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Who's to Blame in Jackson's Death?

8/25/2009 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've been telling you for weeks Propofol killed Michael Jackson and authorities had their sights set on Dr. Conrad Murray. The affidavit to the Houston search warrant makes it clear -- Dr. Murray fueled Jackson with multiple drugs before he stopped breathing and Propofol was the crowning blow.

So the questions -- did Dr. Murray come clean when he spoke with the LAPD or is it even worse than we thought? Why was he on the phone for 47 minutes after Jackson stopped breathing? Why did he wait so long to call 911? Why did he refuse to pronounce Jackson dead at UCLA? Why did Dr. Murray disappear for a day?

And the bigger question -- is Dr. Murray the patsy -- taking the heat for years of prescription abuse at the hands of various doctors?

What do you think?


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1850 days ago

Robert Rathbun    

Jackson's Death

Suicide by doctor!

1850 days ago


It's too bad MJ had to die, but the only surprise to me in all of this is that it haddn't happened sooner. Jackson was on a fast train to destruction and it was just a matter of time until he crashed.

1850 days ago


michael should have gotten these things to begin with. he's not a doctor...someone told him about this. the doctor administered this th to michael so it's not like michael was shooting himself up. he just wanted sleep, i feel bad that his life ended this way.

the doctor was VERY negligent but there are more doctors and everyone involved needs to be held responsible.

i hope murray is prosecuted or someone gets him on the streets.

this is all madness and was completely avoidable

1850 days ago


Sorry Mj iLuv ya But theres no hope wiit dope propofol Xanax all of that,

R.I.P King

1850 days ago


Something to think about AMERICA!!

1850 days ago


It's not just "Hollywood" doctors, it's doctors all over. I had a dear friend who got addicted to pain killers after a minor nasal surgery, her doctor TOLD HER not to run all the scrips through the same pharmacy and he TOLD HER not to run them through insurance - he knew exactly what he was doing. She lost her marriage, her kids, her life! I went to urgent care for strep throat and that doc prescribed me a narcotic pain killer - for strep throat - I didn't fill it. I had eye surgery and I asked that doc for valium since I'd just get a local and she tried to give me 20 pills! I said no, that 2 would be plenty! No wonder addiction is so easy - it's the recovery that's a b!tch!

1850 days ago


ALL of the doctors that gave him drugs are to blame. You could tell just by looking at him that he was really off and that mental health was definitely an issue. Perhaps they should have been prescribing some risperadol! But in the end, money talked. Are the pharmacists that gave these drugs out also being prosecuted????

1850 days ago


well...hahahaha..yes,to all of the above

are you kidding...?

1850 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

The poll suggests that Dr. Murray is responsible for MJ's death yet the poll also suggests that Dr. Murray is the fall guy which goes on to prove that MJ fans have the unique ability to suck and blow at the same time.

1850 days ago


MJ took advantage of these doctors to get whatever pills he wanted -they gave in to be in MJ's inner circle- then you get this jerk conrad murray who was sued before and gave MJ other drugs right before the injection that killed him all to kiss ass MJ.

1850 days ago


TMZ why bother doing a vote like this. What the hell do the likes of me, and the rest of the fodder that read this website know about it?! We're voting based on what? The facts TMZ have provided us with over the last few weeks? Is this how I am going to make my judgments about anything in life? I am not a medical expert, nor an expert on prescription culture in America. And noone else on here is either. This vote is just ridiculous, and you know it. its tabloid journalism, patronizing its readership - pretending you think our opinions will be based on some kind of intelligent, independent thought, and not just what you've shoveled into us the last few weeks.

1850 days ago


Its Like a If Michael Say Jump Dr.Murray will Say how high Deal.

1850 days ago


TMZ, who was at the house when MJ died???

It's been reported that Tohme Tohme fired everyone at house and in LV, can you confirmed.

It's been reported that MJ was afraid of Tohme and fired him on May 5, 2009.

There's no report from MJ Personal Assistant?

Where's the survelliance tapes and music that was on the hard drive????

We know that Tohme returned $5.5 million back to the estate!!!!

Who was in the house when MJ died?????
Who was in the house when MJ died?????
Who was in the house when MJ died?????
Who was in the house when MJ died?????

1850 days ago

Scott Brown    

It all comes down to greed with doctors who administer more drugs than an actual human body can consume. Who is suppose to be the educated and ethical one? The doctor or patient?

We all have sleeping disorders at some time in our life. Unfortunately MJ didn't have someone sit down with him and tell him everyday, that he's been doing this since he was 5 years old, and at 50, there isn't anything different on stage with a mic.

1850 days ago
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