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Michael Jackson Merchandise Hearing

8/17/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for Michael Jackson's kids is set to appear in court for the first time today, as lawyers for the estate and Katherine Jackson's lawyers try to reach an agreement on merchandising all things Michael.

UPDATE 7:10 PM -- And we're done for the day. Biggest headline -- the judge has approved a major Jackson merchandising deal, but there is still one more deal (with AEG for a Jackson memorabilia tour) to be decided upon.

UPDATE 7:03 PM -- The judge has set an evidentiary hearing for Friday -- so the AEG deal won't be approved (or denied) until then.

UPDATE 6:45 PM -- An attorney for AEG says the company wants the deal taken care of this week.

UPDATE 6:41 PM -- And we're back on the record.

UPDATE 6:34 PM -- The judge has ordered a short recess in the hopes all sides can reach an agreement on the AEG deal today.

UPDATE 6:32 PM -- The lawyer representing Jackson's kids isn't sure the AEG deal is the best deal out there.

UPDATE 6:24 PM -- One of the lawyers for the special administrators is worried that if the AEG deal isn't approved soon, AEG will pull it off the table.

UPDATE 6:15 PM -- All parties involved continue to express the time constraint they are under -- everyone wants the deals done ASAP.

UPDATE 6:10 PM -- The attorney for the kids just said she is not objecting the AEG deal.

UPDATE 6:05 PM -- An attorney for Katherine just suggested the lawyers for estate have pulled the guardian ad litem towards their side.

UPDATE 5:58 PM -- The deal with Bravado, to produce various different kinds of Jackson memorabilia, has been approved. This deal will generate millions of dollars for the Jackson estate.

UPDATE 5:50 PM -- Howard Weitzman, the attorney for the special administrators, has stated that one of the beneficiaries approves the AEG deal (to put on a Jackson memorabilia tour), but one is against it. We've been hearing Katherine is not happy about the arrangement, so she is probably the one who has objected.

UPDATE 5:35 PM -- The judge has set a tentative date (September 9) to hear Katherine's safe harbor petition. What that means is that Katherine wants to file an objection to the special administrators, but doesn't want to do so if it would be considered protesting the will. Jackson's will contains a no-contest clause -- meaning anyone who challenges it loses their inheritance rights.

UPDATE 5:30 PM -- The judge said that if it weren't for Katherine Jackson's procedural posturing, both parties would not have to spend as much time in court.

UPDATE 5:13 PM -- The judge said he agrees with Lodise -- there needs to be a simpler process put in place so the special administrators of Jackson's estate don't have to go before the judge to do every single thing.

-- The judge wants to come up with a trial date for Katherine Jackson's objection to the permanent appointment of the special administrators.

UPDATE 5:10 PM -- Margaret Lodise, the guardian ad litem for Jackson's kids, has submitted a report to the court.

UPDATE 4:57 PM -- The lawyers are getting into place.

UPDATE 4:47 PM -- Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise, the woman who claims to be the bio mom of MJ's kids, is in the courtroom. Let the fun begin!

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Signing up with AEG is like selling your soul to the devil...even in death you still are not free....They keep saying "We have a contract with Michael!". I would think death should cancel the tour agreement! Vultures!

1860 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Thanks TMZ for the press conference!

Oh gotta love Burt *whatshisface* for Katherine's team. Now, while I believe his statement to be truth in theory, his repeated comment that Dr. Murray is under "criminal investigation" is false.... technically.

He also slandered Branca directly and if my ears were working properly, issued either an ultimatum or laundered blackmail comment regarding the 2 reports they have compliled to show their objection of the co-special administrators. Talk about dirty pool.

Who is the 'designee' that he elluded to that Katherine may appoint? We have her children and GRANDchildren to pick from?!?! What about HIS children. I vote for Prince I or Janet!!!

1860 days ago


I hate it when they're talking about money... Michael doesn't deserve all these. Please show us the autopsy results... We cannot wait forever. And please bury the man in a special well-guarded place so fans can visit! I think his fans are the only ones left who really love him! Jesus!

1860 days ago


Why can't TMZ ever use a good pic of Michael?! Seriously! TMZ you either need to fire your camera people or get better ones, your pics always suck!

1860 days ago

who the hell    

Okay guys it has been really great chatting but my home team is on NBC tonight first practice game of season gotta love those Carolina Panthers I live right here in charlotte where their stadium is at. Love you all buh by

1860 days ago


Why don't they buy the crypt above Marilyn Monroe, it's up for sale! I think Michael would have loved it!

