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Money, Custody on Line in Jackson Hearing

8/3/2009 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Hearing4:54 -- During the lunch break John Branca said Jackson's estate has reached a settlement with AEG -- re: merchandising and rehearsal footage.

-- Katherine Jackson just withdrew her petition asking that she be put in charge of the estate. This petition was filed before she knew a will existed. The issue now -- will she oppose the appointment of Branca and McClain.

4:40 -- The Jacksons have all filed back into court and the judge has taken the bench.

3:00 -- The judge just admitted Jackson's 2002 will into probate. The will names John Branca and John McClain as co-executors. We know Katherine has a beef with that. The question -- will she challenge the co-executors or possibly ask that she be named as a third executor. Court is in recess for an hour-and-a half. Stay tuned.

-- The judge has ruled that AEG has to provide a copy of their contract with Michael to Katherine Jackson.

2:32 -- The judge has taken the bench.

2:28 -- Family members have begun to file back into the courtroom. The judge has yet to come back.

Michael jackson Launch photos

1:03 -- The judge has called for a 30-minute break.

12:55 -- The judge decided on the lesser amount because of concerns about duplicate expenses for the monthly allowance approved for Katherine.

12:42 -- The judge has just granted 83.5% of what was requested for the children's allowance. Specific amounts were not discussed.

12:41 -- The lawyers are now discussing the allowance for Jackson's three kids.

12:40 -- Debbie Rowe will have visitation rights with her two kids and will continue getting spousal support based on the agreement she struck with Michael several years ago.

12:39 -- The judge granted Katherine a financial allowance for six months retro from the time Michael died. The amount of the allowance wasn't discussed in open court.

12:37 -- The judge just named Katherine permanent guardian of all three kids.

12:26 -- Debbie Rowe's lawyer, Eric George, just said he won't object to Katherine being appointed temporary guardian, but permanent guardianship could be delayed. It's curious given the supposed settlement between Debbie and Katherine.

12:24 -- The judge just said Klein has no legal standing to lodge an objection ... that Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe are the parents.

12:18 -- The judge wants to know what legal standing Klein has -- this could force the issue over whether he's the daddy.

12:17 -- Get this. Mark Vincent Kaplan (K-Fed's lawyer) just showed up on behalf of Dr. Arnold Klein. Kaplan says Klein has a long-standing commitment to Michael Jackson and has concerns about Joe Jackson being involved with the children. There are reports Klein is the father, but he hasn't confirmed or denied.

12:14 -- The judge is on the bench. He'll be dealing with the guardianship settlement between Katherine and Debbie Rowe first.

12:00 ET -- Rebbie Jackson, Michael's older sister, has just showed up. We're told, day to day, she'll be the one taking care of Michael's kids.

11:56 AM ET -- Katherine, Randy and La Toya were escorted upstairs to the courtroom. La Toya is wearing a black jacket, slacks, and a white blouse. Katherine is wearing a brown suit, looking calm ... and chewing gum.

11:46 AM ET -- Randy just showed up.

11:45 AM ET -- Katherine and the lawyers are inside the courtroom. Two of Michael's sisters and one brother are also expected. The hearing is expected to begin shortly.

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Mommy Jackson wants her money so she can buy some more gum. Debbie Rowe is so full of sh*t. "I birthed those kids for Michael cause he wanted kids and I want nothing to do with them. Just give me tons of money and I'll stay away". Right, Debbie

1914 days ago


#20 You are an idiot. One doesnt lose custody rights due to chewing gum. Besides, it said she WAS chewing gum. Who is to say she didn't spit it out before entering the courtroom? So you probably think that Debbie Rowe should be killed. I mean she did sell her kids twice, have nothing to do with them, etc. Get some real advice or make a legitimate response/comment.

