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Money, Custody on Line in Jackson Hearing

8/3/2009 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Hearing4:54 -- During the lunch break John Branca said Jackson's estate has reached a settlement with AEG -- re: merchandising and rehearsal footage.

-- Katherine Jackson just withdrew her petition asking that she be put in charge of the estate. This petition was filed before she knew a will existed. The issue now -- will she oppose the appointment of Branca and McClain.

4:40 -- The Jacksons have all filed back into court and the judge has taken the bench.

3:00 -- The judge just admitted Jackson's 2002 will into probate. The will names John Branca and John McClain as co-executors. We know Katherine has a beef with that. The question -- will she challenge the co-executors or possibly ask that she be named as a third executor. Court is in recess for an hour-and-a half. Stay tuned.

-- The judge has ruled that AEG has to provide a copy of their contract with Michael to Katherine Jackson.

2:32 -- The judge has taken the bench.

2:28 -- Family members have begun to file back into the courtroom. The judge has yet to come back.

Michael jackson Launch photos

1:03 -- The judge has called for a 30-minute break.

12:55 -- The judge decided on the lesser amount because of concerns about duplicate expenses for the monthly allowance approved for Katherine.

12:42 -- The judge has just granted 83.5% of what was requested for the children's allowance. Specific amounts were not discussed.

12:41 -- The lawyers are now discussing the allowance for Jackson's three kids.

12:40 -- Debbie Rowe will have visitation rights with her two kids and will continue getting spousal support based on the agreement she struck with Michael several years ago.

12:39 -- The judge granted Katherine a financial allowance for six months retro from the time Michael died. The amount of the allowance wasn't discussed in open court.

12:37 -- The judge just named Katherine permanent guardian of all three kids.

12:26 -- Debbie Rowe's lawyer, Eric George, just said he won't object to Katherine being appointed temporary guardian, but permanent guardianship could be delayed. It's curious given the supposed settlement between Debbie and Katherine.

12:24 -- The judge just said Klein has no legal standing to lodge an objection ... that Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe are the parents.

12:18 -- The judge wants to know what legal standing Klein has -- this could force the issue over whether he's the daddy.

12:17 -- Get this. Mark Vincent Kaplan (K-Fed's lawyer) just showed up on behalf of Dr. Arnold Klein. Kaplan says Klein has a long-standing commitment to Michael Jackson and has concerns about Joe Jackson being involved with the children. There are reports Klein is the father, but he hasn't confirmed or denied.

12:14 -- The judge is on the bench. He'll be dealing with the guardianship settlement between Katherine and Debbie Rowe first.

12:00 ET -- Rebbie Jackson, Michael's older sister, has just showed up. We're told, day to day, she'll be the one taking care of Michael's kids.

11:56 AM ET -- Katherine, Randy and La Toya were escorted upstairs to the courtroom. La Toya is wearing a black jacket, slacks, and a white blouse. Katherine is wearing a brown suit, looking calm ... and chewing gum.

11:46 AM ET -- Randy just showed up.

11:45 AM ET -- Katherine and the lawyers are inside the courtroom. Two of Michael's sisters and one brother are also expected. The hearing is expected to begin shortly.

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danger baby    

BrancaR/Holmes/ItCanHappen -- Yes, if those notebooks are as explosive as H says, the LAPD and DEA will sort through to verify and to put in the context of the bigger picture. But if the injections are within the guidelines of the PDR, then trying to make a case that for a causal link between Klein and MJ's drug dependency may not make any sense.

Taraborrelli says that in later years MJ regretted all the surgery. When he was interviewing him for that 50th bithday article, MJ said, "I don't think I look so bad for 40, do I?" Taraborrelli told him he was turning 50, not 40, and MJ responded with a weak smile and said something along the lines of "It goes fast". I hesitate to mention this exchange, as one just never knows what is true (we weren't there after all), but if it is true, it makes you wonder just how out of touch with he really was. He was living in Vegas at the time of that interview (2008). This photo of him in pajama bottoms and a tuxedo jacket at Planet Holllywood is shocking. No man in his right mind would go out looking like that. He looks anorexic to me.

1867 days ago

danger baby    

It Can -- Pretty sure this is a hoax. She's on twitter. Has 11 followers. Doesn't look to me be MJ's type. Her home base is listed as Luton, UK. She has one short tweet about MJ (on July 7) about how sad she is at his passing. Wouldn't surprise me if she is not a real doctor.

