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TMZ's Summer Sunburn Contest -- Finalists!

8/1/2009 11:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

S-P-F that's gotta hurt! The charred flesh photos poured in for our Summer Sunburn Contest ... and and all we have to say is SUNBLOCK PEOPLE -- FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, SUNBLOCK!


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Kim Kardashian Teeth Whitening    

Holy mother of god. I think photo 31 beats everyone else....

1908 days ago


75 cant be that white

1908 days ago

wat a fool    

wat ever happened to the tony romo and vanessa whorebag minnillo story

1908 days ago


Holy crap! Not sure which is worse on number 16...the huge ear blister or the filthy fingernails....YEEEEUUUUCCKKKK!!!!

1908 days ago


ew ew ew
ow ow ow

I hope the winner at least has blisters cause there are some whoppers

1908 days ago


Wow, second degree burns and big ones at that. Not cool and so dangerous to the overall well-being of one's skin. Several made me cringe. Have you idiots ever heard of SUNBLOCK?

1908 days ago


Why on earth would you not put sunblock on your baby? That baby may look happy, but you know that sh*t hurts! That picture better not win, to reward those idiots would be shameful!

1908 days ago


I couldn't even look at theese. Don't these people know you can die of skin cancer? ?? I had one removed from my face last year. The sun is much more damaging because of ozone depletion then it used to be. It's no joke.

1908 days ago


#51 is going to need the prize money to fight skin cancer. WTF!

Some of those face shots look like chemical peels, not sunburn peeling. Some also look like they have a flesh eating bacteria. The chick in the wedding dress and a few others aren't burned at all. *boggle*... Aside from all the moley and fat people submitting their pictures, please remove the one of the baby and report the submitter to their local department of child services. What a dumba$$.

1908 days ago


Hey, look at my fried baby! I'm going to win $250! I'll be needing that money for bail when I get arrested for child abuse! ~ Poor Aryanna!!! Your parents need to be spayed and neutered.

1908 days ago


Gotta be white folks look bud lol look what I did hehehehe!

1908 days ago

Just sayin    

Now, i'm very fair skinned. I mean, I burn if the sun threatens to come out and i'm outside for 5 minutes - no joke.
I've been burnt pretty bad before, even with putting the highest spf sunblock on ever hour
but seriously?
Can you not feel your skin being burned off?
Are you guys adults?
Sunblock people, sunblock

1908 days ago


Why burn your skin to a peeling blistering crisp so you can look like a burnt stupid jackass? What's the point?

Swollen faces, red skin, layers of skin peeling off, blisters all over your body and for what? Skin cancer is no joke. Blisters are not sexy. Laying in a hospital bed suffering from sun poisoning is not cute either. Whew, look at me, I'm burnt to a crisp and I'm stupid. Heah y'all, I didn't get a sun stroke today. But tomorrow is a new day. Look at my new trick, my skin can come off in layers. Just watch. -------> Fast forward 20 years and they'll all look wrinkled, dried up and older than their years.

I wish some peoople would practice birth control and stop giving birth to idiots.

1908 days ago

Ms Mo    

I went bout as far as #8 and bailed out. I was just too freakin nuaseous! {blurp]

I'm a plae-skinned redhead and avoid the sun at every moment anyway...
But WTF is wrong with these peoples?!
There's zero / zip / nada / zilch / boo-sheit that could let me ever be burned again.
Ick............... ick..... argh!

Da Mo-Skee in Orange

1908 days ago

Linda Mott    

Many people die every year from skin cancer. My mom has had many skin surgeries due to the cancer. I found SPF 85 at Walgreen's and if you can't get it in your area, go on line. Years ago people would lie on the beach for hours and think that when the redness finally faded that they would get a tan. Many of them are now victims of skin cancer. I am very fair skinned and am not outdoors that much, but I make sure I am not exposed too long to the sun. SPF 50 may be enough for most people but remember that the ozone layer isn't the same as it was in the past.

1908 days ago
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