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Dogfight Shaping Up in Jackson Probate

7/29/2009 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonKatherine Jackson's lawyer is officially squaring off with the two men Michael Jackson selected to handle his estate, claiming the co-executors are intentionally trying to keep Jackson's mom in the dark.

Londell McMillan just issued a statement making it clear -- he wants Katherine to become a co-executor. McMillan claims the co-executors -- John Branca and John McClain -- are not letting Katherine see the agreement Jackson signed with AEG. ... which McMillan says could be a huge source of income for the estate.

McMillan claims the co-executors are imposing unreasonable demands on Katherine -- requiring her to make special promises of confidentiality for the benefit of AEG.

The co-executors have maintained all along they were the ones Michael selected to manage the estate and they are doing their job.

One thing is clear -- it's getting ugly.

Reps for the co-executors just issued a statement, saying the only thing the co-executors asked of Mrs. Jackson is a confidentiality agreement with respect to the AEG agreement but her lawyers refused. They also say it's apparent Katherine's lawyers want to "rewrite Michael's will to make Mrs. Jackson 'Guardian of the Estate' and have her appointed as an executor" ... the co-executors say it's just not what Michael wanted and he said so in his will.


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Cali MJ Fan    

Michael's life was one walking confidentiality agreement. This BUSINESS decision shouldn't surprise anyone. After all, look at the millions it will generate for MICHAEL's estate... duh Katherine! Michael did not appoint Katherine as "guardian of his money"... he appointed her "guardian of his children"-- the most valuable asset he had in his lives... those 3 beautiful children! Be honored.

It is NOT asking too much for her to sign this type of agreement--especially when it's the Jackson's we're talking about.

The agreement allows for discussion in probate court -- so why would Katherine not sign it? She wants to leak it's contents to the world? For heavens' sale McMillIONS-- stop grandstanding. You're an a$$!

GO TEAM BRANCA..... GO TEAM BRANCA.. rah rah rah!!!

1915 days ago

Howard learned to lie from his mom    

It's all about Joe Jackson trying to get his hands on a say of how his son's money is spent. He has that new record co. he wants to invest in. I am sure he feels that his son's money would come in handy to support his crazy ideas. His son would not even see him and now he just wants control of all the money. I bet Katherine isn't even involved with the whole fight for the money. JOE BACK OFF! YOU ABUSED YOUR SON AND NOW HE IS MAKING YOU PAY FOR IT. DEAL WITH IT AND GO BACK TO VEGAS AND STFU!

1915 days ago


Who in their right mind would leave their children right in the middle of a lion's den with keys to the meat storage room? That is what it is going to start to feel like for MJ's children as this tug of war over the estate heats up a notch.

The children should never have been left with the Jacksons because there are too many unresolved tensions within that family. The children deserve a fresh start and there is no way they can be shielded from the Jacksons' anger over the way MJ froze them out in his will. Another generation damaged by secrets and unresolved issues.

In any case, Why can't the other members of the Jackson family contest MJ's will on the basis of his long standing drug addiction which led to MJ being easily manipulated financially? I have always felt that MJ made a terrible mistake in his will by requiring Kathrine's forty percent to return to the trust when she dies, instead of passing it on to MJ's siblings. It was just a cruel and malicious thing to do to your own flesh and blood and yet expect the same people to be okay with being around your kids since they are to be brought up in that family by the same mother who has close relationships with all of MJ's siblings and father.

1915 days ago


She is just going to have to wait,I'm sure joe is behind all this crap

1915 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

1. Michael Jackson should be buried in Gary, Indiana, right in the heart of town, so no one can mess with his grave AND it will bring some touristm dollars to an area that sorely needs it.

2. Michael had a mild seizure during the administration of Propofol and the doctor mistook that seizure for awakening, so he gave him MORE propofol, which killed him. This idiot is guilty of murder.

3. MJ was a pedophile. And a great artist, but still, foremost a pedophile and a drug addict..... The poor man's twisted upbringing was too much for his fragile ego, so he kept recreating his own need for a "loving" introduction to sex (instead the childhood he lived, watching his brothers screw numerous bimbos as he huddled under the covers feigning sleep.). Misguided, to say the least but it appears no one would ever tell him so. Or 'no,' for that matter....

1915 days ago

Robert van den Heuvel    

If Michael Jackson wanted his mom as co-executor of his will, Michael would have appointed her so. Let Katherine challenge the will, and lose her benefits; who cares?

1915 days ago


Celebrity chef Kai Chase, who was hired by Michael in March, said he asked for 'healthy and fresh' food for he and the kids. More importantly, she said she saw NO SIGN OF DRUG USE OR IMPAIRMENT during the time she worked there (which was pretty much every day). What she did see, was Dr. Murray coming down the stairs in the morning with oxygen tanks, usually around 9 or 9:30. On June 25th, because she did not see Murray, she thought MJ was sleeping late. She was in the middle of fixing MJ's lunch when Dr. Murray came screaming down the stairs "go get prince'. I can't BELIEVE the doctor used the child in this way. He apparently wanted a witness, because he had the boy watch him perform CPR. Take note of the time the Chef usually saw Murray in the morning. 9'ish. Which must have been around the time Dr. Murray made a call to Houston about the storage facility. I think he knew he had a problem then. First thing, when he did his morning check. 12:30PM my azz.

