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Jackson Spent Last Hours in Doctor's Bed

7/31/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jackson Spent Last Hours in Doctor's Bed The reports that Michael Jackson spent the last night in his bedroom are not true -- we've learned Jackson spent his last hours in Dr. Conrad Murray's bedroom ... in Dr. Murray's bed.

Multiple law enforcement sources tell us Jackson did not want people going in and out of his room, so he used Dr. Murray's bedroom for his IV Propofol. We're told Dr. Murray administered the Propofol to Jackson hours before he died, while the singer lay in Murray's bed.

Law enforcement believes Dr. Murray may have been using his room almost nightly to administer Propofol to Jackson. Emergency workers found an IV stand, an empty IV bag and oxygen tanks in Dr. Murray's room. And as we first reported, the Monday after Jackson died, cops found a stash of Propofol and other drugs hidden in a closet connected to Dr. Murray's room.

We've already reported Dr. Murray left the room at some point when Jackson was receiving an IV drip of Propofol and may have fallen asleep. Cops believe by the time he awakened Jackson's heart may have already stopped beating.

We're told Dr. Murray was not in Jackson's house during the day. He would show up in the evening and leave in the morning. Law enforcement believes the doctor may have regularly gone to Jackson's home at night to administer Propofol so the singer could sleep.

Law enforcement believes Dr. Murray could have discovered Jackson sometime around 9 AM the day of his death. One theory cops are working under ... after discovering Jackson either in distress or dead, Dr. Murray called two employees at his medical office in Houston and told them to go to his storage unit and remove certain boxes. Both women told TMZ Dr. Murray did not call them but cops are dubious. The stories of the two women conflict -- one says a box of dirty needles was retrieved; the other says she went to retrieve a chair.

As for what may have been in the boxes, law enforcement is investigating whether Dr. Murray had Propofol delivered to his Houston medical office ... possibly put in his storage unit ... and then FedEx'd to Los Angeles as needed.

Dr. Murray rented the storage unit April 1 and the staff went back on 4 different occasions before Jackson's death.

We know when the DEA raided Dr. Murray's Houston medical office, they seized a rolodex card with FedEx information.

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41. The dude is dead. He was a freak for the last SEVERAL years of his life. The only surprise here is that he was in a doctors bed and not the bed of some 9 year old boy.

I would prefer TMZ to use the picture of him in court, in his pajamas, with a sticker for a nose.... The real talent known as Michael Jackson died in the early 90's.

Posted at 2:03AM on Jul 31st 2009 by OMG_STFU

1880 days ago

Tamara Cannon    

I believe this doctor could have rushed Michael to the hospital hours before the ambulance arrived. That is murder not manslaughter. The feds need to threaten his two assistance with time in the slammer so they own up to the truth.

1880 days ago


I have no medical insights, but I guess it will be very difficult to decide what actually killed MJ. Murray admitted he administered Propofol, which - according to his lawyer "shouldn't have killed Jackson". If MJ had other substances in his system and there was nothing tangible like a blood clot in his heart, the patologist will have a hard time reaching a conclusion. Maybe he/she can tell if MJ collapsed due to lack of oxygen. My bet (but I don't bet, since all this is so sad) is that Murray will get some sentence for negligence and malpractice, but not murder or manslaughter.

1880 days ago



1880 days ago



Ever wonder how a child molestor who buys the silence of his victims can sleep at night?

Well, wonder no more. Introducing the Home Propofol Kit. Buy one kit at 19.95 and we'll thrown in a second, just pay shipping and handling.

But wait, there's more, act now and receive this free IV stand and an awesome auger.

Posted at 2:21AM on Jul 31st 2009 by OMG_STFU


Pretty funny!!

1880 days ago


OK for starters, spread the truth needs to take a DEEEP breath and relax before writing. Never react when you are emotional haven't you ever heard that one....

