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Reggie Miller -- I'm No Homewrecker, Just a Flirt

8/11/2009 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reggie Miller is denying accusations he got down with someone else's fiancee -- but the former basketball star does admit he flirted a little bit ... well, actually a lot. But judging by the pics she texted Reggie, two played that game.

Reggie Miller

The entire Southern California coastline was roped into the story last weekend, after Alex von Furstenberg -- the son of designer Diane von Furstenberg -- hired a small plane to fly over the beaches with a sign that read, "Reggie Miller Stop Pursuing Married Women."

It's all over Alex's fiancee, Ali Kay.

According to Reggie's rep, Miller and Ali met at a Malibu supermarket back in March. Reggie says the two flirted and spent the rest of the day texting like crazy -- each sending more than 50 texts to the other in a 6 hour span (we obtained Reggie's phone records and verified the number of text messages that were sent back and forth).

Reggie claims Ali -- a clothing designer -- even texted him 2 provocative photos of herself (above), which TMZ has obtained.

But according to Reggie, in April he had enough and took her out of his phone contact list. But Reggie says in May, Ali reconnected with him, wanting to know why he had closed the door. Reggie says the next day he got an angry call from Alex.

Reggie claims Alex then began a campaign of harassment -- repeatedly calling Miller's friends and even hiring a private investigator to tail Reggie. Alex says he escalated matters because Reggie continued to pursue his fiancee. Reggie says not only is that a lie ... Reggie had to hire a lawyer to prepare a restraining order against Alex. Alex responded by hiring his own lawyer to prepare a counter restraining order, but neither document was ever filed with the court.

Over the July 4 weekend, we're told there was a telephone summit in which Reggie, Alex and the lawyers supposedly buried the hatchet and it seemed everyone had moved on ... that is, until the giant sign flew over the beach.

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She's got a never-ending forehead. Needs some serious bangs.

1899 days ago


Looks like Furstenburg needs to check his b@#$h. She gave him her number and was a willing party in what took place after that...it's takes two to text.

1899 days ago


Alex is lucky actually he is finding out that his Hot gorgeous soon to be is nothing but a slut in disguise. He should be thanking Reggie and playing her for the fool.

1899 days ago


Yeah, I'm not sure how he is responsible for this. SHE is the engaged one, so she should not be pursuing any sort of relationship outside of her engagement. Doesn't matter who pursues her...if she's looking to stray she will.

1899 days ago


He needs to be pissed at his fiancee,not Reggie. Reggie isn't the one whos engaged,she is.Leave that chick now.

1899 days ago

Bill Cosby    

I would expect a bit more ability and tact in the judgment and behavior department from someone that is a "Von Furstenberg". They have quite an illustrious legacy and to see it brought down to this level is really beyond belief. Alex should be ashamed of himself and his decisions. Then he she be disowned, ASAP!

1899 days ago


Alex, seriously! She's hot I'll give you that, but to marry her? You're crazy dude.

You two are not even married and she's trying to set something up with another dude. tisk tisk, she will humiliate you in public and you will be endlessly mocked behind your back by people who know how unfaithful she is, and it will be YOUR fault for marrying a women who so clearly has demonstrated her lack of love and fidelity towards you. You will provide the life style and the name (which she'll trade on) and she will do whatever she chooses which means blowing every cute guy she meets in the super market. When you decide to leave her you will continue to finance her lifestyle by cutting monthly checks.

Dude, seriously, a girl like this is not the kind you marry, but the kind you regularly glaze like a doughnut. Keep your wits about you.

1899 days ago

Reggie Miller #1    

I may be biased since I'm a huge Miller fan, but how ridiculous is this idiot. Why not tell you wife/fiance to stop flirting with other men. Now everyone knows that his girl a #%*, and he looks like an idiot–if he decides to stay with her. If I had that much money, I would replace the %$#@& and find me another supermodel. They're a dime a dozen.

1899 days ago



1899 days ago


I can't believe Reggie Miller would pursue a woman who is engaged. Granted, Ali shouldn't be texting him back and that's a major no-no but Reggie should know better than to rub another man's rhubarb. It goes against the code of men to do what Reggie did.

But I guess when your career consists of P.E. you don't learn things like ethics, morals and respect.

If Alex and Reggie fought, Alex would knock him out 100%

1899 days ago

Lady Z    

Typical spoiled, entitled ,rich kid behavior to lay the blame on somebody else. Reggie Miller is not engaged. This ho IS engaged, sends RM racy photos and this Von Furstenberg dude blames RM???? WTF? Did RM send those photos to himself? Look, men will take whatever is offered to them. This woman is not attractive in the least and this Alex dude made an ass out of himself by flying the banner. It seems as if these people enjoy the drama since Alex cheated on his wife (daughter of a billionaire) to be with this skank. Von Furstenberg is young and rich and this is all he can get? Speaks volumes of him.

1899 days ago


is that girl black or just have a very bad tan?

1898 days ago


OBV she's a skank...or was or whatever.
i'm engaged and the thought of cheating or anything
surrounding it has NEVER even crossed my mind.
she shouldn't be wearing a ring if she wants to play the
run-around game...

1898 days ago

Los Angeles    

Most of you people making comments don't know a thing about Ali. First of all, she comes from a very wealty family and has her own trust fun...she does not need Alex's money. She has been engaged to Alex VF since early 2007 and is probably tired of waiting to set a wedding date. As for Reggie Miller, well we all know that he has a lot of charisma and is very much the ladies man. He's very fun to flirt with and a nice guy. Anyone would flirt with Reggie...male or female..he just has that kind of alure about him.
You are all so quick to judge people WITHOUT knowing all the facts...quite a sign of ignorance, if you ask me.

1898 days ago

Woody J    

These pics that was texted to Reggie means that she's interested in Reggie. Wake up Alex!! You shouldn't go through with this marriage or you'll be sorry. Reggie isn't the most handsome guy but he's very successful in the Basketball World.

1896 days ago
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