1867 days ago

danger baby    

Oh, this has me steamed Went to CNN's LK Live website to check up on who will be on tonight, and a guest schedule is nowhere to be found! But if I want to give them my eMail, they'll be happy to keep me informed. Go to hell, CNN. Collecting millions of eMails and doing what with them? Yes, I know I can get that info in other ways, but still, not listing that on their website and collecting eMails as a quid pro quo makes me steamed. I see Larry King around now and then (LA area). He's taller than he seems on the tele, and is very thin. Had the suspenders on too...LOL. This was at the grocers.

1867 days ago


1378. It Can -- Pretty sure this is a hoax. She's on twitter. Has 11 followers. Doesn't look to me be MJ's type. Her home base is listed as Luton, UK. She has one short tweet about MJ (on July 7) about how sad she is at his passing. Wouldn't surprise me if she is not a real doctor.

Posted at 4:57PM on Aug 6th 2009 by Danger Baby

I found a lot of links re: Dr. Susan Etok and all list her as aBiomedical Materials Engineer BUT are they all one and the same person???


White pages Dr Susan Etok
Los Angeles, CA 90077
Age: 30-34

Structural and chemical changes of thermally treated bone apatite

1st Annual Biomaterials Workshop (Shrivenham, United Kingdom)
Review of the 1st Annual Biomaterials Workshop

Remembering Michael Jackson: a friend who sponsored her holidays

Many more references on google.

1867 days ago



you know when he had that Pepsi accident.. and he was advised well .. he could afford the best- I WOULD HAVE FOUND A MASTER ACUPUNCTURIST FROM CHINA.. whose also a herbalogist as they usually are.. MJ could have cured of his burns, his pain from it,his insomnia.. NO KIDDING.. then get cupping.. TO HAVE THE BODY & MIND HUMMING..

when I get this.. I feel so light footed.. I feel I can dance like Astaire.. & usually I'm draggging my feet when I see my doc.

then a good massuer. esp a fter dancing.. get all those muscle kinks out. it will help him to sleep.

instesd.. he had docs who couldn't care less for his welfare- he was plied with drugs,instead.

1867 days ago

Now Hiring    

The Jackson Family needs to read about this company. I worry about the children. I am glad they are with Katherine. I just wish Michael had someone like this before he died. I hope the Jackson's get the children protection.

1867 days ago

danger baby    

It Can -- I responded to about Etok, but the post did not show up. I don't have the strength to repost. I am just very wary of anyone claiming to have had a connection to MJ. I just don't know. Am reading "All that Glitters". It's revolting really. And similar to the Hughes book, in that nothing is really proved. I won't finish it; it's not worth my time and effort. Though from what I have read, it's scary how childish these supposed 'adult's all were. Probably my last post on this thread, as it seems to have run out of steam in any case.

1867 days ago


danger baby.. indeed those notebooks are EXPLOSIVE.. another angle why-- Klein & rowe are doing these sideshows to get attention away from it..


1867 days ago


hello friends,

This Dr. Etok revelation is interesting...a little suspect coming from the family camp as the claim Omar is his to and MJ would have never left him out of the will, but again why would they lie about this?

Hvae been dying to read All That Glitters, will go to the library.

And Holmes it is sad he did not get the appropriate care. Eastern medicine is excellent. As you stated thousands of years of experience.

Nothing on Dr. Murray in a while. As stated earlier....very interesting that the chief of police is "changing jobs." Cannot believer they didn't seal the house immediately. And LaToya better turn those stolen masters over pronto...but better her than a shady least they know where to find them.

Tomorrow...we get to hear Jermaine's spin on LKL. Wonder if he is with the parent's or more reasonable...will be interesting to see if he is going to try to back up Londell's claims.

Have a great night guys!

1866 days ago


Sorry about the typos...very tired ;)

1866 days ago


Just watched Jane Velez Mitchell and Randy Taborelli states he was there the nigh of the pepsi commercial and at the hospital later that evening. He reports Michael was offered narcotics and he refused stating he didn't want to get addicted.

I really think Hoefflin was responsible as he did the early attempted scalp reconstructions. I'm just saying....;)

1866 days ago


vbrancarocks.. Mj's addiction can be trsced to 1993 from those rowe injections. and Klein was using diprivan on Mj since 1997.

what did I say.. this will be proven ..

yeah.. Hoefflin admited uisng demrol on Mj when he operated on him.. well this happened to me..but those injections was what made him an addict.. rowe's home brew.

1866 days ago


yeah.. Hoefflin admited uisng demrol on Mj when he operated on him.. well this happened to me..but those injections was what made him an addict.. rowe's home brew.

Posted at 3:41AM on Aug 7th 2009 by holmes

wonder what was in that homemade special brew?

1866 days ago


ok but what about the doc who suggested buprinex
Dr. Alex Farshchian

1866 days ago


Sorry the last post was an error.

Where should we convene after Jermaine is on Larry king live peeps??

1866 days ago
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