First, I bet MJ used the docs room because, yes, it really wasn't the docs bedroom for him to sleep in as the idiot was supposed to be monitoring MJ while HE slept. Consider it more like the docs OFFICE space. MJ probably did not want his kids to see all that equipment and junk in his own bedroom knowing full well kids DO go into their parents bedrooms sometimes.

And lastly, MJ was performing as late as 2001 so all this "he peaked in the early 90's" crap is just that: crap. All you have to do is You tube "michael jackson" and you will come up with a treasure trove of videos, including 1997-98 for the HIStory tour so he was not performing THAT long ago.

People are making some big to do about a singer named Maxwell (never heard of him but others seem to be big fans) and he just recently came out with his first album in EIGHT years. They are slobbering all over the guy like he is something big. The guy is only 34 or 36 which means he has been sitting on his a$$ since he was freakin' 26-28?? And MJ after 30-some years performing couldn't take 8 years off from performing without being called "washed up"?! Don't forget if it weren't for his legal troubles he probably wouldn't have been as reticent about getting back into the swing of things.

MJ critics are crazy...

1880 days ago


What I still don't understand. If Murray found MJ dead at 9 am, why did he leave the IV in his arm until the paramedics got there? If he had the common sense to call Laquisha and Lageesha, why leave the most damning evidence still attached to MJ's arm? As for the doll, it SOUNDS like it was lying on top of the covers in MJ's bed, if I do recall correctly.

1880 days ago


HOP... HOP... HOP.... LMFAO....

1880 days ago



Posted at 2:04AM on Jul 31st 2009 by Dawn of the dead
There ya go, MJ should have stopped doing surgery on his nose whenever this pic was taken. His nose is ALMOST as cute as mine.

1880 days ago


It makes sense that Murray would do this in his room since it was off limits to the children, whereas MJ's was not.
So the comment about the room being stifling doesn't make sense....if MJ was asleep then why need to keep the heat up????

The comment his lawyer made today about Murray needs to go back to "being a Doctor" to make money sounded like he hadn't been one for the last few months!!!! Bingo, even his lawyer knows what he was up to!!!

1880 days ago


Sleeping in someone's bed is the most loving thing that you can do, according to MJ. So the Doc loved him to death, I guess.

1880 days ago


53. If Michael Jackson's talent died in the nineties we don't know, since we didn't get to watch this last show. I think he still had it.

So Jackson being in Murray's room (if true) explains a lot, such as the Propofol being near and handy, and the kids being kept away from the equipment. Question is - was Prince called into Murray's room or into Jackson's bedroom, after Jackson had been moved back there (by whom? Will an aide have to step forward)? It explains the employees' visit to the storage, and there needn't have been a call beforehand - the shipments could have been on a steady schedule.

I agree that tmz seems to portion out the info from the "multiple sources". Someone must have told it all in one session.

Posted at 2:14AM on Jul 31st 2009 by aston

Dr. Steven Hoefflin, MJ's plastic surgeon, was doing TV and newspaper interviews last week and repeatedly stated that Murray forced Prince to watch him do CPR on his father. I watched an interview on TV tonight with Kai Chase, MJ's chef, in which she denied that Murray forced Prince to watch him do CPR on MJ.

I wonder was this a lie that originated with Hoefflin or a lie told to him by the Jacksons? On other threads here on TMZ I had wondered if Hoefflin might have been the doctor to start MJ down the path of drug addiction, now I am even more suspicious of him.

1880 days ago

annie's ok    

I think many things went on in MJs life without his knowledge. He's not the type of guy to drop off his own perscription at the drug store, walk around the store and buy some candy while the script gets filled, pick it up, pop in the limo and go home..... People did this stuff for him!!! He may not have known who'se name was on the perscription. People sorted stuff out for him all the time, as they do with many folks in Hollywood.

1880 days ago


Maybe the IV was left in for him to load him up with other drugs to make it look like he was overdosed on them.

1880 days ago


i have to agree with u mel. t

1880 days ago
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