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Plumbers Crack Usher Over Shampoo Bowl

8/11/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UsherUsher's bathroom has ignited a war between the singer and the plumbers who worked on it -- and the next thing to be drained could be Usher's wallet.

Bobo Plumbing Company in Georgia claims they never got paid for the $2,335 worth of work they did on Usher's Georgia mansion back in 2007 -- work that included installing a shampoo bowl in the home's private salon and installing all the plumbing in one of his bathrooms.

But here's the catch -- Bobo's is now suing Usher, claiming if they don't get paid, they should have the right to sell the home and take their payment from the proceeds.

Calls to Usher's peeps have not been returned.


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1896 days ago


Why would a grown man want a shampoo bowl?? Could it be that that was for his soon to be ex-wife?? Hmmmmm....story developing.....WHO CARES????!!!!!!!

1896 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Pocket change to that fool, but too sorry to pay his bills.

1896 days ago


Funny how these guys 'gots ta gits they street cred' and at the same time they want to be pampered like a girl.

Kind of makes me wonder if he's a little... You know... Lets just say he has a lot of Broadway show tunes in his CD collection.

1896 days ago

A shampoo bowl? Yuck. Hmmm, wonder what the rest of the house looks like . . .

1896 days ago


2. I would say that they put a lein on the property.
that if they dont get paid, the lein would stay until USHER sells the house, at which time the lein would have to be satisfied and would be paid out of proceeds.

>> I would say that they put a lion on the property.
that if they dont get paid, the lion would stay until USHER sells the house, at which time the lion would have to be satisfied and would eat well out of proceeds.



1896 days ago


This guy is a j a c k a s s rumored to leave his autograph at restaurants in lieu of a real tip.

I have an extremely rare Michael Jackson CD maybe a few dozen of these actually made it into circulation (they were never released commercially.) Michael Jackson live at the Sultan of Brunei's 50th Birthday Party July 13 1996. See pics of it by clicking on the My Pics link at this MySpace page:

1896 days ago


This can be true. I have a remodeling business and if a customer doesn't pay the general contractor can put a lean on the house for non payment.

1896 days ago


The second post is correct. You can put a lein on the house, and the next time it changes hands, they get what they are owed. It may be as much as up to 20 years, never know. They do not get the right to sell the house.

1896 days ago


You have to get a mechanic's lien shortly after the work has been completed, and notice given to the person who had work done. If they didn't already get that lien then they may be SOL. They can still file suit and get a judgment lien, but as someone already posted, unless they know personal property to attach, they will have to wait until he sells or otherwise conveys the property. USHER JUST PAY THE DAMN FOOL!

1896 days ago


Didn't you run the legal stuff by Harvey? I'm sure what that plumber did was put a mechanic's lean against the property. This means the house can't be sold until the debt is settled (or that the debt must be payed off when the house is sold). This can be a really big deal if Usher tries to sell the house as it will show up on a title search and most buyers (and especially their lenders) won't proceed with the deal until the matter is resolved.

1896 days ago


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. If the plumber filed a legal action against Usher to foreclose on the mechanic's lien -- which is exactly what it sounds like happened -- he absolutely can force a sale of the property.

1896 days ago


Did anyone take time to think that this plummer MIGHT had done a F'ed up job? Usher may have had to pay someone double to come out to fix and clean up what Bobo screwed up. But with a name like Bobo...what can you expect?

1896 days ago


Dumb ass no talent mama's boy. The biggest queen in atlanta---EVERYBODY knows. LOVES "tootlie rolls"!!

1896 days ago


Here is the scoop on the lien. I am the attorney that filed the lien and the lawsuit. If it is not satisfied, the house can be foreclosed and sold to pay the debt.

1896 days ago
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