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Jacko's Kids Get Booked

8/3/2009 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's sons Michael Jr. (in red) and Prince Michael (in blue) and their entourage were spotted going to an L.A. bookstore this weekend.


On Monday, a judge named Katherine Jackson permanent guardian of all three of Michael's children.


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You people are horrile!! The ones who don't have anything nice to say about these children. So what if they are dressed like that. Whats wrong with it? Its summer, hot here in California, let them wear what they wish. And as for Blankets hair, it looks really good on him. Are you going to critized your saviour too, because he had long hair?

1870 days ago


Kids need love from a parent BUT they also need a parent that is NORMAL. MJ was far from normal. If MJ was a regular person he would have lost custody of those kids along time ago for being so strange and mentally unstable. Also those are definately not his biological kids. He bought those kids. A sneaky way of adopting, Just claim they are yours and have enough money to pay people off. No telling what that freak did to those boys. There was nothing stoping him this time. Well atleast now the kids can lead a more normal life, free from wearing clown mask in public and interacting with the outside world. It had to been confusing to have a father figure, 50 year old man that looked and acted like a mentally ill, young woman. A very strange looking woman.

1870 days ago

Jane Ross    

For pity's sake leave these children alone. Michael was right to protect their identity. 6 weeks ago they could have gone out with other people, as they often did and nobody was shoving cameras in their faces. Now they are going to be like Michael, never able to do anything without being stalked by the tabloids. People pay lip service to caring yet they want pictures of these kids. Let them grow up out of the glare of the public, that is the only way they can have a near normal life.

1870 days ago


Please leave these kids alone.
And to those people who say Jackson wasn't their father, it doesn't matter what their DNA is he was still their father. My friend has a step mother her whole life and she considers her to be her real mother and she is.
Just because you have the right DNA doesn't mean your a parent or not, it's what you give your children and how you raise them that makes you a parent or not.... anyway that's my rant.
R.I.P Mr. Michael Jackson, forever the King of MUSIC

1870 days ago


LIKE I SAID; Are most of these posters in remedial classes? It seems like all the negative comments are coming from people who appear to have learning difficulties! What in the hell are you all talking about? Nappy Afros? Wigs? Blanket needs a hair cut? WTF?

Just how long can a 79 year old be a "permanent guardian"/ What then? Does Jermaine get them so he can make a few buck off of them?

Posted at 6:25PM on Aug 3rd 2009 by Roro

I'll tell you how long BUCCO, I mean Roro, as long as the Good Lord allows! People are living longer than ever before, so if the Good Lord says 100+ years so be it.

1870 days ago


That little hippy needs a haircut...and I don't give a damn who his daddy is!

1870 days ago


PLeasE! Stop calling him Jacko! You destroyed him already with the name should be happy with that. He can no longer hear you call him that...only his CHILDREN will hear you now.

Let the children be. They were being raised with love and respect. They won't understand this. Please...if you can't respect Michael in least respect the children.

1870 days ago


I dont mind seeing pictures of michaels kids but please let them be normal kids and do not hound them. If they want to the spotlight they will seek it.

1870 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Hay chuck... you must be very intimate with the UGLY tree because your comment was just that UGLY!! These KI*DS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! you are an ass for saying nasty things about children!!!

1870 days ago


His name is NOT Jacko you jerks!

1870 days ago


Michaels Kids And jermaines Kids all got these Royal azz nAMES. Wdf is tha real deal with all this . Prince, jafaar, JERMAJESTY? you got to kidding me.

1870 days ago


His DADDY loved his hair. Why would he destroy something his daddy loved? His daddy has been taken from him, he is the child who will have the least memories of him since he is so young. Let him grieve.

ALL 3 KIDS ARE WONDERFUL AND FROM WHAT I HAVE SEEN, WELL BEHAVED. They were brought up with manners and respect. Lets hope they stay that way. THEIR DADDY AT THEIR BIRTH, THEIR DADDY FOREVER.


1870 days ago


Ha Ha Ha! Some of you people really make me laugh. You whine that the kids should be left alone, yet YOU are the ones actually encouraging TMZ and other sites to follow them! So please, spare me your dribble! If everyone stopped going to gossip websites, watching gossip TV shows, and reading the magazines the photographers would stop. You see the websites, shows, and magazines would go out of business if no one reads or watches them. But will YOU stop? Of course you wont! You are so nosey, you just have to keep coming here! Sorry but you cant have it both ways. It's like complaining about a restaurant, yet you continue to eat there every week. So whine away. It wont do any good unless you put your money where your mouth is. And we both know that wont happen.

1870 days ago


ok, you morons, this is why Michael covered the kids, so that when they went out without him they would not be recognized. Now the idiots on this site are referring to a little seven year old hair, leave that baby alone, it's his hair and if he wants to wear it long so be it, what is the matter with you lemmings, it's like you just sit back and salivate for something ignorant to say, and TMZ please leave this little children alone. You people are sick

1870 days ago


I pray these kids will have a blessed, peacefull and wonderful life. Now, lets just leave them alone and check back with them in about 10 years. May the Peace of God surround them and His Angels keep watch over them all the days of their lives. Amen and Amen!

1870 days ago
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