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Dr. Conrad Murray's Latest Baby Mama

8/12/2009 8:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before Dr. Conrad Murray injected Michael Jackson, his 27-year-old baby mama ejected his baby -- and we got a picture of Nicole Alvarez traipsing around Santa Monica, looking pretty hot.


Dr. Murray's spawn, Che Giovanni Murray, was born March 2 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A, according to the Daily News. It's Murray's 7th kid -- that we know of.

According to the NY Daily News, Alvarez was dancing at a strip club in 2005 when she met the good doctor.


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just sayin    

tmz who gives a sh*t about this, i came here for mj news not for some stupid baby daddy drama, why don't you get to work and tell us about blanket's supposedly mother.
P.S for those who are saying blanket's looks nothing like mj you must be either blind or very stupid and enough of all this donating sperm crap it's getting old. next you're going to say blanket looks white. i find the mexican mum story far more believable than any other crap beinng spilled out

1860 days ago


What a vile man.He just gets lower and lower in my estimation.

1860 days ago


To seenit - yep, you're right. My dad died and social security checks came x 2 - one in the name of my step-mom, one in the name of my younger sis. Good old step mom cashed 'em both and spent 10 years sitting on her ass, saving nothing for my sis. I'm kinda thinking that any MJ SS checks will probably go into horse feed for Debbie's hobby...

1860 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Well here comes another kid the taxpayers will have to support...................all you non working people better pray daily that the WORKING class people keep working. If we stop, you will be S. O. L.

1860 days ago


So much for child support.

1860 days ago


to #11. did Latoya really say she saw MJ this past Sunday? WTF? Are they going up to view his body on the regular or something? They really need to bury him. He's not there anymore.His spirit is in the Heavens with the LORD, I feel this so much... I KNOW MJ is just fine finally. But his, they are a scary bunch of folks. I totally can see why MJ was a lil laid back when it came to being around them a lot.

1860 days ago



1860 days ago

old school fan    

I agree w /keepinitrealincali - there is no WAY Blanket or ANY of those kids are MJs biologically and probably not Debbie for that matter. Apparently he was collecting sperm from non-black men for something! His brothers have interracial kids and they don't look THAT white. And honestly, did he have it in him to make a baby the old-fashioned way? You have to look at Michael when he was a cute little brown button nosed boy - not that pale, sharp nosed, pancake makeup-ed, bewigged, beweaved, cleft chinned, lipstick wearing, addicted "other" he and his enabling doctors turned him into. If only he had considered the possibility that something like this could have happened...he wouldn't have left those little kids (that he wanted the world to think of as his own) with his real life exposed. If he had only considered them instead of his need for drugs and an extravagant lifestyle, there would be no discussion of Dr. Murray, Dr. Murray's babymamas, proponol, who gets what in the will, who gets custody of "his kids", who's their real daddy, who's their real mama. Plus, somebody ought to consider getting at least those boys tested for any possibility of...dare I say it...molestation. Maybe in his sick mind, If he knew they were not his bio kids it would have somehow made it ok to "mess around" with them. I'm just sayin'...If he was that wasted on drugs, refused rehab intervention attempts made by his family...why didn't the oldest boy speak at the memorial? Paris
did, maybe he didn't mess with her because she's a girl. Could he have been priming those boys to be his private boy toys so he wouldn't have to go elsewhere?

1860 days ago


THIS GUY MURRAY WAS JUST BAD NEWS!! The more I learn about him, the more all this makes sense. Either Mj didn't check people working for him out very well or he was just THAT DESPERATE to find somebody willing to do this Propofol thing for him. Sure hope this POS wasn't his first choice as a personal M.D. What a LOSER!! WELL, WITH ANY LUCK, LITTLE CHE GIOVANNI OR WHATEVER THE HELL HER NAME IS CAN GO VISIT HER DADDY IN PRISON!!

1860 days ago

just sayin'    

murray is a parasite! maybe the bastard will do himself in.

1860 days ago


Has anyone checked Facebook or Myspace for this little gold digger? Does anyone know who the other 6 baby mammas are? Way to heal the world Dr. Murray - do you have any morals whatsoever, or commonsense for that matter.

1860 days ago


from Twice-divorced Murray, 56, confessed to being the father of six in a deposition he gave in 1999. reports he also has a son by Nenita Malibiran, who took him to court over unpaid child support.
Another woman, Janice Adams, also claims to have two daughters by the doctor. This guy is loathsome, who knows how many children he brought into the world in the past 10 years. Evidently he was absent the day they covered birth control at Meharry Medical College of TN.

1860 days ago


who cares what she looks like have some respect!

1860 days ago


Yikes, I was looking for a little better, being a stripper-n-all, but whatever, I guess this is what the Downtown Crazy Horse took in...

1860 days ago


Jail time

1859 days ago
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