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Jackson Family Goes Italian

8/2/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The parents of Michael Jackson -- Joe and Katherine -- along with his brother Randy, enjoyed a nice dinner at Madeo in West Hollywood last night.

Jackson family -- play video

We asked the usually chatty Joe if he -- like La Toya -- believes in a conspiracy theory regarding Michael's death. He was surprisingly quiet.


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Yeah Tellitlikitis.................

I noticed no family was CRYING AT THE MEMORIAL.............HMMM! You know "WE"" fall all out at memorials, funerals, church! COME ON!

1853 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Ooohhhh ------ I have just seen the light!

I have been foolish .... and irrational .... and so confused in everything I've been saying!

Now I'm using my brain to be reasonable ..... and deal with reality .... and make some REAL SENSE from now on!

Thank gawd almighty - I have seen the light!!!!

1853 days ago


Because a mother stood by and allowed her child/children to beaten - but not killed - makes her a strong woman?

You're a fu@#ing idiot - and should never have children, if you haven't already - god forbid.

NO ABUSE IS OK - and a mother is NOT LOOKING OUT FOR HER KIDS if she allows it to continue. She is acting out of fear FOR HERSELF!!!

Posted at 1:31PM on Aug 2nd 2009 by real maternal instincts

I have fourteen kids and they are all outstanding citizens. As a matter of fact, the eldest, Barack Obama is doing quite well for himself. You debris under a fungi toenail!

1853 days ago

get it right    

15. Didn't KJ just go to court to say they need money to live on??? If you don't have money to live on then why the hell are you going out to eat??? Their they go spending MJ money and he has not even been put in the in ground yet....

Posted at 12:03PM on Aug 2nd 2009 by puppetmaster

Puppetmaster, Since when is it a bad thing for a rich child to take care of his mother. Michael passed away and left his fortune to his mother and kids. Please let's not forget that Katherine is greiving her son. Anyone who followed MJ for the past 10 years know that he had major issues with his record label (Sony) regarding his catalog. KJ realizes all that her son was dealing with in the final moments of his life. She just want to protect the estate. She is just trying to make sure that MJ's estate get all money owed to it, especially residuals from the catalogs that he own. In the long run she know that his kids will benefit more than she will down the line. She is 79 years old so the ones who will benifit most from the residual is Michael kids. Just think in the next decade or so, Michael estate can earn Billions of dollars and who would benifit mostly from that..... Prince Michael, Paris and Blaket. Note his will said if any one contest then they will get nothing. Who stand to inherit her portion the kids. Think people, this mother is not thiking of herself, so stop credizing this greiving mother. I hope she continue to fight and get all she can for the estate, Prince Michael, Paris and Blaket will benefit in the long run. They will never have to work a day in their life. I see a grandmother looking out for her grandkids like she did her own kids in the early years to give them balance in world where people wanted to use them. They all benefited from her strength. Instead of having a life a ease at 79 she is still fighting for her kids. She is an awesome women, to bad so may people are blinded by the negative things they hear about her in the media. KJ ,you are source of encouragement for many woman who want the best for their family and are willing to fight for them in spite of the odds. I hope all work out for you and MJ's kids.

1853 days ago


WAS NOT "CRYING" I meant, but any way. People GRIEVE differently.

1853 days ago


75. Amen to that tellit


Don't seem to like TMZ too much. Wonder why? Could it be because they don't have TMZ in their pocket like some UK tabloids? Or pulling the wool over the eyes of Larry King, Geraldo, etc.
Don't be fooled, these 3 have been working HARD (with the help of Londell and Hoeffler singing their praises) the past 2 weeks at damage control. Since there was no image of a grieving family portrayed for the first 3 weeks after MJs death. Until out of their ignorance they finally realized....Hello? the public is watching us.
And yes we watched, AND we saw.
Don't be deceived, as to the means by which these evil people will now attempt to "live large".

Posted at 1:35PM on Aug 2nd 2009 by tellitlikeitis

1853 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

I have fourteen kids and they are all outstanding citizens. As a matter of fact, the eldest, Barack Obama is doing quite well for himself. You debris under a fungi toenail

Posted at 1:42PM on Aug 2nd 2009 by me

Great comeback - dumba&&.