1914 days ago

who the hell    

The real deal is that Murry should be charged with quite a few things starting with tampering with a crime scene up to second degree murder. Murry found Michael unresponsive at around 9: am he quickly turned on the heat and started a fire in the fire place to change the temperature of the bodies core. He then searched through the second floor looking for money. Finally he called security they showed up and called rescue. (why did he holler for prince and security instead of telling the chef to call 911?) When rescue got there Murry refused to allow the professionals to do their job. The brought a defibrillator in Murry did not let them nor did he use it himself. When the paramedics realized Michael was dead Murry would not allow them to pronounce him dead. (That would make it a potential crime scene police would be called he ain’t no dummy.) In the ambulance he still would not allow paramedics to take over ( he didn’t want them to feel Michaels skin he was cold to the touch) Murry then disappeared from the hospital. He put some of the evidence into his sister in laws car. Something happened and he bolted leaving the car behind. The Jackson family went to Michaels home to secure his valuable collections and some of the children’s belongings. Prince told Latoya where Michaels safe was (they had not been there since he moved in several months before. When i arrived she saw that the safe was wide opened. And the things that Latoya was told was there were all gone. Michael often left the safe open when it was just the kids and himself in the home. Prince assured Latoya that there was "a bunch" of money in the safe. Also in Michael's top drawer rolled up in socks she found around ten thousand $ in hundreds. She and Janet took several art pieces they were afraid police would destroy (The police destroyed never land.) as they searched for evidence. We never entered Murry room they only went into Michaels and the children’s rooms. The moving truck was used to take Michaels $30,000. bedroom suite, many paintings and vases there were several things that the children needed/wanted (they refused to go back to the house) Janet had movers take both the children’s bedroom suits the trucks left and took all items to a rented storage unit. Nothing was touched in the room we were told Michael was in. No drugs were mess with. sometime people the media believes are stupid, do have some sense.

1914 days ago



I completely disagree. Let the executor's run things

1914 days ago


God please bless Kathrine and her family, be with them and guide them on this day. My prayers are with the Jackson family. Michael may your soul begin to rest in peace.... I feel so bad that you are gone and that your mom has to go through this... I love you Michael and wish your family god speed. We Love you more!

1914 days ago

Larry Hagman    

Why does the Thirty Mile Zone run everything according to EST. Aren't you based in Hollywood Harv?

1914 days ago

Harvey Rocks    

The kids are staying with Katherine because when MJ returns there will be no custody disputes, the bills will be paid, and he can begin again.
But the fact Debbie gets visitation, well, I hope the kids ignore her as MJ told them to do. The ultimate hurt.

1914 days ago



1914 days ago


Lol look at the fighting family for money.. If Michael could just see this from Heaven his bones would flip to the other side from the pain this family is cousing him.
Chewing Gum.. what kind of person is that and La'toya that skank is full of BS telling stories " Michael is bla bla " Shut up! Just listen to your interview the whole family killed him and now.. " We want money " U aint gettin sh**
The only thing they are getting money spilled in a few years they all will be broke.. trust me.. broke!
I hope soooo that the court will screw them over.. "cross fingers"

And Debbie Rowe can s*** it the cops should send her to REHAB ;/ AA-meeting etc. Alcoholic Rowe

(L) R,I.P Michael... u didn't deserve all this :(

1914 days ago


October 22, 1990 Excerpt from People ‘s Magazine
Vol. 34
No. 16

By Todd Gold
It's 9 A.M. and rancher Frank Dileo is padding through his eight-stall horse barn, bidding good morning to his Tennessee walking horses. It's part of his routine since settling in 14 months ago at the Tookarosa Ranch, his 40-acre spread in Ojai, Calif. Not that Dileo is any ordinary rancher. Five-feet-two and a muffin-soft 240 lbs., he is wrapped in sweats and powder blue loafers and tickling a horse's nose with a fat cigar.

Dileo, 42, looks like the kind of man who's more at home making deals than mending fences. And small wonder. As Michael Jackson's manager for five years, he had done just that, shepherding the singer through two hit albums (Thriller, still the biggest-selling LP in history, and Bad), two world tours and into enough endorsements to make them both rich for life. Then, 20 months ago—without warning, Dileo says—he was sacked.

The reason, some speculate, may have been his failure to secure theatrical release for Jackson's feature-length film, Moonwalker, which was eventually released in Europe. "I brought in a $7-or $8-million offer," retorts Dileo, insisting that others had then counseled Jackson against that deal. In February 1989, when he and the singer spoke by phone, Dileo says, it was business as usual, and "everything was hunky-dory." Three days later Jackson's attorney called. "Michael doesn't want to work with you anymore," was all Dileo was told.

Although the dismissal still "hurts plenty," the ex-manager says, any would-be fiscal woes were tempered by a severance package estimated to be worth more than $5 million. As for psychic scars, they were salved by friends like director Martin Scorsese, who called to offer Dileo a part in his gangster film GoodFellas. And so it was that when the movie opened last month, there was Frank Dileo, novice actor, playing the part of a heavy with all the pinkie-ring panache of a Mafia capo.

"I remember reading the script and telling Marty, 'Geez, you gotta give Frank the part of Tuddy. He's perfect,' " recalls actor Joe Pesci, one of the film's stars (along with Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta). "There wasn't much dialogue at first, but it grew when Frank showed he could handle it. The guy's a natural."