1860 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

If Katherine was so involved in Michael's life, why did she deny had had a drug addiction problem and do anything about it?

If the Jackson's get their foot in the door, they'll have the estate bankrupted in 5 years.

There is absolutely no one in the Jackson family except Janet who knows how to handle the estate properly and I doubt that Janet wants the job.

If Joe had continued to manage Michael, he would have ended up as an unemployed has-been like the rest of the Jackson boys.

1860 days ago


I so wish we could turn back time, and have michael back. Thank you TMZ for all your work regarding Michael, you have given us a lot that other media hasn't. It's sad to see that this is becoming about money. I personally see AEG as a money-hungry monster. I know they helped Michael and they must have spent money, but it seems that there are now just trying to stay in the bandwagon permanently and take a ride in the MONEY TRAIN because they know Jackson sells. It seems as if they are putting pressure so the state takes their offers because there won't be any others after theirs, which I don't believe. I feel his mother should have a say on the matters regarding deals for his state.Ultimately may god helped them. And I WISH MICHAEL WAS STILL ALIVE WITH US NOW, WE LOST A GREAT HUMAN BEING. IT'S SO SAD THAT THE WORLD IS JUST SEEING THAT NOW.

1860 days ago


#136 LisaM, You are so right. The entire thing is disgusting I've never seen anything like it. If Michael had the addiction problems indicated obviously AEG knew about it and could have demanded he receive help and treatment before the tour would go on.Instead they allowed Conrad Murray to administer Diprivan and they should be prosecuted also (AEG) But..they had greed in mind and wish they wouldn't get a penny...Watch Geraldo Rivera at large on FOX every weekends.. His reporting is about the best for Michael and they're doing a great job investigating and getting to the truth..!!

1860 days ago


I, like many of you readers and posters, have known and heard of many sad situations in my life, from famous celebs/persons unknown to me, to close family and friends, and even everyday life strangers.

But I've never known a situation that is this sad.

Because he was the man that he was: gentle,childwise/childlike,loving,giving,and caring in deeds and lyrics; tortured,abused,neglected,falsely accused,reviled and rejected, and then abandoned by many who should have loved and/saved him; the genius of Pop Music for all time, an idol and friend to tens of millions around the world.

And still, Michael Jackson continued on. The psyche that was Michael Jackson is no less than amazing.

And to die like this?

I haven't been able to even begin to fathom my own agony.

1860 days ago


So someone else noticed that Michael's boys names are all mixed up legally. His first son is not named "Prince", he is Michael Joseph Jr.
and "Blanket" is actually Prince Michael on the birth certificate.

Absolutely nothing is going to be easy for those children.

1860 days ago


135. After listening to her lawyers, I really feel that Katherine wants to be included because she wants to be in control of the way Michael is protrayed in the film, book, memorobilia tour,etc... I honestly believe that, because she stood up and said she did not agree about him being buried at Neverland Ranch because he did not want to ever go back there and that is out of respect for Michael's wishes. So I do believe she just wants to be included to be sure his name is not further tainted. My problem is that Joe might start manipulating her into doing other things as far as the money goes if she were to have more control which I think is Branca's issue as well. I think he has respect for Katherine but knows exactly why Michael did not want Katherine to be an executer and that is because of Joe's influence over her.

Posted at 8:02PM on Aug 17th 2009 by Seven

I understand your point, here. However, I'm positive that Branca does not want MJ portatryed in a bad light either. Such things like that would harm his estate which Branca and Mcclain are going to protect. I believe Branca to be an honorable and very smart business man/lawyer. He certainly doesn't want MJ's image tarnished. Sadly,some of MJ's family could be the very ones Branca needs to worry about most.

1860 days ago

a fan    

I totally agree with you. It is heartbreaking and I cannot stop feeling sad that he never knew how much people really cared about him. Now it is too late and there is nothing we can do. He is not coming back. It is like the media/public stoned ET to death only it is real and it is Michael Jackson who was so persecuted and crucified and all he wanted to do was bring joy to his fans and help children and our planet. I am very bitter about Bashir, Dimond, and Sneddon.

1860 days ago

Jeff Spicoli    

I thought he was a sweaty ball-sack when he was little and I think he's one now. Who in their right mind will spend money to see or touch a pedophiles belongings?

1860 days ago


Why is Katherina againt the adminstrator's of Michael Jackson Estate? The Estate has brought in so much money that Katerina and the kids with collect.

1860 days ago
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