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Chris Brown Sentencing -- Delayed

8/5/2009 6:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown's sentence has been delayed until August 27th at 2 PM PT.

Chris Brown: Click to watch

The reason for the delay ... the judge said she wants Brown to perform Caltrans-type work -- hard labor -- for his community service. The plan for the community service in Virginia was not fully in place, so the judge wants to see the full schedule at the end of the month.

The judge wants to know what Brown will be doing for his community service -- 90% of the community service is accounted for but the remaining 10% needs to be locked down.

Rihanna's lawyer, Donald Etra, says Brown has not violated the stay away order.

Click to view!Brown pled guilty to felony assault last month.


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1883 days ago


celebrity justice.Different than the real world.

1883 days ago

Oh Yes She Did    

He is such a cutie pie...I love his bad boy will get thru this chris......Im sure you have forgivin your self and that's why God has forgivin you.

1883 days ago


HATE him....

1883 days ago


all you ladies on this blog who think that Chris should be forgiven because he really didn't mean it, because Rihanna made him do it, because he is so young and so cute, etc., etc.....

you are enabling a batter. don't make excuses for batters. they need therapy. when your boyfriend starts beating you up, I hope you won´t make excuses for him. otherwise you will wind up a victim who blames herself for the beatings up until the very day she is murdered.

wake up before it's too late for you.

1883 days ago


I am wondering why the judge has not ordered anger management. I agree with the other people on here, he needs to be in jail.He lives in Virginia? I thought only hillybilly arkies live there.

1883 days ago


Money talks.

1883 days ago


He should have to do his community labor in Los Angeles where the crime was committed. We have a lot of graffiti and liter here unfortunately.

1883 days ago


Did it not occur to the judge that TMZ will be out on the highways chronicling Chris Brown’s every move, meanwhile endangering the innocent motorists that pass by. And what about his fan appeal? YES, I said fan appeal !!! Did you hear the crowd at the Lil Wayne concert, they went crazy for Chris. You all gonna be surprised when Chris gets back to doing what Chris does. He’s too talented to slip away. For every fan he’s lost, he’ll build new ones. So all you hater’s move on because no one on this earth is perfect and everyone deserves a second chance. And besides that, he didn’t get off Scott free and people with no previous records get punishment that doesn’t include spending any time in jail--ALL THE TIME!! Have you heard of overcrowded, under funded?

1883 days ago

Truth Hurts    


1883 days ago

Oh Yes She Did    

Speaking of slavery....i think the jews had it a lot worse then the slaves...did anybody watch the history channel a few days ago???

1883 days ago

over it    

Come on people get over it! He had his day in court, he has to do community service. Let him do it in peace like everyone else that screws up and gets community service does.
Love ya chris baby!!! Can't wait for the new album!

1883 days ago

over 9000    

Die chris brown. die a painful death

1883 days ago


iight i look at it like this I fckin luv chris brown
always have and always will and nothings gunna
change that hes been my favorite artist since his first song
but he did wrong but i do not want him to do time but i think
he does deserve to do community service he did wrong and
he should pay but no big time thing just community service
and thats what hes doin soo its over done wit so haterz stop
runnin ur mouths SORRY CHRIS BUT STILL LUV YA!

1883 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Domestic Violence
1) When a man's physical, sexual, emotional, economic, or psychological actions or threats of actions that influence a female family member or friend; 2) Whatever the man does that the woman doesn't like; 3) a wife's false accusation before or during a divorce to obtain an Order of Protection that will legally separate the husband from his children, home, and personal possessions.

When a husband learns his wife is having an affair or spending too much money, then demands that she stop is seen as abuse, therefore, it is considered domestic violence.

1883 days ago
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