Dileo, however, says that moving to the big screen wasn't all that easy. As an old friend of both Pesci and De Niro (Dileo is a partner in De Niro's Tribeca Grill in Manhattan), "I certainly didn't want to fail, the job or their friendship," he says. "It made things a little more intense." He also learned that "when you see yourself for the first time on a movie screen, all you see are the imperfections. I thought, 'God, am I that fat?' But the second time I enjoyed it."

For most of Dileo's life, of course, music, not movies, has provided the enjoyment. The son of a Pittsburgh tavern owner and his wife, Dileo was working as kitchen manager in an Italian restaurant in 1968 when a customer asked him if he would be interested in the record business. "He said, 'You stay up late, eat at nice restaurants and leave big tips.' " Dileo recalls. "It was like they custom-made it for me."

Starting as a record rack jobber—or salesman—he moved quickly into promotion and eventually to Nashville. Then in 1976, feeling burned out, he quit the business, returned home and married Linda Laughlin, a lab technician he had been dating for seven years. Two years later Dileo got himself into trouble and was fined for misdemeanor bookmaking. In 1979 trouble found him: A fire gutted his home, destroying everything. "I sold my Cadillac for $2,000, then bought two blue suits, three white shirts and a plane ticket to New York," he says. Hired by Epic, a subsidiary of CBS Records, he became vice president of promotion within three years, then in 1984 was hired away by Jackson, CBS's biggest star.

Soon, Dileo became the singer's closest confidant in business and his constant companion on the road. Jackson called him Uncle Tookie and, in a 1987 letter to PEOPLE, wrote: "He's loyal. He's competent.... And also my shield of armor. He's my other half. We dream together and achieve together."

Dileo suggests, however, that he didn't always get credit for his marketing savvy. "Don't get me wrong; I think Michael's a tremendous performer," he says. But "whether it was money, record sales or trophies, Michael wanted to be the one who claimed it. He used to wonder, 'Why do they call Elvis the King? Why don't they call me the King?" I'd have to explain."

Now, with his Jackson days behind him, Dileo has had a chance to be a father again to son Dominic, 12, and daughter Belinda, 9. "Before, I was just a guy who was coming home late

1914 days ago


EVERYONE is trying to capitalize on Michale's death and they're only interested in the money! LaToya and Michael did not get along and all of a sudden she's releasing songs and on the air telling how much she misses him, etc. Why is she even there in court -- he had nothing to do with her. Randy had dinner with Joe and Katherine last night so one can assume that Randy is there to speak for Joe since Joe knows his appearance would be detrimental.

The judge should immediately invoke the "no contest" clause and cut Katherine out of the will. Let her and the rest of the Jackson clan know what it's like to earn their own living and live off their social security checks. Katherine didn't protect MJ and let him support the entire family even as a child and she doesn't have his children's interest at heart either. When they were with their dad they were home schooled and had private tutors and are by all accounts very smart and articulate. All they've said since MJ died is how they're playing with the rest of their leech cousins and not one word about them resuming any of their normal activities (e.g., school). Joe said after MJ died how he and Katherine would get the kids an education and feed them, but if you notice he and the rest of his kids (with the exception of Janet) can barely put together a grammatically correct paragraph. They're going to "dumb down" MJs kids and that's a shame. Also, what happens to the kids custody arrangement when Katherine dies? Will Debbie get custody then or does Diana Ross then have to get involved since she was named secondary guardian?

If, as Katherine's attorney said last week, Katherine was at the table with MJ the past 4 yrs for all of his major business decisions, why did she allow him to sign on for 50 concerts, she knows nothing about the particulars of the AEG contract and she didn't know he had a will. . . what does that tell you.

1914 days ago

doc murry    

To Chico, tellitlikeitis, Della, Deb, HumanNature, Mullins, and all others people need to get jobs and a life,,noone really cares what you have to say..if you want I will send a spaceship down for you and you can join michael jackson on planet cycltron.
Della.... michael says hi and says to tell you to shut up.
This ceverage is totally so over the top and day after day you nerds discuss this crap like your involved with it and my god
oh the humanity..who cares if granny is chewing gum,,she is as money hungry as all the other jacksons.
damn you michael for doing this to us..

1914 days ago


and the plot thickens "as mjs ball turns"

1914 days ago


OMG!! Klein is concerned for MJ's children. Why would he??? Or then he really is their biological father. This is getting more and more interesting. But I wonder what MJ would think of all this....

I love you Michael

1914 days ago


Go Arnold Klein! Somebody has spoken up for the children finally! He has guts and I hope more people speak up that Joe Jackson stays the hell away from the children!

Kisses to Klein!

1914 days ago
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