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Guess the Tramp Stamp

8/23/2009 8:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Which lady showed off her classy leopard print bikini/"Redemption" tattoo combo the other day by an L.A. pool?



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she has no ass

but id still slam it

1797 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I guess this tranny feels redeemed when she's getting rammed from behind by whatever fool decided to pay the going rate! Well, most of them. Her slimeball pops obviously rides for free as soon as he finishes oiling up her ass.

1797 days ago


Ugggghhhh. She is SO damn Skank-ified! Doesn't look like she's showing too much "emotional distress" sitting poolside!

1797 days ago

I am    

EWWWWWWWW! Who in the world wants to view Mr. Hogan's ugly, flat pie face, flat back crack or flat tits? Oh, thats right--he bought himself two sets of those. He should do what his career did...vanish.

1797 days ago


Does that tattoo say "retardation"?

1797 days ago


I think that poor bikini is sayin' help me I'm getting butt munched by a fugly chick !

1797 days ago


I never liked this chica or even saw what the big deal was about her anyway...I guess she had that one song with Mike Jones that was at least decent but I cant even recall the name of it... Both reality shows were horrible...totally scripted. And yea, that booty is most definately struggling...You could play a game of cards on that thing...

1797 days ago

who dat    

"I never liked this chica or even saw what the big deal was about her anyway.."

There is no big deal about her. Her father has shelled out over $3M for her singing career, and it still sucks. Because she can't sing. That tat is LAME. Just something to "shoot on" for the guy who is doin her doggy style.

1797 days ago


It's so easy to dog anyone on here. I believe Brooke has a great head on her shoulders as well as her Dad. I don't believe she's done anything wrong except not kick that inconsiderate mooch of a gay friend Glen out, and her associations with her brother and mother. Hulkamania lives forever!!!

1797 days ago

Michael Jackson #1 fan    

Thats the flattest ass I have eve seen. And how old is this gra ma looking woman? 21? her face have been damaged by hard partying and sun tanning life. When she is 30, she will be getting a face lift to look younger.
And the "redemtion" tat means when her vagina hole gets to big for a penis, her ass hole will be availabale to penatrate...nasty hoe.

1797 days ago


That Tramp Stamp is a disgrace, to all self respecting biker chicks

1797 days ago


Are you sure her head isn't buried in the sand and this tat isn't on her upper back? lol

1797 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

So she gets a lame, but somewhat possibly important sounding tattoo and where does she put it? Right above the corn spout! Brilliant. Hulkie must be so proud of what a dumb ho she became!

1797 days ago


.."classy leopard print bikini"????? Its several sizes too small, one side is folded up (because it's too small) and the side ties don't match the rest of it....that's far from 'classy' for most people, TMZ....but then maybe the writer isn't really looking at the bikini.....

1797 days ago

Bobo Frog    

I'll bet Daddy Hogan has shot his load onto that bull'seye.

1797 days ago
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