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Jessica Simpson --

'I'm Not an Indian Giver'

7/28/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson says she isn't going to take back the $100,000 boat she got ex-BF Tony Romo for his birthday -- but we're guessing the Native American community won't be too pleased with how she phrased it.

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lol. TMZ doesn't know what 'Indian giver' means...

1912 days ago


Look I am a native american and I say Indian Giver all the time. People are just trying to be too sensative about stupid stuff like this. Don't wear your emotions on your shoulders...Get over it doesn't bother me at all... And if I were her I'd be an Indian Giver Tony doesn't deserve to keep that boat...come on he broke up with her the DAY BEFORE her birthday how cheap and insensative is he!

1912 days ago


She is back to hanging out with the lady that sells stories about her to the tabloids, jessica paster. Wow, she just never learns.

1912 days ago

Linda Mott    

I am part Cherokee and Irish and I don't mind be called American Indian. I feel if she gave a gift with no strings attached, then he doesn't have to give it back. He dumped her just before her birthday and that was mean. I personally don't believe in giving gifts for a special day, just when I see something I think a person might like. (EXCEPTION IS THE KIDS IN THE FAMILY AND MOM)

1912 days ago


Jessica is almost the prettiest blond in Hollywood. People are just
jealous of her and her success. her personality is adorable and she
seems like a genuine person with a fabulous clothing line. and had
the hottest husband on the planet!
I wish her all the luck and happiness in the world. At least she is
not out there doing drugs and showing her vajayjay.

1912 days ago


78. If Natives were "Indian Givers", we would still own all our land. No, this term definitely applies to the white men of history. They are the real "givers and takers". Being native, I don't personally find this offensive because I just chalk it up to ignorance, and also, consider the source, I mean it's Jessica Simpson, not exactly the sharpest arrow in the bow.

Posted at 1:25PM on Jul 28th 2009 by She Who Gives A Rats Ass

Absolutely, true, consider the source. And my favorite team is the 'Redskins' and I certainly don't find that offensive. (hope Tony Homo sees Easy people, they're just my favorite team; not saying they're that!

1912 days ago

my my my    

That girl is sooo dumb, she really needs to take a crash course in all subjects immediately, I know a good tutor that would even have patience for someone as stupid as she is. Unnecessary comment, no class ...

1912 days ago


WE don't really care for American Indian as we're not from India. Also, Native American doesn't apply. In Canada the term used now is "First Nations" simply because we happened to find the continent first. However, the term "Indian Giver" is actually a term given to Indigenous peoples because white people didn't understand "community property". A woman would give birth and the tribe would give her things for her baby. Another woman would have a baby later and the first woman would give the baby stuff to woman #2. Then woman #1 would get pregnant again and woman #2 would give the stuff back. Has nothing to do with taking stuff back. Just community property and helping others. Greed can't grasp that concept.

1912 days ago


4. I think most native americans actually like to be called american indians.

Posted at 10:47AM on Jul 28th 2009 by trish

Some of us do not like to be called Indians at all.. Do you know where the term Indian came from..

Columbus set sail to find a faster route ti India for Trading. He got LOST and landed here in what is now the US.
He say the People and because he thought he was in India and the People had brown skin, they must be Indians.

I am Cherokee, not native American or a Indian,
The term Indian Giver is a stupid remark, We did not Give anything,
It was taken...

1912 days ago


I am not one of those Natives that gets offended by every little thing. But the term "Indian Giver" really does annoy me b/c it is used so often and the people who use it don't even know what it really means so they end up using it completely wrong. Indian Giving is actually a very kind gesture. Not asking for an apology b/c Jessica Simpson is not an important person, just asking her to shut her mouth b/c she is an annoying person. And he should keep the boat, it was a gift.

1912 days ago

sure man ok whatever......but exactly WHAT does this have to do with Michael Jackson?????

1912 days ago


I've read some of these comments......

Sooooo she should have said "Native American Giver" ? I'm confused plus that sounds wrong....

Jessica shore got a purty mouf ~

1912 days ago


Actually I am Native American/American Indian and I watch TMZ and I am not "drinking out back." Jessica Simpson is plain stupid. "Native American" and "American Indian" are both incorrect. We prefer to use our tribe's name (e.g., Navajo) before saying we are Native American or American Indian.

1912 days ago


That A-hole should man-up and give it back to her. He knew he was going to dump her when he accepted it. What a jerk. I'm not fond of her either, but he's the jerk.

1912 days ago


86. ok whatever......but exactly WHAT does this have to do with Michael Jackson?????

Posted at 2:02PM on Jul 28th 2009 by eyewitness

Nothing , thank God,,,, MJ is dead, didn't you hear... Bury him and move along...

1912 days ago
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