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Roker -- Sunny with a Chance of Black Pride

8/18/2009 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Watch Al Roker's shock and awe on the Weather Channel this morning when it dawns on him that there are three brothas doing weather at the same time.

Al Roker: Click to watch
Co-anchors, Alex Wallace and Scott Williams were a little stunned by Rev. Al's revelry.


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No double standard should be in place in todays world if we want to move foward as a culture, this is somewhat racist and AL needs to own up to it.

1788 days ago

London not England    

#46-Nightcrawler... still suck....

1788 days ago


So he sayz dumb *ss things, umm so do I all the time, so what! by Michael

Because you are not on international tv and nobody cares when you say stupid things, because you did not weigh in on Imus and other situations with your opinion based on your race.

He can say dumb *ss things all fk day long but he better grow some and apologize for it afterward because that is what he would demand from a white guy stating the very same thing.

1788 days ago


You black people are always the first ones to cry racism about anything. You want it both ways--equality except when it doesn't benefit you. You can't justify black people's racism against the whites because you have less people educated to do those "white people" jobs. Move on or move out.

1788 days ago


If Diane Sawyer said that to Katie Couric and Barbra walters..Outloud and on air ...Believe me this would of been a problem ,but sense everyone always feels a need to pamper and baby black people like they we owe them something that now everyone considers this kind of unporfessional act is so funny. How about 3 white guys say that!!! Here will come out Jesse Jackson and the whole dirty crew to make him apologize. It really gets old .

1788 days ago


Maryland- X fan you seem to be the most racist person up here. The mere fact that you said that blacks, self-Proclaimed African Americans, and actual African Americans and people with dark skin should have their own country makes you seem ignorant. You should have just said that all blacks and Africans should have their own country and leave the U.S. It's so sad because it's not all blacks, self-proclaimed Africans Americans, and people with black skin that are racist. You have racist Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterners and Blacks. Maybe everyone that is racist, including you, should have their own island since they cannot get past skin color. Your stupidity amazes me.

1788 days ago


the only people keeping racism alive are blacks.

1788 days ago


Lets not forget what Michael Richards said after he was harassed while performing.

1788 days ago

Maryland- X Fan    

USA is my island. YEAH! *throws fist in air and jumps around*

1788 days ago


White Pride, your name is a joke, but what is "white people" jobs? I think "every" ethnic group in the U.S is guilty of keeping race alive, people need to do something productive other than trying to be racist in the first place.

1788 days ago


Stephanie, you are an idiot. Black people keep race alive because it is how they get by and make excuses for their stupid behavior. Al Roker, Professor Gates, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton...and the list goes on. And having pride that I am white doesn't make me a "joke." I'm proud of who I am and where I come from.

1788 days ago


It's 2009, everyone needs to stop being racist no matter what ethnicityy you are. Instead of being racist they should do something that will bring these races together, stop the ignorance because it's not cute or funny anymore.

1788 days ago

Fugly Face    

This is very much a race issue and Al made it a point to make it one. Its really is disturbing to see this on the Today show and what a display Al put on today. I find it disgusting and if we keep finding this kind of behavior a joke then we can all just join the KKK and laugh along with them.

I suggest more people email the Today show about Al Roker and have hime apologize for his actions cause lord knows if Matt lauer did something like this he would have to say sorry to every black person on the TV and street.

1788 days ago


White Pride: You can have pride in being white, but he cannot have pride in seeing three black weathermen on t.v at the same time, which is possibly the first time ever. You just contradicted yourself, by saying you can have pride, but they cannot.Every race does something stupid, so don't just say it is all "black people," maybe you should think before you write ignorant comments like that.

1788 days ago


Stephanie: I couldn't agree with you more.

1788 days ago
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