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Sean Combs' Group Accused of Stealing a Diddy

8/2/2009 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

P. Diddy handpicked Day 26 in Season 4 of "Making the Band" -- and now they're being accused of handpicking one of their new songs straight from someone else's album!

Sean Combs' Group Accused of Stealing a Diddy
In a copyright infringement notice fired off to Bad Boy Records -- the company ran and founded by Diddy -- singer Kirby Shields alleges his song "I'm Just Getting Started" is "identical" to Day 26's "Just Getting Started," released in April.

And here's the rub: Shields says the copycat track was produced by Christian Davis Stalnecker, the same producer he hired to work "exclusively" for him back in '07.

Check out the two versions below:

DAY26 - "Just Getting Started"

Kirby Shields - "I'm Just Gettting Started"


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Melanie Marcum    

Amen MJwemissusomuch. The Only thing I disagree with you on is in your name!! MJ is DEAD!~! Leave him be!! He's with Elvis and Marilyn right now and I for one am SICK of seeing him on the news!! But I digress.............. If MJ were ONLY holding Paris and Britney by the hands right now with Lindsay on his back it could be a perfect world!! OH YEAH!! Amy Winehouse as MJ's Beehive!! Yep Yep!! That would be a perfect world................ SIGH~~~~~~

1873 days ago


I can tell after reading the cease & desist, and the agreement, That Christian Davis looks like he is in really bad shape concerning this matter. What do you think a JURY is going to think when they see this new artist KIRBY SHIELDS music being sold without his written permission, and what do you think a JURY is going to think when Kirby Shields attorneys subpoena all the records for Christian Davis, and Bad Boy, and Atlantic records, and how much money this album for DAY 26 FOREVER IN A DAY MADE. I would not want to be Christian, how embarressing to get caught cheating on a new up and coming artist you have an agreement with. Like what do you think all the major record labels are going to think of this writer Christian Davis Stalnecker after Kirby Shields gets a big fat pay check behind a dishonest writer, when all this could of been prevented if the writer would of been honest. The melodies & the words are the same, they did not change a thing, and it is clear that Christian sold a track from a project that he had no right doing. So calling all artist.. You need to pay attention, and learn from Kirby Shields, and get an attorney when you do projects so you do not get taken advantage of by people like Christian Davis Stalnecker, Nobody does a project & pays $30,500 dollars to an unknown producer, so he can go sale there music to a major record label, without respecting and paying the owner who paid for the work , that's unheard of, unless some label or the writer kicks down BiG TIME to the the person who paid for the work, The writer signed off on the copywrites, and the rights to the tracks, and then he turns and takes the music and do what ever he wants, that is called GREED, has anyone ever heard of the word breach, and from the look of things Christian Davis Stalnecker is learning a very real hard lesson right now, for being just plan GREEDY! I wish Kirby Shields the best , MAKE THIS JERK CHRISTIAN. PAY!

1867 days ago


Rap rips off old rock tracks so why not thier own?
Just goes to show the creative bankruptcy
the music industry has.

Posted at 10:29AM on Aug 2nd 2009 by Abacab
Ya lets not forget to mention all the tracks Elvis and The Rolling Stones from the Black artists who could never be featured because of their skin color. Rock was invented by black ppl and thats just another thing white ppl stole from blk ppl

1865 days ago


92. that's what Hip Hop is about.. making as much money as you can, any way you can. if it means ripping other artists off for your "art", then whatever. it's all about how much money they make,, not the art of music.

Posted at 9:04AM on Aug 3rd 2009 by Adam
You have got it all confused. I know your probably used to listening to stolen music what with white ppl stealing most things we invent. But hip hop is about expressing yourself. Personally I dont like the direction hip hop has taken (I grew up on Gangsta Rap) but im happy that kids these days are making happy music to dance to instead of the hardcore music I grew up on. I love my music but I know some ppl dont have the common sense to distinguish a song from reality and take the gangsta persona toooooo far. It was scary back in the day and now kids can have fun instead of fighting. Plus, this is not hip-hop. Its R&b-pop

1865 days ago


Wow! Thats messed up that christian davis pulled such a under handed move to try and f u c k this artist Kirby Shields over, so that he could advance his own career without compensating the artist Shields, hopefully Mr. Sean John owner of Bad Boy records will recognize the mistake his label made even if it was unintentional and will compensate Shields for using his song unauthorized, that would seem to be the right thing to do concerning this situation, that would show a lot of the haters that Mr. Sean John has a ton of class, way more than people are willing to give him credit for.

1852 days ago


its the same exact beat and everything! day 26 is a great band with alot of talent but obviously they're strugglin to stay on top. sorry boys you got BUSTED.

1851 days ago
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