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TMZ's Summer Sunburn Contest -- Final 5!

8/3/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that the heebie jeebies have worn off from our Summer Sunburn Contest -- we need your help deciding which sun-scorched photo should score the $250 prize!


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1876 days ago


This is NOT funny at all.One of my closest friends was just diagnosed with skin cancer.You should be more
responsible.Sun burning is no joke.

1876 days ago



1876 days ago

the short chick in the back    

First of all: Red face needs to win this - poor mama got it bad & had to walk around like with a half sun burned face.

And secondly: Calm down people - you act like youve never gotten a sunburn before. How the hell is TMZ responsible for "promoting skin cancer"? If this isnt a PSA for the dangers of the sun, then I dont know what is.

1876 days ago



1876 days ago


You should have a contest for fake tanning diasters. Not as painful.

1876 days ago


OMG there are some REALLY stupid people out there..also, those tattoos! Some of the ugliest I have seen. UGH.

1876 days ago

Kris Hedstrom    

This is absolutley irresponsible!!! Three months ago my husband died from Melanoma after an excrutiating two year battle caused by sunburns!!! How about having your next contest being "The Ugliest Skin Cancer" or "Who Can Smoke the Most Cigarettes in One Day?"! Thousands of people spend every waking hour trying to educate people on the dangers of sunburn and here you are promoting it. You should do nothing less then cancel this contest and apologize to all of the thousands and thousands of warriors battling skin cancer at this very moment and to the millions of people that are living life with a broken heart over the loss of their loved ones that have lost their battle.....

1876 days ago

6 Months    

I look at TMZ for entertainment and usually think it's a fun site. This contest shows a total lack of taste and judgement on the part of TMZ. I was diagnosed with melanoma last year at the age of 36. This was after years of tanning and yes, BURNING. I have been told I have six months to live. To those of you who entered this contest (and anyone reading about it), I hope you educate yourselves about the dangers of overexposure to the sun and to tanning beds. Melanoma is deadly and it sneaks up on you just when you least expect it. I was fit, healthy and looked & felt better than ever. Who would have thought the little tiny "mole" on my hip would kill me? It didn't look like the ugly melanoma pictures you see in a textbook. It was tiny. TMZ...I'm disappointed. To the writers of the contest...I hope you learn from this lapse of judgement and maybe next time, do a piece on pale skin instead.

1876 days ago

Pam Deppe    

Obviously, you have never watched someone struggling to live while fighting Melanoma or have had skin cancer yourself. To potentially harm yourself with a horrible sunburn, damaging your skin on purpose for maybe winning $250.00 is beyond being irresponsible. Next time, think first! Be Smarter.

1876 days ago

3 mo. to 6 mo. to live    

This "contest" makes me sick. Beyond mere bad taste and into truly offensive territory. While sun exposure surely isn't the whole story on the dvelopment of melanoma it's the only factor that can be controlled. Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed kind of cancer. It's also the number one cancer killer in terms of life years lost due to its tendency to strike young people and the fact that there are NO effective treatments. I am in my 30s and have only a few months left to live - most of which will probably be spent sick and in pain. I'll leave behind a husband and 2 young kids who won't find ANYTHING about sunburns the least bit amusing.

1876 days ago


TMZ did go out and take the photos. People submitted them voluntarily. Hope they learned to put on SPF 35 next and not stay out as long. Who hasn't had a bad burn one time in their life? Can remeber some real doozies growing up but we didn't have cell phone cameras to capture ever event. I don't have a problem with this contest and do agree that sunburn face girl had to be in pain.

1876 days ago


Can't anyone enjoy anything anymore? Can't say "Indian Giver" Can't laugh at people with sunburns? Can't laugh at people in wheelchairs flying down a hill when their brakes on the wheels give out? Damn this world has gotten toooooo soft! If you don't like it.. then move on to something else and keep your comments to yourself! If I want to vote on the sunburn contest and find it funny it doesn't make me insensitive, it makes me someone with a sense of humor!!!

1876 days ago

Lisa in TX    

This makes me ill. I was diagnosed with melanoma (the deadliest skin-cancer) 8-1/2 years ago on my face. Do I ENJOY knowing my life-span has been lessened considerably, because of the SUN? Do I ENJOY having an egg-sized graft on my face? Do I ENJOY having PET scans, CT scans, MRI scans, bloodwork and x-rays, getting poked and prodded every time, every 3 and 6 months? Um.. hardly. There is NOTHING ENJOYABLE about melanoma! This has to be one of the most ignorant "contests" I've ever seen, and it is very irresponsible on TMZ's part, as well as the genius who "thunk it up".

Some of you find HUMOR in the sunburns.. do you find humor in the disfigurement and DEATH that is caused by tanning/bunning? Ask the parents of those who've lost their lives if THEY find any humor in this: the parents of 12-yr-old Drew; 15-yr-old Jillian; 18-yr-old Lisa; 27-yr-old Angie; 28 yr-old Nate ... there are sooo many more who have DIED from this blasted disease, mainly from tanning and bunring!

I hope the pix above works, but if it doesn't, you can see it here:

Please tell me what "humor" YOU find in it, 'cause I haven't laughed a BIT about it!!! ~Lisa~

1876 days ago

Dying too young    

I have a GREAT sense of humor, but not a SICK sense of humor. This is NOT funny -- not even slightly entertaining. I'm facing a death sentence from melanoma, and I wouldn't want anyone to walk in my shoes. Any organization that willfully promotes and awards sunburning is irresponsible and wreckless. This contest is the equivalent of rewarding the person who can inhale the most carcenogens, or withstad the most toxins. If you find this funny, then you really need help. Try being me for a day and you won't be laughing!

1876 days ago
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