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Michael Jackson's Kids to be Raised By Aunt

7/23/2009 3:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rebbie JacksonMultiple sources in the Jackson family tell us even if Katherine Jackson gets custody of Michael Jackson's kids, Michael's big sister Rebbie Jackson will raise the children.

The 59-year-old singer, who shares a home in Las Vegas with her hubby of over 20 years, has kept a low public profile, but privately she has been deeply involved in the lives of Michael's children.

We're told Rebbie is currently living with Katherine at the family's Encino home and is caring for the kids day-to-day. As for the kids ... they all adore her.

Although the family is divided on many issues involving Michael's estate, we're told there's no argument when it comes to Rebbie caring for the kids. Whether she eventually becomes the custodial parent in name or not, she will end up with the primary responsibility of raising Michael's three children.

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But you know when we come to your door who we are and we come to your door because it is not only a commandment from God but we love our fellow neighbor as ourself and want all to come to an accurate knowledge of the Bible. I will be praying that those kids get that chance.

Posted at 3:30PM on Jul 23rd 2009 by Crystal McCormick

You bet I know who you are when you come to the door, that's why I close it in your face.

1813 days ago


You bet I know who you are when you come to the door, that's why I close it in your face.

Posted at 3:34PM on Jul 23rd 2009 by susan

How about next time you just don't answer the door?? We'll just leave.

1813 days ago


Rebbie lives in Las Vegas . . . ??

But, Joe Jackson lives in Las Vegas too !!


Joe Jackson looks at Michael's children as $$$.

If Rebbie wants to raise Michael's children then Rebbie needs to move her family from Las Vegas to California & must have some sorta physical barrier or restraint in place between Joe Jackson & Michael Jackson's children.

It's the only guarantee Michael's children will not be beaten & emotionally scarred by Joe Jackson as Michael Jackson claimed in 2003 he was throughout his entire childhood by Joe Jackson.


1813 days ago


Just follow the money. Applies to all of them.

and Nancy Grace seems like a whacko

1813 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

Rebbie? Rebbie? Are you sure? We've never heard of Rebbie? There's a Jackson named Rebbie?

1813 days ago



1813 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

We love Rebbie!

1813 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

Take care of those kids, Rebbie!

1813 days ago


she will be blessed she is the better one to take care of the children.she did a good job raisen janet daughter

1813 days ago


Absolutely the best choice. Rebbie is the only sane one in that whole f*cked-up menage. She's been happily married to the same guy since she was 17 years old and they have three grown children. She's kept a low profile and minded her business. She and her husband did a good job raising their own children and they'll do a good job with Michael's kids.

1813 days ago


I still am bothered by the reports that his burns caused his addiction problems. I was way more severely burned than Michael and I was sent home (after 3 weeks in the hospital and multiple surgeries) with minimal pain meds and once they were gone in a week that was it. I guess not being a celeb made it more difficult to get pain meds if I had wanted them. I truly hope those kids are with someone who can give them a semi-normal life. Being they are his kids I'm sure that will be practically impossible. From what I've read, and it's been a lot, none of these people on the list are sounding so great. They have lived so long without being with other children in a normal or semi-normal life that it's going to be hard for them. I know someone is going to say "What is normal" and it's a life where you actually get to interract with other kids and people outside of their father's world. Good luck to the children and may they do great things with their lives.

1813 days ago


There is no way that Diana Ross will ever be in the picture as long as Debbie is alive. Those are not Michael's children alone to give to Katherine or Diana! For this issue, the will is worthless. He had no legal right to leave these kids to anyone other than their legal mother. Blanket is a different Story because Michael was not married to his mother when he was born. Blanket sure does look like Miko Brando's brother Christian

The really bad thing about Rebbie is she lives in Vegas like Joe does. Joe will have those kids on the Vegas stage in minutes..

Janet gave her only child to Rebbie to raise. She kept two of her marriages a secret. Rebbie and Marlon have been the only two with one stable long term marriage. Joh' Vonnie would be the best choice of the siblings because she wasn't raised by Joe and Katherine!

1813 days ago


Rebbie will see Joe Jackson dead before she lets him get within 100 feet of Michael's kids.

1813 days ago


NANCY GRACE BLOWS!!! Her show is pathetic, ignorant and biased and so are the people that watch her show.

1813 days ago


I have no problem with Rebbie raising Michael's chidren only if that's what the children want too. My huge concern is that here we go again. Since Rebbie lives in Las Vegas with her husband then it will make it so much easier for good old Joe Jackson to work his magic on MIchaels kids since that's where Joe really lives. OMG what a nightmare! The thought of Joe Jackson having access to Michael's children any time he wants it s horrible nightmare! What are they thinking?

1813 days ago
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