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Rivers -- Brooke Shields Exploited Jacko's Death

8/4/2009 10:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joan Rivers is calling out Brooke Shields for her weepy speech at Michael Jackson's memorial saying it was less about remembering her "dearest friend" and more about getting some serious "face time."

Joan Rivers: Click to watch
For the record: Shields admits the last time she saw Michael was 1991.


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So what is Joan Rivers doing now? Is she trying to get attention by saying this about Brooke? Joan Rivers, just needs to keep her big ass mouth shut, she is old and needs to be put in a nursing home. Joan Rivers, was and never will be funny, she is an old drunk. Old and miserable, if she isnt happy then no one else is either.

1871 days ago


Joan Rivers needs to shut the hell up! As someone said ealier, she can dish it out when it comes to other people but she can't stand the heat when people jokingly talk about her!

She's an insesitive BOW-WOW!

She can talk about Micheal Jackson, but what about her husband's suicide death? Let's talk about that Joan!

Everytime, I pass by the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia, I think about Edgar, Joan's beloved husband. It was reproted that he killed himself because he had an illness and didn't want to burden his family! His real illness was looking a Joan River's ugly dried up dog face !!! Edgar couldn't take the ugly!!!!!!


1871 days ago


Joan & her matching botched face surgery daughter look just as bad as Micheal Jackson did. The difference is MJ had talent. Brooke Shields has more talent on the tip of her pinky than Joan could hope for. And I'm not a BS's fan.

1871 days ago

chicken head    

Rivers was RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brooke needed to be there --they needed a WHITE FACE! and she needed a PR shot-
so once again its nice to see MJ fans crying like little bitch*s--

1871 days ago


I HATE Joan River's !!!!!!!!!!!!! It's time the media doesn't give old hag , phoney face, Bitch Joan the time of day. She suck's BIG TIME !! After 2 second's of hearing the old hag I could throw up. Go away Joan. Go far, FAR away !!!

1871 days ago

Love Life    

1) TMZ cud u all PLEASE GIVE RESPECT to Michael and use his real name, especially now that he has passed away?

2) How can joan rivers sleep at night? Her low life negative comments are just a REFLECTION of HER. Her INside sure does match her outside. MISERY LOVES COMPANY. She wants to pist those of us who Love Michael.

1871 days ago


Hey Joan, Edgar's looking for you. Hurry up and get your a$$ to him.

1871 days ago

chicken head    

DAMN RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

145. I love Joan Rivers, she says what everyone else is thinking but is afraid to say. Brooke Shields was a virgin until 22, and her mom made sure she had "safe" romances. She was a 80's beard. anyone remember her 90's fauxmance with George Michael. She had not seen Jackson in EIGHTEEN YEARS!!!!! She was his press escort and then moved on. What other woman could they get to speak about him? Lisa Marie, Debbie Rowe, Madonna? Not a lot of options.

Posted at 11:59AM on Aug 4th 2009 by Tammi

1871 days ago


What a stupid witch. SHE'S the one who cracked tasteless jokes on the day he died. Brooke was a friend, what's Joan's excuse? She complains that someone is exploiting Michael's death for "face time" and yet she's been in the media TWICE now for saying something related to his death.

Hypocritical old windbag.

1871 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

This thing of a woman is going down hill if that is possible. She does indeed have a mental problem. She is losing it bad. She better get to a reg MD not a plastic one. Seriously she doesn't have long. Don't let the door hit you in the A$$!!!!!

1871 days ago


I used to think that Joan Rivers was a nice older lady with a quick wit but a rather sharp tongue. Now I see her as a mean and vindictive old broad who wants to put everybody else down. If someone is attractive, kind or gentle, Joan's only response is to belittle them. Go back to QVC and make some more of your cheap jewelry. It's only a matter of time before QVC gives her the ax for her big mean mouth. After seeing her comments about Brooke Shields, I wouldn't buy anything she is associated with.

1871 days ago


Joan why isn't you DEAD instead of MJ...Not long till you DROP DEAD and then we can take the PISS out of your DEATH you sick old bitch!

1871 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

Hate her sooooooooooooo much. She is an evil witch. she does want to make me puke everytime I hear her voice. Please TMZ dion't give her anymore pictures and comments. We hate her. Go sell your ugly ass jewelry on QVC. Heard there were a lot of complaints. Don't think she is welcome back anymore... I heard it thru various other people...

1871 days ago


Well,I thought it was wonderful to see Brook again and it brought back memories of MJ and her together,
I knowIwhen I was growning up there were kids I hung around with and lost touch with, however knew of thiier life styles. If I was asked to speak at one of theie Funeral/ Memorials .I would of course; why not that is what memorial are all about bringing up the Good stuff we rememebr,It all about Memories Joan Rivers, not face time,Maybe no one should go to your funeral/memorial someday because you Gave Us your All the unreal Face time,LOL! Now that a Roast to Joan Rivers! Who I adore!.ROFL

1871 days ago

oprah & michel hater    

when is this piece of human feces gonna die? soon i hopw...and she can take that skank ignorant daughter with her,, how dare she say something like least Brooke can keep a television job and not end up on the tv guide channel...joan is a pathetic old azz geezer who had her day in the 40's oh wait the seventies...damn the bitch is old old old old...with all tha plastic surgery...the bitch aint real...screw joan and may she trip and fall down stairs and break all her plastic parts...she aint human...jewish c8Nt

1871 days ago
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