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Bill Clinton

A Hero's Welcome

8/7/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Having secured the release of journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee from a North Korean jail, Bill Clinton continued to do what he does best yesterday in NYC: Proving how much he really is The Man.

BTW -- We're pretty sure we heard an "MVP" chant in the background...


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Fan Since 2007!!!    

man. I'm kinda diggin' the "fasion girl" 'toon girl to the right there!

1869 days ago

Chris Rock    

Is this Big Bill in a compromising situation ?

1869 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

I hope Lisa Ling didn't have to "put out" to Bill to get him involved in her sister's case.

1869 days ago


He looks like an Oompa Loompa. What's with the orange face?

1869 days ago


please ,he's no here-does anyone even know what this cost you as americans---this is politics at its best---there was a deal with these people-(n.koreans) our country will be paying for this out our rear-ends forever--if you don't believe this then that is why our country is so nieve---people wake-up america

1869 days ago


I don't care what some of you think- It was brave of Clinton to go all the way to North Korea meeting with that sicko Kim Dung Jing however you spell the sick creeps name-and getting hose 2 journalist out of there. You go slick Willy!

1869 days ago


What they don't tell you is that a whole lot of people working in the background did all the hard work to secure their release. Bill took all the glory because Kim wanted someone who was important to make his own standing in the world seem more important. Kim turned down a Governor, and Kerry because he wanted a president. So he got Bill! I guess Obama was busy.

1869 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Before Bush and Obama,
The last of the GOOD presidents...

1869 days ago


Love it that Bill is finally getting the respect he deserves. Some may be convinced he's a charming hillbilly, but the guy is a rhode scholar and his mind is like a steel trap. He is a bad ass, on par intellectually with the best of them but also has charm and wit for mile. Not many men as brilliant as himself also have winning, captivating personalities. The man has got it all and has used it all for the betterment of this country. Go Bill!!! (Thumbs up to Hillary too!)

1869 days ago

Don't believe the hype    

Firefly, your'e the only one who knows what their talking about. Clinton has always been a glory-hound. This was no different. Many people were involved but in typical Clinton fashion he stood center stage when it was all said and done. Typical

1869 days ago


13. Again all of you A-Holes miss the Point!!!!!
This Piece of Crap went to NK and made a Deal for the Skanks!!!!!
NK is $elling Nukes to Iran, Hezbolah, Hamas, & anyone else who's Looking for Them!!!!!
Japan, South Korea, have Citizens Locked Up in NK Prison Camps.....Why did he Not Ask
for Their Release Also?.......The U. S. has Said to it's Allies FU*K YOU
Oh......There is Much More to This Deal.....WAKE UP.....SH*T for BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 9:31AM on Aug 7th 2009 by Grandma Dynamite

No YOU miss the point! Clinton was the only president who has gotten close to deals with N.K. to dispose of all nukes and make peace. Who is better to send and talk about that then Clinton?? Bush ?? Hell no! And so far from what I've read the NK leader had good reasons to keep these "Prisoners". The reporters were thought to be a sort of "terrorist". If we thought they were terrorist here would we not arrest them and put them on trial?? So shut the F*ck up unless you have all the d*mn facts!

1869 days ago

J C    

Bill Clinton is a media whore.
Iran will be playing their current hostage situation for verything they can get now and other thugs will be kidnapping Americans.
He's encouraged bad behavior by rewarding N. Korea with a photo opp.

1869 days ago

J C    

We lost Kim got what He wanted.
More Americans will be kidnapped by rogue states now.
Watch Iran.

1869 days ago


Bill did a good job as a citizen and as a favor to Al Gore.
I would buy him a Big Mac.

1869 days ago


Why is there so much compassion for those two idiots that wandered into a country where they knew if they were caught they would be arrested and punnished. I find it funny that the US does not negotiate for the release of prisoners of war but they will negotiate for two morons that knowingly went to a communist country for some story nobody would have given a rats a$$ about.

1869 days ago
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