about business? AEG is the second largest concert promoter in the world -- a quite reputable and well-established company producing some of the biggest shows there are. Filing to obtain legal information is a business transaction and doesn't mean they are suing any estate. There were deep interests on a return investment for both parties so I'd be much more surprised if they didn't do this. Have there not been hangers on people surrounding Jackson for many many years before this recent comeback AEG tour. Its clear the Jackson brothers and other outside promoters who sound ridiculous in their interviews just seeking airtime certainly all wanted to be involved with a venture that only AEG had been able to achieve with MJ

1919 days ago


AEG wants it all dont they , insurance should cover everything , what the hell do they want more. They are the group along with sony and the doc killed him thinking no one would figure it out all that wheeling and dealing secretly . The ticket sales the 3rd party ticket sales by (AEG) that are not refundable plus the tickets fans dont want a refund for cause they want to keep it as a keepsake, the mony AEG made from the memorial selling space to tv people to film and others , the insurance to the movie they will put out from the rehearsal footage to the tribute concert that want to put on ,, please thats a lot of money AEG is getting off his death he ows them nothing . Many millions of dollars I hope someone rats you out so your greedy asses can get caught

1919 days ago

haven here    

Also, Katherine Jackson went to Michael's house hunting money before the second police search where the Diprovan and more sacks of drugs were removed, yet strangely by the second search Janet Jackson had cleaned out the house. I also had forgotten that Katherine called attorneys to meet with her and Joe the same day Michael died. Supposedly the meeting was to protect her interest in Michael's estate. THE DAY HER SON DIED, she is thinking about her own selfish interests. The nanny Grace, whom the children reportedly love, is said to have been writing a book about Michael when he died. In it she reveals him not to have been a good father, and if Michael was truely addicted to the extent it is reported he could not have been a good and attentive father to them.

1919 days ago


The doctor (who was extremely in debt) was probably working for both Michael and AEG who probably paid him to kill Michael by making it look like an overdose (for which they were insured - who ever heard of overdose insurance) for that was the ONLY way they would recoup the monies they had invested (and the doctor could get out of debt). It is awfully strange that they had the LAST REHERSAL TAPED (why not ALL OF THEM) - and that tape is being bidded on in excess of $50 million. Was the tape suppose to prove to the insurance company that Michael (who supposedly passed a 4 hour physical exam but had an overdose policy) was active and that his death was actually an accidental overdose?

The doctor messed up when he was CAUGHT performing CPR on the bed instead of a hard surface and underestimated the amount of time the Diprivan would stay in Michael's system. For it was STRANGE that the doctor's lawyers ensured to state that Murray never gave Michael Oxy or Demeral - but they NEVER mentioned Diprivan for most physicians KNOW that it usually leaves the system as soon as it is stopped being administered.

The doctors delay in calling 911 was can be attributed to his letting the Diprivan leave Michaels system and to afford him time to clean up the IV's used to administer the Diprivan in the home, which is why LAPD immediately confiscated the doctors car - which was strange as well as the fact that he left it at the residence. It was NEVER stated by LAPD exactly what drugs were in his car but I'll just bet it had Diprivan and IV's.

1919 days ago


$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ That's what ALL this is about. AEG lost their cash cow. Now they're going to do anything they can to strip the estate for their own greed. His money belongs to his kids after his legitimate debts are satisfied. It's ashamed that so many are putting their grimy hands in the pot. Michael should have taken those precious children & surrounded themselves with better people away from CA. As much as he loved his babies the pressure of life killed him. Now he isn't here to protect them. I'm concerned about Katherine, her age, the grief of loosing her son suddenly. Janet seems to be the one that has stability.

1919 days ago
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