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Hall & Oates Guy -- Supreme Court Judge?

8/9/2009 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's John Oates from the '80s rock & soul group Hall & Oates at some event in Brooklyn on Thursday (left) -- and groundbreaking newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor (right).

John Oates and Sonia Sotomayor
Only one is a "wise latina."

We're just sayin'.


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Linda Mott    

WOW! TMZ is mocking a Democrat. The President isn't going to like that. She is a bright woman and often fair. No one makes judgements that we all agree with. I do believe that if you vote a President in that he should have the right to put one of his own people with his agenda on the Supreme Court. I didn't vote for him but I will give him the respect of the office and credit for anything he does for the people. I wish people had given GB the same respect.

1880 days ago


UGLIES???pinche pendeja. You must be a republican Andrea because dumb as a blonde

1880 days ago


I thought it was Roseanne Barr for a second.

1880 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Democrats like Chuck Schumer , Patrick Leahy, or controversal senator Durbin have All EXPLOITED the fact that Sonia Sotomayer is Puerto Rican and female . These are the same Democrat Senators that have Vilified Republican candidates that are the targeted minority groups they seek to EXPLOIT. The Democrat Party can Not claim they are a diverse party when they engage in this tactic . Some Minorities like African American and some Hispanic groups have the right to vote but Do they have the right to Choose ? Based on the above evidence (Democrat memo & Tactics) and Media / Enternainment Propaganda (about Non democrat political groups) , I would say 'Not Really" to the above question. Remember 'Pitting Group against Group' causes suspicion among people and have been used by many Socialists, Collective agencies , or governments to control communications among people (Ex: 'Critisim of Mr/Mrs Jones is a Critism of everyone in that Group' which becomes a Big Lie).

1880 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

If the DEMOCRATS Use the 'the Reconciliation process' to pass the Socialized Health Care Bill through , this would ,in deed, be an act of Tyranny. This process was NOT intended to be Used to change our society into a Socialized society. This Bill rewards Democrat Unions and Organizations and allows Politicians to have much better health care than the rest of us. This leaves me to believe that the New DNC believes that 'All people are created equal, BUT, Democrats & Democrat Organizers are More Equal than others' , therefore , they will receive better benefits than the rest of us (is the New DNC Motto).

1880 days ago


Hey Mayra, you're an idiot for telling us to get over it! Sonia Sotomayor WAS THE ONE WHO MADE THE STUPID COMMENT ABOUT HER BEING A "WISE LATINA!" She is a racist bitch just like how Obama is a racist a**hole! And just like gary said, we are soo f**ked!!

1880 days ago


she's waiting for someone to toss a taco in her big fat mouth. That's why her mouth is always open. Sort of like pin the tail on the donkey but a lot greasier.

1880 days ago


she's waiting for someone to toss a taco in her big fat mouth. That's why her mouth is always open. Sort of like pin the tail on the donkey but a lot greasier.

1880 days ago


i live in arizona and i can tell you its crawling with a lot of very dumb looking illegals. her "race" has nothing to add to the country thats for sure. they can't drive, they look dim-witted and they give off very seedy vibes, the kind you can't trust. i mean, go away already........if you are all so great go back to your great sh*t-hole of a "country", mexico. dumb is just another word for mexican.

1880 days ago

Mary Worth    

I have observed the so called "latinos" for a long, long time! They are, indeed, very racist! But they know how to suck up to caucasians, in order to get what they want. And what they want is power.
Their quest for power is evident in they're taking over affirmative action. Raising the race card,when they don't get their way, ia a favorite tactic. Never mind that they feel people who are not caucasian are inferior. They themselves feel very inferior to caucasians. It's prevalent south of the border. So they bring this over the border with them.

They are racist even unto making fools of themselves. This is manifested when they deny their "Indian" bloodlines, and look down on Native Americans. It's the old thing about making themselves feel closer to being caucasian.
They discriminate against other minorities aa well. They do not care for Asians. Perhaps the feeling is mutual; or the asians don't really care, since they have such a long history in the world of culture.

In the workplace, they demand power over everyone. I still don't understand why caucasians and other minorities put up with it. But I've seen it happen in so many areas. It's probably due to the naivete of caucasians, and the fact that when you're being flattered and sucked up to, you let your defenses down. You just don't have the will to fight this enemy.
But they feel free to harrass those minorities with little or no power.

America is so naive. It doesn't realize that there's been a TROJAN HORSE in its midst for decades! No wonder the so called "latinos" brag about how they're taking over.

What I'm saying is what I've observed. In fairness many hispanics are committed to racial equality. But they should read the riot act to those who discriminate against minorities who have no power! Because what they do sometimes is downright evil!

1879 days ago


Why does everyone keep referring to that dude as a latina. Aren't latinas supposed to be female?

1879 days ago

Anonymous, what    

Wow! They look just alike, except for the hair and face (radically different eyes, nose, mouth/teeth, eyebrows, etc). It's hard to believe that someone actually gets paid for posting crap like that.

1879 days ago


He looks more like Adrian Grenier from Entourage.

1879 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Should be the other way around...................

1879 days ago


i agree, that was a completely racist comment.

why would a latina be wise just because of h er experience, and not a white man?

that is complete racism..

1878 days ago
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