1853 days ago


28. None of the commenters posts have any basis coming from that video. Nobody KNOWS what this family is going through. THEIR CHILD WAS MURDERED. If my child was murdered and surrounded by unsavory and untrustworthy people, I would be contesting their will too. By the way, to the person who criticized them for going out to dinner and the one who said "We know who DIDN'T pay for this dinner"....what do YOU know? Randy has done VERY well for himself as a producer and has his own money. It's very possible that he is treating his parents to dinner, just like normal people. God, you people are descpicable.

Posted at 12:35PM on Aug 2nd 2009 by China Doll

And pray tell.........How do you KNOW?

1853 days ago


Can't you concentrate on anything constructive? Isn't there any celebrity out there doing something GOOD? Perhaps lending their name to a charity? Helping Children??
You want to ALWAYS focus on the negative- It's OLD, it's TIRING and it's exactly WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA TODAY.

Look for the positive in life, stop dwelling on the negative!

1853 days ago


35. what conspiracy theory is tmz talking about?

Posted at 12:46PM on Aug 2nd 2009 by Someone

Good grief...............what hole have you had your head in?

1853 days ago


Katherine and Joe did not commit a crime? Are you looney? They abused everyone of there children. May I remind you that Pediflies are not born that way, it is not genitic. Children that are abused during child hood usually become abusers. Latoya wrote in her book that she was sexually and physically abused by her Father. What did Katherine say? Honey don't sexually abuse her too much. Their parenting left Michael without any self esteem, he felt worthless and was a very lonely man except for his childrens love. He escaped into a fantascy world of make believe because his childhood was so vile. He withdrew from the pain of life with his drug use. He lived at home until he was 30 where did you get that information? Michael had to escape into protective care when he was 16 years old. Joe threw him against the wall for not dancing fast enough. Ya my parents werent perfect just as I am not perfect but when you see what evil has done to a very talented man you tell the truth you know.

1853 days ago

Missing MJ    

Just wanted to share my thoughts on the video and comments:

1)It was quire disrespectful to address her as "Mama Jackson". Mrs. Jackson is the appropriate way to address her. Hell, even if they had said "Katherine" that would have been better than Mama Jackson.

2) Regarding Randy's porsche, if you remember going back to the footage of the day Michael died, they do show Randy pulling up to the hospital in that same car, so he already had it. How he came about it, who knows. Was it a gift from Michael, Janet or his Mother? Or maybe, he is a decent record producer as some have suggested and he bought it himself?

3)Just because their Son/Brother has died (whether it was a drug overdose by MJ, manslaughter by Dr Murray, or murder by Sony/AEG/Tohme, Tohme) why should they not have a meal out? Yes, both parents have filed bankruptcy in the past, yes Katherine petitioned the court for emergency funds to care for the children and continue to receive the monthly allowance that MJ has been providing to her for years, why is it such a crime for them to be eating out at Madeo's??? How do we know that Randy didn't invite them out to dinner or that Joe is paying for it? I'm sure this isn't the first time that they have been to this restaurant, so I don't see why all of a sudden people are expecing them to go to McDonald's or Old Country Buffet!!

4)Some people will complain about the Jackson's no matter what. Now if they did show up in a Toyota or Ford, some people would be posting that MJ and/or Janet should be ashamed of themselves having their parents riding around like that when they have millions and millions of dollars!!!

5)For those who are calling them cold hearted for going out to eat when MJ isn't even buried yet do any of us really know for sure he isn't buried?? Supposedly Tito has stated that MJ is still at Forest Lawn in a vault. If this is true, it could be that they have delayed the burial because they are waiting for the coroner to complete the testing of MJ's brain so that it can be placed back with his body before he is buried. They had to wait 4 weeks for the brain to harden so that the coroner can test it and then another week or two (possibly) for the results to come back.

Trust me, I am no fan of Joe Jackson and some things I am now hearing about Katherine are things I wouldn't have done or put up with as a Mother/Wife either, but they do have a right to go out to a nice dinner. Trust me, there are plenty other issues that we could complain about the Jacksons, going out to dinner shouldn't be one of them.

Just My Opinon

1853 days ago

The Nose    

91. I have fourteen kids and they are all outstanding citizens. As a matter of fact, the eldest, Barack Obama is doing quite well for himself. You debris under a fungi toenail

Posted at 1:42PM on Aug 2nd 2009 by me

1853 days ago


KDH - Isn't it a sad state of the human condition when everything focuses on the negative?

Where is the faith in fellow man? If you have faith in God, why not have faith in a neighbor, a stranger or a celebrity?

It's depressing.

1853 days ago


No conspiracy here, Obam's Kenyan Birth Certificate has been found. Now where was he born?

1853 days ago
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