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Brett Favre Officially a Viking

8/18/2009 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret FavreTeam officials have confirmed Brett Favre will be playing for the Minnesota Vikings.

The deal is reportedly worth between $10-12 million.

Favre, 39, has scheduled a presser for 6pm EST.

Story not developing ... just getting old...

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All the packer fans hating on favre - you should really be angry at management because they are the ones that screwed us in this whole deal! We were better with favre but if he wasn't good enough for them that is fine they could have traded him to minnesota last year and got a 1st round draft pick but instead they let their pride get in the way and screwed us into a 4th round pick and he went there anyways! If he wasn't good enough to play in gb why the hell wouldn't they trade him to someone in their division and better themselves with a 1st round pick? because they are idiots!!!! good luck brett!

1854 days ago


talk about throwing your money away. sheesh. well, let the vikings have him, they suck anyway.

1854 days ago


As a Packer fan, I've probably seen just about every game Brett played for the Packers. I'll watch him and cheer for him (except against the Pack) until either nobody will have him anymore or they drag his broken body from the field.

The problem with Brett as a player is that he never compensated for declining physical skills by getting any smarter. He'll still try to jam the ball into double coverage 40 yards down the field on 1st and 10 where anything but a perfect pass will get picked. He's still got the accuracy out to about 15 yards but beyond that is a crapshoot. Plus, I think he actually has a losing record indoors, did the Viqueens consider that.

That said, I'm looking forward to 2 epic battles between the Pack and the Queens this season.

1854 days ago


To all the people hating on Packer Management for the loss of their beloved Favre....It was HIS decision! Brett retired, told managmeent he retired. Packers moved on. Brett changed his mind, and asked for his old job back. Packers said, come on up to training camp and earn it back. BRETT said no way, he was too good for that, he wanted it handed back like he never left. What did he have to worry about if he was sooooo good?

Now he did the same thing in Minnesota. Changes his mind AFTER training camp and 2 a day practices, and comes in to be the "rockstar". I think Minnesota management is going to have a lot of damage control after this fiasco. How can all the other players on that team ever trust another word from coaches and managment? I don't blame Brett or hate him. (I've been a Packer fan for 36 years, and loved watching him play.)There isn't another NFL player wouldn't do it if they could.....I just can't beleive management from NFL teams keep bowing down to the guy.

1854 days ago


I agree with all the people who say that Farve should play! Why not let this guy do what he loves the most? All he wants to do is throw the pig skin once again. Yes, it is sad that he is no longer a packer and these morons couldnt wait for him. I do not know why some of you are making a big deal about a man that comes out of retirement because he wants to play what he loves to play. I am surprised there isnt much talk on this forum about Mike Vick. Now thats a story we all need to be talking about it. "Protect your Beagle, Vick is an Eagle".

1854 days ago


He's just to dang old to be playing anything other than golf. Just retire and be happy Brett. What's the point of millions if you're back is broken just to get them. This clip I found analyzes Brett's career decisions. http://www.newsy.com/videos/brett_favre_takes_a_pass_on_retirement

1854 days ago


I was ecstatic that he went to The Vikings. Just bought tickets to watch him cream Green Bay October 5th. They did him wrong and I am glad he is still playing!!!

1853 days ago


The Goose Who Laid the Golden Eggs

1853 days ago


I lived in Minnesota for 23 years, moving from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During all the years that Brett Favre played for the Packers, Vikings fans hated him and trashed him at every opportunity. Now, all of a sudden -- he's wonderful and has enough draw to boost ticket sales to record levels. Just goes to show that Viking fans are fair weather fans and always will be. Sorry, Viking fans you still won't win a playoff game or be in the Super Bowl.

Better luck next time.

1853 days ago
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