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Obama's Girls Shake It Up

8/6/2009 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle and Malia Obama stepped out of the White House to satisfy one of the First Lady's biggest cravings: Hamburgers and shakes.

Malia & Michelle Obama: Click to watch
We're told the two chowed down on burgers, fries, onion rings and a variety of shakes -- cocoa, vanilla, toasted marshmallow and Milky Way -- at Good Stuff Eatery, the restaurant owned by former "Top Chef" contestant Spike Mendelsohn.

As for the Secret Service -- they just watched. No eating for them.

FYI -- the onion rings got the First Lady Seal of Approval.


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First whores!    

27 How old are you, 12? There are alot of people out there struggling just like #13. And making a smartass comment to her like you did is not being truthful, it's mean and juvenile. Just because she put a post on TMZ doesn't mean she uneducated and jobless. There are alot people out there making a good salary but still struggling and its only going to get worse if Obama continues on this path of destroying our country and our way of life. You can not afford to be so naive or blind to what he is really doing to us. But your comments clearly prove that you are too stupid to realize what is going on.

Posted at 4:17PM on Aug 6th 2009 by Kim

So how is being on TMZ helping????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Truth. Being on TMZ is not helping. Stop crying and blaming everyone for your problems and do something about fixing the problems. TMZ will never pay you money to post comments. TRUTH.
I pay all of my bills. I receive nothing from the government and my life is great. Wanna know why?????? Because of education and a paycheck. If I didn't have money , I would look for a way to make money.

1903 days ago


Stop complaining about the Obamas having a normal life and going out to eat. They work for their money and worked hard and got an education to get where they wanted to be. Obama is doing a good job and he did not make the economy how it is. He inherited these problems from the Bush administration. Maybe you people need to watch NEWS once in a while instead of looking for information about the economy on TMZ because then you would know the economy is slowly but surely getting better. Recessions do not get solved in a couple months...They take years to fully recover from. Get an education and learn about what is really happening. And that one person is just stupid for saying they are going to get their $17 groceries from the 99 cent store and have a negative attitude towards the Obamas because they went out to a restaruant. Get an education, get a job, become an entrepreneur, and learn to use the internet for more than looking up gossip and posting your broke status on TMZ.

1903 days ago


REAL Mememememememememe,
You need to spend less time on TMZ, and educate yourself on newsworthy boards like Market Watch, Barron, WSJ, etc.

1903 days ago

First whores!    

29. Memememe you are the idot. Just because you happen to still have your job and are able to provide does not mean the rest of us are on food stamps, etc.... There are thousands of people in this country who have losts their jobs due to recession at not fault of theirs. God help you should you ever need anyone's assistance. You obviously live your life inside a bubble and have not sympathy or compassion. But hey what goes around comes around and you will get yours.

Posted at 4:25PM on Aug 6th 2009 by lola60

Hey Mensa member(sarcasm)

My only point is that if you need money, GET OFF OF TMZ AND FIND A WAY TO MAKE MONEY. TMZ WILL NOT HELP YOU. This is not rocket science folks. Stop blaming everyone for your problems and find a way to fix your problems. Leaving messages on TMZ will not help you.

1903 days ago


You people kill me! Obama inherited this deficit! He didn't cause it! At least he is tying to do something about it unlike your beloved George Bush! Give me a break!

1903 days ago


Very well put Kim. The number of jobs in our country are disappearing. The cost of living is going up while salaries are not. Many people are out of work so many in fact that unemployment payments will be a thing of the past. Our country is going down the tubes and unfortunately Obama will not help pull it out. So I agree with those posting on being offended by her extensive wardrobe, and going out to eat on our dime trying every flavor of shake there, because I too have children to feed and it is getting harder and harder to do. I am a college graduate, I get up every single day and go to work and I have bills I can't pay, and I can't remember the last time I was able to take my kids out to eat so yeah this is offensive to me.

1903 days ago

So 2009    

LakersFan1118 .........YOU'RE AWESOME!

1903 days ago


I don't understand some of the people in America. Why do they blame everything on other people my father worked two jobs to give us a better life. He never complained and he never looked for other people to help him out, I think it is nice that she goes to these places and interacts with the people. As far as her clothing I'm sure she buys them herself after all her husband does have a job.

1903 days ago


............."Sasquatch luuuuuuuuuuvs dem rings"................

1903 days ago


You redneck hickbilly's criticize everything they do. Your broke asses would be worse off if Bush were still in office but, he's one of you so who cares, right? You're too dumb and prejudiced to understand it. Get a damned education like the Obama's then maybe you can get out of that trailer and buy some teeth or groceries and stop worrying about them going out for a burger.

1903 days ago


Obama gets paid to do his job and he can spend it on whatever he wants. He is not a millionaire. Why are you people mad at Obama for treating his family right? Why are you not mad at these celebrities that do nothing and get paid millions for having a camera follow them around while they shop? Get a clue the recession began about 2 years ago and the public didn't know about it until it became really bad recently. Guess what..Obama wasn't President 2 years ago so don't blame him for problems that he was willing to face when he took the Presidency.

1903 days ago

So 2009    

I totally agree with LakersFan1118. Those of you who are putting all the blame on the falling economy on President Obama are pathetic. It was the oh so wonderful former President Bush who's left this country a mess. Let me guess you people still think we went to war with Iraq because of Terrorism? Get a life you racist, Obama haters. It's 2009 NOT the 1800's where minorities got lynched. If you're not going to make an effort to better help this country and the many wonderful cultures in, then go back to living in your ignorant bubbles.

1903 days ago


you people have way to much time and hate n your hands, how about get an education and read about what its like to walk in someone else's shoes. you have no clue what its like to be black, the president or to of have an extensional education from a good school. I'm Spanish American i went to college as the first person in my family finished my degree with a fiance and a 9 month old and paid it by myself so i don't want to here about how you cant do this or that if there is a will there is a way stop feeling sad and sorry for yourself and get your hands dirty and do it. Damn y'all sucked me in!!!

1903 days ago


First off, Obama is a millionaire you twit... I couldn't careless what the eat or where they go... I just wish Michelle would look a little better in public than this... her hair looks awful. Really she can't take 15 minutes to do something with it before she leaves the White House. I like Michelle but 'dressed down' looks do not represent the position of the First Lady. I wish she took pride in the way she looked by at least doing something with her hair....

1903 days ago

First whores!    

32. REAL Mememememememememe,
You need to spend less time on TMZ, and educate yourself on newsworthy boards like Market Watch, Barron, WSJ, etc.

Posted at 4:27PM on Aug 6th 2009 by LivinLA

You mean like what you are doing right now? Genius.

1903 days ago
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