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Dr. Conrad Murray Has Patients

8/18/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray may be on the hotseat with the LAPD over Michael Jackson's death, but that's not going to cramp his style when it comes to proving to the world he's a beloved MD.

In addition to his "thank you" video, Dr. Murray posted contact info for 14 of his patients who would give testimonials. They wouldn't talk Propofol, but were more than eager to give props to the good doc.

Here are a few highlights:

Rev. Floyd Williams: "If Murray wasn't black, none of this would be happening. It's the media hype to show that black folks are still the minority"

Eliza Robertson: "If Katherine [Jackson] is that concerned she should have stopped all of the painkillers [Michael] was taking before. I would have tried to get him on a better road."

"[Dr. Murray] would leave Las Vegas and come take care of me in my home [in Houston], and pay me visits, and give me checkups. I don't believe that Murray would have given or prescribed MJ anything he didn't ask for."

Ben Mask: "When Dr. Murray moved his office into my neighborhood there wasn't a lot of money out here just a lot of old people living off checks. When he came out here he was behind on his bills and he needed the money. If I was in his shoes I would have taken the money too. It was an offer he couldn't refuse. It could be a set up ... You just never know, things are so crooked."

Robert "Bobby" Day: "He was the type of doctor that people would want to hug on their way out. He never rushed people and he was wonderful with following up. Everyone adored him."

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This doctor still felt that he is responsible for the death of Michael and that he caused great pain world, and have ended the dreams of Michael and their children. This doctor should not open his mouth to flar or the name of Michael never in his life, and only ask for forgiveness and Michael every day.

1818 days ago


it is not a matter of race.. dr. conrad murray was and still is a very good man...he did not pre meditate nor every try to cause michael jackson any harm...
as a patient of his for over 3 yrs... i came to know a very beautiful caring man that loved all people... and always gave 100% to all his patients ...
he is a god loving man... who i will never ever forget as one of the best doctors i have come to know..
you all know he did not do this on purpose.. this was an accident.. and michael jackson was living on a prayer., as he was very addicted to other meds way before dr. murray treated him.. i am sure dr. murray was unaware of the extent of michael jackson drug problem.
dr murray... if your reading this... please know your not alone.. and there are just as many people who feel the way that i do as do not..
keep the faith... donnalyn in las vegas

1804 days ago


I don't care how nice he appears or good they say he was as a doctor. If he left Michael Jackson for even a second, that means he had no regard for Michael Jackson's life because everyone that knows anything about diprivan knows you have to stay with them every second. Even Michael Jackson told that nurse that he is okay as long as someone monitors him the entire time he sleeps. Would Dr. Murray want someone to give him the same care that he gave Michael Jackson, I would say NO! It is said that he has used it for over a decade and the previous doctors must have done their duties correctly and had regard for Michael's life, it is ashame that Dr. Murray didn't! It truly breaks my heart and makes me very very angry and I hope that they end up going for more then man slaughter so that he will pay for many many years!

Dr. Murray has taken the most kind hearted and compassionate man, not to mention a genius plus an excellent father from us and because of that he should pay for the rest of his life!!!!!

Michael Jackson RIP and you will always be loved!!!!

1887 days ago

Wendy Fuller Primo    

Eliza Robertson says: 'I don't believe that Murray would have given or prescribed MJ anything he didn't ask for.'

So should I be able to walk into my doctors office and 'ask for' (and Receive)an at-home script for Morphine for my headaches?

I should hope that these 'endorsements' weren't planted by Murray's defense team.

Talk about 'Dumb and Dumber'!

1886 days ago


Eliza Robertson most Bartenders would not continue to serve alcohol to a staggering drunk.

1886 days ago

Rita Zydlo    

Dr. Murry is one of the kindest Dr.'s that I know, I worked side by side with him in Las Vegas. My Prayers are with him and his family in these trying times. MJ was sick for a very long time and now his family wants to blame someone for this !! They should have gotten him help a long time ago....

1883 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

..and the Race card starts up. That is the dumbest thing I have heard!!!

1890 days ago

just sayin    

how much is he paying them to say this, and the ben mask dude sounds like an idiot just like murray, taking money to administer drugs illegally

1890 days ago

Fact Checker    

I am so SICK of black people using the race card. More white people died in the Civil War to end slavery than there were slaves.

1890 days ago

just sayin    

i bet those aren't even real patients, what patient would want to be associated with a negligent quack

1890 days ago


Please not the race card defense. MJ was also black--doesn't matter. His patients are obviousely as stupid as Murray.

1890 days ago


You're kidding me, right? The race of this doctor has nothing to do with the fact that he practiced risky medicine, at best, by putting Jackson under anesthesia in a setting where he couldn't properly be monitored. He had to know that at some point, this had a HUGE potential to end badly.

White, black, purple, green or orange, he was at best negligent. At worst, he's a murderer. Either way, nobody broke his arm or held a gun to his head. He entered into this agreement WILLINGLY, regardless of the reason.

Now, he needs to pay the price/

1890 days ago


what a crock... hes a doctor in deep debt.. and crossed the line of ethics

1890 days ago


They are all stupid! What he did was inexecusable, and in case they forgot Michael Jackson was the black man that died under Murray's care. I thought Doctor's had to take an oath. He must've missed that day at online medical school.

1890 days ago

JP Stone    

Dude, this guy is horrible. All he said was I'm innocent thanks to all you who believe me, which I don't think is very many people. No I feel horrible about Michaels Death or im sorry about Michael. Nothing about how the family must feel or the loss to the whole world. He killed Michael so he could steal money and property from him before anybody noticed. He was and is a broke ass quack doctor that is evil to the core. I would not let him do a check up on my cat!

1890 days ago
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