1915 days ago



This "lady" can't even manage or balance her own household finances, budgets or decisions, just what makes her OR Londell think that she help manage the ESTATE OF MICHAEL J JACKSON?

Is it because she WAS a "mother", the "trustee of the family" (to quote Londell), or a Jehovah Witness?
Hint: None of the above qualities, qualifies any person to co-manage an estate as complex as MJs.

And we will not bring into account here her advanced age or mental status.

Now if Katherine Jackson someday wants to be executor of Jermaines or Randys estate.....I'll go for that. Yeah I would.

Bet Branca would probably go for that also.


1915 days ago


to #69 jana lalewicz

if he was his friend why would he fire him then? Is that logical to you?
I'mnot here to argue, i just don't think Katherine is a greedy woman! THINK ABOUT IT YOURSELF, why would an old woman need all those millions? Is she gonna get herself a few pink Cadillacs and a tight ass crib on the Bahamas or something? PLEASE! She knows what she's doing nad if she's contesting the executors then there must be a good reason for that that maybe you and I don't know! And i thought it's clear Joe Jackson doesn't know A THING about anything that's going on, the whole family is ignoring him! Haven't you seen his interview with Larry King???
An dnot the whole family is greedy, Katherine was never one of the greedy ones, Michael himself said she was PERFECT and he wouldn't have left her 40% of his estate if it wasn't so.

1915 days ago


Somebody's obviously manipulating her. The woman is almost 80 years old, no matter how much people say she's young at heart etc. There is simply no way she could ever successfully manage an estate like Michael's. John Branca is among the most respected lawyers in entertainment and one of the biggest reasons why Michael became so wealthy. Together they made some pretty wise choices. MJ's estate is probably very complex and it definitely needs to be handled by professionals, not by people who have never even managed to control their own financial issues.

I seriously do not understand what is going on with this family. They have lived off Michael for the past 40 years and nothing seems to be enough. Why is it so hard for them to honor and respect the man? Instead of doing that they have been all over tabloids and tv shows talking about him. Now they refuse to respect his final will. Couldn't they just for once let the man rest in peace.

1915 days ago


I so agree with you #59

1915 days ago


The will should be followed as is . Dear mom better be careful she could end up with nothing. Jermaine ,maybe you should be telling mom to back off and do as the will states.It was Michael's wishes and should be followed as he stated.I sure hope someone is in charge of the kids 40 % other than the family. Greed kills. When will MJ ever be able to rest in peace?

1915 days ago

jana lalewicz    

ABOUT AEG & THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES!!-I spoke with my husband who was an entertainment production manager at an arena here in Tampa, Florida for 10 years & was stage technician or "roadie" since he was a teenager(he is 46 now). I asked him if there could be anything to this & here's what he told me: These promoters take a huge risk & front all the money for these tours. They assume all the risk if there are poor ticket sales, if the entertainer becomes ill, dies, or for some reason cannot continue, accidents happen involving stage personnel or people attending the concerts. These are just a few of the things that could happen. THIS IS HUGE MONEY WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE. Any one of these events should they occur can put put them right out of business. This is a business. AEG is not the performers "friend" or their "family". My husband said all the insurance is STANDARD in this business & not an attempt to conspire against the performer. After all the performer is getting pretty rich too let's not forget. My husband said he doesn't see anything here that would not have by any other promoter for any other artist. Let's face it, I loved MJ as much as anyone & it pains me to say this but MICHAEL JACKSON WAS NOT A GOOD RISK FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. AEG had no way of knowing that these concerts would sell out the way they did. THEY TOOK A RISK. On a personal note, I believe AEG has handled themselves very respectfully in regards to Michael Jackson. Let's not forget, THE JACKSON FAMILY DID NOT PAY FOR THAT MEMORIAL SERVICE, AEG DID!! They did not have to do that. The Jacksons were only too happy to let them too! It's their family member, they couldn't do something for the public to honor him??? IF THERE IS A SMOKING GUN HERE WITH AEG, I'M NOT SEEING IT. MJ picked his own physician personally. AEG didn't even want to take on the expense of a physician at all. By all the statements the AEG people have made(many who knew MJ for years), they liked & cared for Michael Jackson. THEY TOOK THE FINANCIAL RISK UP FRONT SO IF THEY HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO RECOUP SOME OF THEIR LOSSES THEN THEY SHOULD!!!!

1915 days ago

What Am I Missing Here    

It's obvious that it is Londell McMillan and Joe who want a "seat at the table" and are using Katherine to try to get one for themselves. I doubt that the judge will consider a 79 year old woman who is asking the court for an allowance because she's now dependent on Social Security good executor material for a multi million dollar estate.

McMillan and Joe control Katherine, and now they want control over Michael's estate.

1915 days ago


This is just attorneys fighting for their client's rights, which is what they get paid to do, and the media doing what it does best. And that's making more of a story out of an otherwise non-newsworthy event. There is absolutely nothing wrong or greedy about getting your business affairs in order. Mrs. Jackson has to pay her mortgage and utility bills just like the rest of us. It really disturbs me to see so many people criticize Michael's family so harshly when they are so clearly heartbroken.

1915 days ago
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