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Michael Jackson's Kids to be Raised By Aunt

7/23/2009 3:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rebbie JacksonMultiple sources in the Jackson family tell us even if Katherine Jackson gets custody of Michael Jackson's kids, Michael's big sister Rebbie Jackson will raise the children.

The 59-year-old singer, who shares a home in Las Vegas with her hubby of over 20 years, has kept a low public profile, but privately she has been deeply involved in the lives of Michael's children.

We're told Rebbie is currently living with Katherine at the family's Encino home and is caring for the kids day-to-day. As for the kids ... they all adore her.

Although the family is divided on many issues involving Michael's estate, we're told there's no argument when it comes to Rebbie caring for the kids. Whether she eventually becomes the custodial parent in name or not, she will end up with the primary responsibility of raising Michael's three children.

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Omer/Omar Bhatti has had many years to take a DNA test, Michael first met him and his parents in 1996. He liked him so much he hired Omar's mom and dad to work for him at Neverland. Omar was with MJ for 8 years, then he got too old. Omer was on the prosecution's list of molested boys for the trial.

Omer was a boytoy, not a son. He was also arrested on drug charges in 2003 in Norway. Get your facts straight.

1916 days ago


13. Rebbie was always my favorite Jackson because she seemed the most normal and the only one who didn't get her nose done. She is the best looking Jackson sister by far. too bad michael didn't think of his kids when he was paying folks to be put in a coma, though. that's so messed up!!
Posted at 2:43AM on Jul 23rd 2009 by GoRebbie!I loved Centipede!

1916 days ago


Janet should get them. Rebbie is 59 and Janet is 42. The kids can kiss Christmas and their Birthdays good bye if they live with Rebbie!

1916 days ago


I thought the same, Blanket does look like Miko! Larry King is fixated on the dermatologist and the possibliity of his being the father of Prince and Paris! Miko is a frequent guest on King's show....he has no curiosity or suspicions re Brando?

1916 days ago


Excellent choice, good job! I hope the aunt is involved with Kingdom Hall activities like their grandmother!

1916 days ago


Well, unlike Janet, apparently Rebbie is not a drug addict, and like others, I'd agree, she seems the most stable of the J family based on the little we know about her. Whatever she's like, I hope she keeps them away from Joe and there is some provision for them to develop a relationship with Debbie Rowe. It seems that MJ (in arrogance? being overly protective or some other reason) didn't want the two older kids to have a mum at all - unhealthy and unreal. Sadly, we're seeing now what can happen to kids when there's only one parent actively involved in their lives. Whether Debbie is genetically their mother, who cares? She gave birth to them, and in effect, there's no one else who is their mother (MJ didn't marry someone else and doesn't appear to have been in an ltr.).

I hope this means the kids have some stability now. This whole series of events has been AWFUL for them. God bless you kids. I'm sure your Dad's watching over you. Just keep Joe and most of the J family away: the ones that aren't drug addicts clearly have major emotional health issues and just want the kids for the $$$$$$$.

1916 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

5. Blanket looks like Miko Brando

Posted at 2:25AM on Jul 23rd 2009 by Jacksons are all nuts

I have heard people say that he looks like Marlon or Christian Brando. So does the older son. Maybe one of them is the father, who knows?

Rebbie seems like a good choice. If this is true, There are so many rumors swirling, so who knows what to believe. But I think Rebbie would be the best choice by far. Debbie Rowe, the worst choice.

1916 days ago


I doubt seriously that this interview actually happened. Furthemore, Jermaine stated on television that on the day of Micheal's death, Katherine was there but she wasn't there meaning that she was in shock. Marlon, in an interview also said he couldn't talk with his mother because she was crying so hard and he hd to talk to the manger Frank Dileo who was at the house with Katherine.
Also, Joe said on ABC that whenever Michaels' name is mentioned Katherine starts to cry.

To believe that in the midst of this and based on he family's accounts she would pick up the phone within hours of Michael' death and say she needs lawyer is Very Doubtful. And if many of you may recall McMillan dd not emerge until three of four days later with Burt Levitch, the attorney Katherine hired to pursue guardianship and estate matters, and who McMillan is second chair to. If anything McMillan probably made a call a few days later and got added to the team because he is not in charge of the case, Levitch is.

I'm just going to throw this out there and folks can get mad if they want. Why does TMZ insist on talking about McMillan who is black but there is nothing about the lead attorney Levitch who is white? I'm just saying.......

1916 days ago


Good for Rebbie! She's the only normal stable Jackson. And everyone needs to stop all the bull about joe jackson. When would he have time to beat his children while he was working two jobs. Im sure he was very strict but if it werent for his strickeness michael would have never became the artist he was...and we dont know how much michael may have been other children in the family claim he beat them besides la toya who since denies it and says her ex-finance wrote that no one has ACTUAL PROOF that joe jackson hit his mother is the same age as michael jackson and she said back in the day parents were very strict and it wasnt uncommon for children to be spanked with a was called discipline...i dont think joe jackson would be dumb enough to injure those childen..its just the stupid media and crazy fans speculating and besides michael made up with his father in 2002 and has always said his father was a genius and taught him all he knows..he crys about not having a childhood but he begged to be in the spotlight..he loved every second of and has even said he wouldnt change it if he could!

those kids should not be with debbie..they dont even know her and have already been through enough can just shove a 12 and 11 year old with a stranger and say "hey this is your mom..goodluck...bye bye" especially when they've been bonding with the jacksons for a month way that would just be cruel!

1916 days ago


Does it even matter at this point? These kids will be committing suicide once they realize that they were purchased property of a drugged up self mutilating pedophile.

1916 days ago


She raised Janet's daughter and did a fine job - so this is good news.

1916 days ago


She married in childhood sweetheart in 1968. 41 years of marriage and I think this will be great for the kids.

1916 days ago


Doesnt Joe Jackson live in Las Vegas? Will Joe Jackson have any contact with them when they move to Vegas with Rebbie?

1916 days ago

Miss Bu    

Mj death is going to go down in history as the must speculated on death. I cannot believe that every other news station gossip rag are reporting different and conflicting info.. NOBODY knows anything for sure how stupid these idiots will look when its all done and said and everything is settled.

1916 days ago


also those kids should not be raised JW...thats even more cruel.they were not raised that way as children ( in videos they are celebrating birthdays and christmans which JWs do not!!!) so to take that away from them is like taking candy from a little kid...tell them "oh hey look you know how you use to get presents for your brithday and christmas..well sorry no more you"re JW!"

1916 days ago
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