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'Twilight' Author Accused of Biting Vampire Story

8/4/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Spoiler Alert! If you haven't read the fourth "Twilight" book -- and plan to -- this story is going to ruin your life forever. You sure wanna go on? Here we go...

Twiligh : Read the docs

Turns out Stephenie Meyer, the woman behind the Twilight series, isn't the only person to write about sexy vampires -- 'cause she's being accused of ripping off the storyline for her fourth ultra-successful book by a less famous, less rich author.

A woman named Jordan Scott fired off a cease and desist letter to the publisher of "Breaking Dawn" -- the fourth book in the series -- claiming the Twilight tale contains a "striking and substantial similarity" to Scott's book, "The Nocturne."

In her extremely detailed letter, Scott claims her book was published in 2006 -- two years before "Breaking Dawn" -- and it's no coincidence that many of the scenes are almost identical. Such as...

-- Both books contain a post-wedding sex scene
-- Both books contain a scene about a woman who's sick because she's carrying a child with "evil powers"
-- Both books contain a scene with the death of the main character's wife

And according to Scott, the dialogue in all of these scenes -- and more -- is extremely similar.

But Meyer's rep is calling BS -- telling TMZ, "The claim that 'Breaking Dawn' by Stephenie Meyer somehow infringes on an alleged book by someone named Jordan Scott is completely without merit. Neither Stephenie Meyer nor her representatives had any knowledge of this writer or her supposed book prior to this claim."

So, the million dollar question ...


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I read the side by side "proof" of copyright infringement, and I think that Jordan Scott and her lawyers are stretching for it. Really, no one is allowed to get married or have sex on a beach during the honeymoon anymore?

Scott was making it sound like Meyer copied her word-for-word, which she obviously didn't. Sure, there are certain similarities with the details, but they're all so commonplace that it's ridiculous. Many brides, for instance, have their hair braided. Many are taken aback by the one they love when they walk down that aisle. All that Scott seems to be screaming "copyright infringement" about is not really unique in any way. I'm surprised she doesn't try to take down every novel that has post-marriage sex, mothers dying in childbirth and characters that startle out of their dark dreams.

As an aspiring author myself, I would have definitely have taken sides with Scott, had her proof convinced me. However, it hasn't convinced me at all. I believe she's grasping for straws here and expect that if it does go to court that the judge will see this as well and throw it out.

1889 days ago


Considering Scott's book had only been released in 2009, I doubt very much that there is a rip off. Meyer's publishing company wouldn't have copyrighted it, if it was plagiarism.

Meyer has earned a fortune with her Twilight series, so there are bound to be people coming out of the woodworks, trying to cash in for an easy ride. She may not be the best writing but The Twilight Series is a smash and you can't deny that.

There will be plenty more stories, such as this, to comes. Fame starved people will all be wanting a piece of the action

1888 days ago


After reading the excerpts from both novels, I believe Jordan Scott may have a case. Hey, I guess Stephenie Meyers had a dream from another persons novel. Keep up the good work Stephenie, your some kind of special person.

1888 days ago


Yea this Scott chick is ridiculous. She acts like she's the first freaking author on this planet to write about a wedding with flower garlands, & describing how one feels when seeing the one you love standing at the alter on your wedding day. Okay and how many ppl take their honeymoon somewhere tropical and secluded so you can celebrate together as one? And 'Love' has only been used as a pet name for centuries - Romeo called Juliet 'Love' and no one's bitching about that. And lastly, all hands up, how many ppl called their child 'Beautiful' after first laying eyes on them. Again, these are all very common life experiences and Meyers just chose to portray them in a way better sense than this Scott girl.
She is just trying to get a piece of Stephenie Meyer's incredibility successful estate that Meyers had the brains to create. And may I remind any skeptics that this is the 4th BOOK in the series and falls perfectly in place. Could you imagine it being any different? So screw you Jordan Scott!! Get a real job and quit trying to get by in life by lawsuits and laziness. Your book was obviously unsuccessful so find a new career - one that does not involve ruining peoples lives.

1888 days ago


On a different note, Stephenie Meyers - You know your hitting super stardom when people are suing you for plagiarism because they WISH their novel was as good as yours. They are just jealous so loathe it up. After all there's a reason your making all that damn good money - so you can afford the damn good lawyers! Good Luck & I'm behind ya 100%, all of us Die Hard TwiFans are =^)

1888 days ago


Oh come on, take a look around...all vampire books are copies of each other. I can't go in a bookstore without seeing over 15 different vampire books/series by different authors, some things are bound to be repeated. And in writing, many times people will share an idea, or books will be similar, sometimes authors even UNintentionally have similarities because they read a book once before.
In order to write, you need to be able to read. To write 100% original stuff, you would have to have never read a book in your life. Even then, ideas are bound to be repeated.

1887 days ago


Does she really think a 'post-marriage sex scene' is original enough that she can sue?
Because nobody ever had sex after they got married! Besides, you can hardly call the fade to black in Breaking Dawn a sex scene. I mean really?

1887 days ago


Okay, seriously, both books are about vampires. And all of the other books people say she stole the idea from are about vampires. How many different ways can you write about the same thing? They're bound to all have similarities in one way or another. I read all of her books, as well as all of the other series talked about on this comment feed. They're all great series. Except, one I didn't care for because of the style of writing (The Sookie Stackhouse Series.) Stop bitching about vampire novels being similar. They're all about vamps. Shut up. No one cares. The Twilight Saga is extremely well-written and enjoyable. How about enjoy a damn book for once instead of just bashing it?

1885 days ago



1907 days ago


FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1907 days ago



1907 days ago



1907 days ago


Yeah, who gives a rat's ass? Twilight is over rated. Too many "wanna be in the crowd" teens read it. It lost all it's worth.

1907 days ago


I think that this Jordan Scott is jealous because of the sucess that Stephenie Meyer has gotten for HERSELF... Jordan just wants a piece of the pie.. if someone wants to put it that way. Stephenie Meyer dont give in to this jealous person.. you are a talented writer.. so Write on... You are great person and did No Wrong... Love all your books..... cant wait for more of your successful stories come out.. plus see your stories come to life on the big screen.

1907 days ago


You know, I read the Twilight series. I think this person is retarded. So she's the only person to have a sex scene? She's the only person whose main character is allowed to call their significant other "love"? I call my boyfriend "Love" all the time. Am I copying her? No. So many books have similarities. Doesn't mean it's copyright infringement. She needs to stop bitching.

1907 days ago
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