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Jessica Simpson --

'I'm Not an Indian Giver'

7/28/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson says she isn't going to take back the $100,000 boat she got ex-BF Tony Romo for his birthday -- but we're guessing the Native American community won't be too pleased with how she phrased it.

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12. Oh common, we all no the Indians are busy drinking out back and not logging onto tmz

Posted at 11:04AM on Jul 28th 2009 by chris in canada

Bring it here and say that, you worthless to say it to our faces.....EH?? EH???? EH???? Friggin' moron! Keep your crap up north and stop driving through our eastern states and constantly getting busted because your stupid azzes can't drive!

1882 days ago

sure man    

he should keep the boat, and instead give back the really crappy oral she undoubtedly gave him. he deserves a woman who swallows.

1882 days ago


If Natives were "Indian Givers", we would still own all our land. No, this term definitely applies to the white men of history. They are the real "givers and takers". Being native, I don't personally find this offensive because I just chalk it up to ignorance, and also, consider the source, I mean it's Jessica Simpson, not exactly the sharpest arrow in the bow.

1882 days ago


I'm a Native American and I cringed when I heard Jessica Simpson comment about us Native Americans. Am I mad!?! I should be but look at who the comment is coming from. For one. Maybe she should be an INDIAN GIVER and get the boat back. Seeing how she hasnt dropped a good album in a cool minute. And please lets not bring up her country album. *LMAO* I bet Carrie Underwood had a good laugh at that one. Everyone else did. All it comes down to is the girl needs to save all the money she can because she doesnt seem to be doing well nowdays in all aspects of her life.

1882 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Well, we don't love Jessica for her smarts, do we now? Good thing.

1882 days ago


According to history books, there was a lot of mixing between whites and American Indians for hundreds of years 1500-1800's before the US started Western expansion and then started pushing tribes into reserves. So, many of us have Native American blood, me included.

Anyway, quit using 'homo', Tony is just a typical 'dumb jock' with no fashion sense, wearing baseball caps all the frigging time. He went out with her since it was good PR, but then Dallas fans rejected the charade.

1882 days ago

sure man    

all these canada comments. that country is so intimidated and isolated, obama needs to drop them into the sea with a push of the button. they have round bacon, one east/west road (barely big enough for a tractor), more moose than people, and everyone wears poofy ski jackets all year, and the government runs the liquor stores!!! IT'S A GIANT SCIENCE EXPERIMENT OF A COUNTRY!!!!!
Ps: jessica simpson is a total stupid whore skank.

1882 days ago


Indian giver actually refers to Caucasians/Anglo Saxons who gave land and freedom to reign to the Indians or Native Americans or Indigenous people of North America and took it back, it has nothing to do with being native american.

1882 days ago


tony romo sucks....hes such a to you break up with someone night before b-day.......jessica is a hot catch, he should be embarrased, how does he even go out...what a jerk you go jessica//////

1882 days ago


also i think its sad how most of the people on here spend there day frothing at the mouth over other people life problems and obstacles that are unfortunatley blasted by the media. I'm just as guilty for ready and wanting to know the 411 on celebs but at the same time i don't praise hell to them either everyone has problems, except us reader don't have to go through the wretchedness of having our laundry aired out as if public humiliation and scrutiny never ends for Jessica Simpson, MJ and just about every other celebs on here. And if you are Native American and don't know the real meaning of "Indian Giver" Like I stated Above you should be ashamed of yourself. I believe the native american community owes it to themselves to be fully educated about their history and knowledge of their own up bringing, its a shame how many don't

1882 days ago


posts 32-36, each of your are correct...and thank you!

1882 days ago

49th Parallel    

Wow Sunday Best you are one angry person! Bet you never got out of your trailer neighborhood to make comments about a country you clearly don't know anything about huh? Either that or your mamma dropped you on the head when you were a baby!

1882 days ago

Athletes suck    

Does anyone realize Jessica just made the Forbes mag again top 5 for her earnings last year?lol

Oh yeah & to the doofus that said Tony gave her a million dollars worth of publicity your head needs to be screwed on straight. That was the funniest line here yet. Have you ckecked Forbes year before last she made the mag too last year she didn't & she was with ROMO so who got the publicity? He pulled her career to shreds.
Oh & for the perosn that says Jess cheated not on your life but you know TONY did for sure. He's already got the new little blonde. Think back to him screwing around at Jess's house & the Chicago incident then add all the other rumours & female inuendos of him being out & shaking bootie with women. It's not hard to figure who was & is on the prowl. He just got caught again & this time enough was enough.
Take that to the bank & discuss that one if you want to know what really took place.

1882 days ago


Why should she get it back? According to media reports down here in the DFW area Romo gave her a check for $100,000.00 to cover the cost of that boat. He cut all ties with her and she is no longer allowed in his gated community.

1882 days ago

OBAMA for Presidant!    

I am Indian, Not a big deal!

1882 days ago
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