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Michael Jackson Merchandise Hearing

8/17/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for Michael Jackson's kids is set to appear in court for the first time today, as lawyers for the estate and Katherine Jackson's lawyers try to reach an agreement on merchandising all things Michael.

UPDATE 7:10 PM -- And we're done for the day. Biggest headline -- the judge has approved a major Jackson merchandising deal, but there is still one more deal (with AEG for a Jackson memorabilia tour) to be decided upon.

UPDATE 7:03 PM -- The judge has set an evidentiary hearing for Friday -- so the AEG deal won't be approved (or denied) until then.

UPDATE 6:45 PM -- An attorney for AEG says the company wants the deal taken care of this week.

UPDATE 6:41 PM -- And we're back on the record.

UPDATE 6:34 PM -- The judge has ordered a short recess in the hopes all sides can reach an agreement on the AEG deal today.

UPDATE 6:32 PM -- The lawyer representing Jackson's kids isn't sure the AEG deal is the best deal out there.

UPDATE 6:24 PM -- One of the lawyers for the special administrators is worried that if the AEG deal isn't approved soon, AEG will pull it off the table.

UPDATE 6:15 PM -- All parties involved continue to express the time constraint they are under -- everyone wants the deals done ASAP.

UPDATE 6:10 PM -- The attorney for the kids just said she is not objecting the AEG deal.

UPDATE 6:05 PM -- An attorney for Katherine just suggested the lawyers for estate have pulled the guardian ad litem towards their side.

UPDATE 5:58 PM -- The deal with Bravado, to produce various different kinds of Jackson memorabilia, has been approved. This deal will generate millions of dollars for the Jackson estate.

UPDATE 5:50 PM -- Howard Weitzman, the attorney for the special administrators, has stated that one of the beneficiaries approves the AEG deal (to put on a Jackson memorabilia tour), but one is against it. We've been hearing Katherine is not happy about the arrangement, so she is probably the one who has objected.

UPDATE 5:35 PM -- The judge has set a tentative date (September 9) to hear Katherine's safe harbor petition. What that means is that Katherine wants to file an objection to the special administrators, but doesn't want to do so if it would be considered protesting the will. Jackson's will contains a no-contest clause -- meaning anyone who challenges it loses their inheritance rights.

UPDATE 5:30 PM -- The judge said that if it weren't for Katherine Jackson's procedural posturing, both parties would not have to spend as much time in court.

UPDATE 5:13 PM -- The judge said he agrees with Lodise -- there needs to be a simpler process put in place so the special administrators of Jackson's estate don't have to go before the judge to do every single thing.

-- The judge wants to come up with a trial date for Katherine Jackson's objection to the permanent appointment of the special administrators.

UPDATE 5:10 PM -- Margaret Lodise, the guardian ad litem for Jackson's kids, has submitted a report to the court.

UPDATE 4:57 PM -- The lawyers are getting into place.

UPDATE 4:47 PM -- Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise, the woman who claims to be the bio mom of MJ's kids, is in the courtroom. Let the fun begin!

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25. The vultures are coming
Posted at 5:10PM on Aug 17th 2009 by Alex
Dearheart, they've never left.

1870 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

No one is questioning paternity Tessa. LOL

Whooopsie... sounds like Judge Beckloff is gorwing weary of McBillions, errr, McMillian & and his circus show.

Wonder what else is in Lodise's report....

Is there going to be a live update this afternoon? Should give us time to submit questions.

PS. Is Albert Alverez (security guard) related to Alverez.. Murray's baby mama? Is that how Murray met MJ?

1870 days ago


#33-Well said. I couldn't agree more.

1870 days ago


poor mike the circus goes on.why would joe jackson tell th efrigging media they are going to bury poor mj on his will be a media event couldnt he even give thos poor little kids a chance to have a funeral for their dad in private.this guy was hyping his record label a couple of hours after he died .katherine outta send him to the old folks home

1870 days ago



1870 days ago


UPDATE 5:30 PM -- The judge said that if it weren't for Katherine Jackson's procedural posturing, both parties would not have to spend as much time in court

1870 days ago


Is Katherine's hand being forced??

1870 days ago


i wish Michael's kids all the best . their father helped alot of children around the world , and God will always help them.

Michael gave his talent and his efforts for every one and his kids deserve all the love.

1870 days ago


All that procedural posturing is costing the estate big $$$$ for lawyers and court time every day that's spent there -

1870 days ago


Wow!! Thats harsh for the judge to say abt mama jackson!!

1870 days ago



Please ask forgiveness... God is watching all of us....

"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you
judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it
will be measured to you."
- Matthew 7:1

THOUGHT: Are you judgmental? Do you assume you can judge the intent of
another person's heart? Are you critical and negative about the
actions of others? Jesus wants us all to realize that we cannot
know the motivations of someone's heart. When we are unfairly harsh
or bitingly critical in our judgment of others, we are setting the
standard by which God will judge us. I don't know about you, but
I'm not willing to exchange God's grace for my unreasonable
harshness. Im going to work harder at viewing others with mercy
and grace.

PRAYER: Dear God, please forgive me for being unfairly harsh and critical
in my assessment of others. Thank you for being so rich and free
with your mercy and grace lavished on me in Jesus. Please help me
to be more gracious and merciful in the way I assess the intent and
motivation of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and of
non-Christians as well. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

God please forgive us and have mercy. Please forgive the wicked who inhabit your beautiful garden you have provided to us...

1870 days ago


The judge may be sensing the money hungry jackson's as for who they are!!

1870 days ago


Regarding Katherine Jackson: It has been alleged that Michael was "estranged" and had a falling out with the assigned executors. Also: One of the Lawyers in the firm was assigned Executor by another member of his own firm. This may be a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. May cast a shadow of IMPROPRIETY on the current administrators.... we all know Michael was vulnerable prey. (trial proved it too)

1870 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

I have ran into Katherine around the SFV many times.
My girlfriend used to go the same nail place as her at Victory and Sepulvda Blvds. Those of you in the valley know the place.

She is a VERY nice lady and I think she is being pushed by GREEDY ATTORNEYS.

This is not in her personality...Devil Joe, YES, but Katherine ... nope.

1870 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Ohhhh I hope Judge Beckloff disinherits Katherine! She should never have listened to McBillions, err, McMillians. But now that she's going down this road-- she really deserves to be disinherited!

YAY for Lodise and Judge Beckloff! Woo hoo!

TMZ-- Will there be a live update at 630pm EDT?

PS. Anyone know if Alberto Alverez and Murray's baby mama-Alverez are related? Could explain how MJ and Murray met !?!

1870 days ago
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