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Michael Jackson Sells

8/4/2009 10:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson SellsThe new documents in the Michael Jackson estate case show the special administrators of the estate expect to haul in money in the "high eight figures" for merchandising and other Jackson-related stuff.

The docs mention the $5.5 million the special administrators already collected from Dr. Tohme Tohme. In addition, the administrators have collected "millions of dollars of tangible personal property throughout the country, including memorabilia and art."

The docs say the special administrators are deep in negotiations to market all things Jackson.

The docs claim the special administrators have resolved three lawsuits.

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Insanity 7.0    



1906 days ago

Justice for all    

Just saw DiLeo on LKL and what a bunch of bull he was spewing... I don't believe a word out of his mouth, was he working with AEG directly or what?????

1906 days ago


32. I guess Michael was a shady character too.

Posted at 10:00PM on Aug 4th 2009 by 420

I didn't want to believe that but in these last weeks at TMZ I have clicked every link, read every article (both pro and con), and have come to the belief that indeed MJ was a shady person. I have no personal knowledge of him so everything I know comes from fans or haters or articles by the media and cannot prove or deny any of the things said about him. I know he was a great entertainer, a brilliant mind for music and lyrics, dancer that had moves even Fred Astaire admired. But I *think* now that he was also (sniff sniff) a pedophile, an addict, possibly an alcoholic, and I have read in some places where he had a violent temper when he was denied something or things didn't go his way and would break and throw things. Not the Michael I've admired all these years. I am broken hearted, first over the death of my beloved MJ, and now by the realization that he wasn't everything I admire. They say good people do bad things, and bad people do good things. I don't know which category MJ falls into but I will never look at him the same.

1906 days ago


14. Put the tangible personal property back in Neverland and open it as a Museum! That will bring profits for years to come.

Okay, I'm going this time for sure.

Posted at 9:35PM on Aug 4th 2009 by LillyandGish

Um, no. That is all.

24. when the heck are they gonna release the autopsy report? what are they waiting for? I've been chewing my nails for a whole month now.

Posted at 9:50PM on Aug 4th 2009 by 420

I have some press-on nails in my toilet closet that I have not thrown away for years, you can chew on them. *tosses* xD

25. SPECIAL REPORT: THE WORLD IS ENDING.....but FIRST more on Michael Jackson...

Posted at 9:53PM on Aug 4th 2009 by CB


1906 days ago

Linda Mott    

I thought Harvey Levin had a great idea about the tribute to MJ with the casket and memorabilia. It would make a fortune for the kids and the estate.

1906 days ago


18. Did anybody else have problems connecting to tmz today? I kept getting redirected to for some reason.

Posted at 9:44PM on Aug 4th 2009 by wtf

me too.

The site may have been hacked.

1906 days ago

Justice for all    

To 38: I too had the same problems. Have been waiting all day (working) for my MJ fix and had problems since arriving home about 6:30 Eastern time... what happened to the Q&A session with TMZ , I never got a visual....

1906 days ago


37. Just saw DiLeo on LKL and what a bunch of bull he was spewing... I don't believe a word out of his mouth, was he working with AEG directly or what?????

Posted at 10:07PM on Aug 4th 2009 by Justice for all


i believe most of what he said. I think MJ's fans are having a hard time dealing with the facts. Michael OD'ED ON PROPOFOL?DIPRIVAN! The reports from the cops say Dr. Conrad was supplying DRUGS to a DRUG ADDICT. Get it though your thick skulls. Michael did what he wanted to do. Did you read how crazy he was acting in Dubai when he lived off the Prince? His us Advisers saved his butt by destroying a video of him dressed as Elvis Presley performing "aint nothing but a hounddog" with the Prince ... his us advisers aka the people that had his best interest at heart said it was so embarrassing that they demanded the video be destroyed. They said MJ looked high , stuttered and was making a joke of himself. ARCGH!

1906 days ago

Justice for all    

Have any of you bloggers checked out the mj death hoaz site, it has some interesting comments... give me your opinions please...

1906 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

Insanity Says Do we really need to see the Autopsy Results?? There are already in...

He's tried Hard to convince her To be over what he had Today he wants it twice as bad
Don't cry I won't resent you Yesterday you had his trust Today he's taking twice as much
Demerol Demerol Oh God he's taking Demerol Hee-hee-hee Demerol Demerol
Oh my Oh God he’s got his Demerol Hee Oooh

1906 days ago


42. Have any of you bloggers checked out the mj death hoaz site, it has some interesting comments... give me your opinions please...

Posted at 10:18PM on Aug 4th 2009 by Justice for all

Yes, there are some interesting comments but I believe MJ is dead. Some of it borders on the ridiculous, like, the night before his impersonator went into "cardiac arrest", Elvis' plane flew into LAX and Michael was whisked away by Elvis himself. Puhleeeeez....

I am old enough to be an Elvis fan. I remember when he died - we didn't have the Internet then - but every night, every day practically there was something on the news about him wanting to escape his fame and the resultant problems, and hints that he had faked his death. Then too there was the ever present National Enquirer, ready to fill your head with all kinds of stuff like Elvis moved back to Germany, or he lives in Michigan, etc, etc. Unfortunately when someone who is idolized by many dies, people can't let go and they make up these conspiracy stories. Like, really - do you honestly think Michael is sipping tea in Europe somewhere with Elvis, Princess Diana and Jim Morrison? I have heard it all, and sadly I hate to bust anyone's bubble but the man is dead. DEAD. As in, NOT COMING BACK.

1906 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

Insanity Says:

I'm clear about what the cause of death was. I would like to know what the insurance policy was.... Go Team Branca! Pass Go And Collect....! Great Work!

1906 days ago

Insanity 7.0    

.....Hoo-hoo I'm going down baby You're talkin' Morphine

1906 days ago


46. .....Hoo-hoo I'm going down baby You're talkin' Morphine

Posted at 10:25PM on Aug 4th 2009 by CENSORSHIP

I prefer a nice fatty - kills ya slower and there's no hangover

1906 days ago

Justice for all    

44: I just said that there were interesting comments. I do not believe that MJ is alive. I do believe that his death is not timely and therefore requires investigation.... somethings don't ring "true".... and I believe that with someone so famous this needs further investigation... that's all...

1906 days ago
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