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The Dark Side

8/25/2009 1:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jake Lloyd, now 20, was seen out recently at a convention looking smug.

Now Lloyd is attending Columbia College in Chicago with a major in film and video.

His first major movie role was "Jingle All The Way."


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Renee Lee Greco    

Since when does going to the 'best' film & video school make you an artist and possess talent?

Give me the equipment I need such as the camera, editing software, etc and I will prove that I can make something people will like...

1885 days ago



I felt so ripped off when I saw the fourth Star Wars flick... large-necked George Lucas was probably sitting around in the 1990s, thinking, "You know, I COULD make another Star Wars if I wanted to!" And he did... but the new ones can't hold a candle to the original three.

1885 days ago


GO SAID: I'd rather be an educated person who has to supplement with food stamps than a piece of degreeless trash who makes 100,000 a year.

Posted at 8:21AM on Aug 25th 2009 by GO

So, a degree-less person is "trash"? Who the frack are you? Good luck with your foodstamps, moron.

1885 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

5. Going to college is waaaay over rated. I have no degree and earn well over 55k a year.

Posted at 1:25AM on Aug 25th 2009 by DJ

You are making $55k a year and you are bragging about it?

A college degree is about more than money - it is a higher education. Get that? HIGHER education, so you would have enough sense to become aware that $55k is a humiliating amount of money to brag about. You are so uneducated and unaware, that in your tiny little world, you thought that was a lot of money.

1885 days ago


anybody who thinks 55,000 is a poor income and below avg. is a complete idiot.

1885 days ago


T wrote: "Plus, while you don't see it now, people judge you based upon your interlect. How you speak, what you know and how hard you work."

Um...the word you were looking for is 'intellect' -- not 'interlect.' But I agree with everything else you wrote! ;)

DJ: 55K is certainly nothing to brag about. Just think about how much more you would make had you gone to university. It sounds like you're trying to justify a high school diploma as being sufficient. Sorry, but it isn't. If I had two people whose resumes are identical with the exception that one had pursued post-secondary education, I'd hire that person instead of the individual who only completed high school. It's competitive out there -- why sell yourself short?

I took a year off before going to university as I had no idea what to do. A few years into school I still didn't know what my calling was, but by the time I finished, I found a career that I love and I have my professors to thank for helping me figure it out (and it wasn't even what I had originally majored in). I look at my time at university as 'career exploraton' more than anything else, and for that, I'm eternally grateful. (Of course it also taught me how to think critically and write intelligently.)

As Confucius said: "Choose a job you love and you'll never work another day in your life." Thanks to university, I can say that I agree!

1885 days ago


Damn typo -- make that 'career exploration.' Hey, even us fancy pants, educated people make typos! ;)

1885 days ago


I am all for college. In fact at age 30, I am now going back to finish my B.A. However, there is nothing wrong with someone not going to college. The world needs all types of people. Granted, you probably won't make as much money and will have to work much harder but there is no shame in it.

As for the issue with guy making $55K, that's pretty good money for an individual. I believe the median income in the U.S. is much lower than that. That is definitely sufficient enough to survive fairly well on your own. Hell, hubby and I make about that together AND have kids and we live ok, take the kids on trips every few months, and are not on welfare or make our kids wear jacked up clothes. My whole goal in getting my B.A. is so that I can at the very least make that on my own.

1884 days ago

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