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Steve Jobs -- Big Man on Campus ... Again

7/30/2009 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 10:03 AM: Apple stock is blowin' up -- it's now up 4.00 a share.

Jobs' return seemed to be noticed on Wall St. -- right now (9:35 AM EST), the Apple stock is up 2.52 a share.

Steve Jobs
is back to an Apple a day -- and we've got the proof.

 Steve Jobs -- Big Man on Campus ... Again

TMZ obtained this photo of the Apple co-founder leaving company headquarters in Cupertino, California around 3:00 PM Wednesday.

It's the first time we've seen Jobs back in action since January, when he took a leave of absence for a liver transplant. Jobs has reportedly been back at work for about a month.

BTW -- this photo was taken on an iPhone.


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Dead man walking?

1875 days ago




1875 days ago

Eddie F    

That isn't a bodyguard. That's Jonathan Ive, the head of design at Apple with him!

1875 days ago


He looks like he'll be dead soon.

1875 days ago

Dalia Voltex    

Wow, he's so painfully thin! Get well soon, and hope you'll be able to eat a better diet soon too!

1875 days ago


Now that's dedication. More organic brown rice sushi, Steve! (And if the security cameras o'plenty find out who copped that I-photo, they'll be toast in the morning.) ... :)

1875 days ago


I pray he makes a full recovery. Seems risky to go back to high stress after such an enormous hit to his body. Stay strong, Steve. Pulling for you.

1875 days ago


3. If Nobama care goes thru - this class of people will be the only one that will get this kind of medical care.

He personally lobbied the Nashville procurement center with his bucks. I wonder how many poor people that were ahead of him died because he could pay.

Say to to Nobama care. He makes it sound good - but he speaks with a forked tongue. The only ones getting good health care will be Congress and the Bamster. They - of course, are exempt from the plam they plan on forcing down our throats.

Posted at 9:21PM on Jul 29th 2009 by beachy


Yeah, all the people who want this crappy health care Obama is trying to shove down peoples throats, the only ones able to get transplants will be the wealthy and who can pay out of pocket. Everyone else will die. That will be cheaper in the long run for the country, you know. No sense in keeping the poor alive. They're a drain on the economy.

I have nothing against Steve Jobs. But it does bother me a LOT that if you're rich or a celebrity, they seem to get the organs quickly while the reg folks wait and die.

1875 days ago


Saying prayers that he is well very soon

1875 days ago


This is Steve after 20 years or what???..why is TMZ posting future posts early

1875 days ago


When is flash coming to the iPhone, so people can access more websites?

1875 days ago


I can't believe it took this long for someone to snap a pic!!
He still looks too sick.

1875 days ago


How long will it be before Steve Jobs pulls a Mickey Mantle and drinks his second liver rotten?...

And yes, under the Obama plan, millions will suffer and die, just like in EVERY OTHER country with "socialized" medicine...If you think there's a shortage of Dr's now, wait until this BS passes and they all pack up and leave for greener pastures...And if Obama expects his "rich" buddies to foot the bill for his plan, how long do you think they'll stick around?...They can afford to leave this country and take their money elsewhere, which is exactly what I would do in their shoes...
Wise up people...Obama has no interest in America or its people...All he cares about is $$$$$$$$$$$...

1875 days ago


I know TMZ is TMZ but I thought a line would be drawn with cancer patients.

1875 days ago


He just needs to get some skinny jeans and a tighter shirt. His old baggy clothes make him look frail.

1875 days ago
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