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Cops -- Travis & Shanna Fought Over 'Pedophile'

8/26/2009 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna Moakler Cries 'Uncle' at Travis BarkerFinally some clarity about Monday's epic battle between Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler -- cops have released the dramatic report from the incident that centered around a convicted child molester.

According to the Barrington Police, the drama began when Travis went to Shanna's Rhode Island home to drop off their two kids. When Travis noticed a car belonging to a convicted child molester near the home, he got into an argument with Shanna -- and she called the cops.

When police arrived, Travis told police he didn't "want to leave the kids in the residence with a pedophile and wanted a certified nanny with the kids."

Cops read the court order explaining the custody agreement between the couple, which stated that the man who owned the car was not allowed near the kids. But when they checked Moakler's home and discovered he was not there, Barker agreed to leave as long as he was given the names and numbers of the two nannies staying with the kids.

After the deal was made, cops say Shanna asked about how to get a restraining order. It doesn't say who she was trying to restrain, but after Travis posted a message on his Twitter page calling his wife a piece of ... well, another word for excrement ... you could probably figure it out.

: Shanna's rep just told us: "It is really sad at this point that Shanna can't enjoy her children with her family in peace. Why would police let the kids stay if this apparent "uncle" was actually there. Shanna and Travis need to work this out without the media being involved. There are young children involved and its just not fair."


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I find her be a f*cking hypocrite. Didn't she get all bent out of shape with that Carrie P woman about her statements on GAY MARRIAGE, and then tried to spin it about the nude photos and lies, yet she lets a KNOWN KIDDIE RAPER around her kids.

Take the kids and run Travis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1883 days ago


You gotta love this couple, but especially Shanna Moakler. I laughed at her the whole time she was all high and mighty holding up the standards of the Ms. America pagaent and bashing Carrie Prejean. There is no bigger skank and unfit mother than Moakler. She is a joke. And now this - not surprised.

1883 days ago


I dont think its a bad thing for Travis to want to protect his children....and if shannan gets a restraining order on Travis she is a piece of you know how many baby mammas would love to have a baby daddy that gives a sh**.

1883 days ago


Seriously, I think the dad was WELL within ANY parent's rights to question with whom his children are staying with! And I'm sure any court within the US would have agreed, he was simply trying to protect his children ... the b***h mother on the other hand, was just in a hurry to party or at least get away from her kids for a while and didn't want to have to find someone else to watch them ... but then I do have to ask: why didn't daddy just offer to watch the kids if he was that concerned? Oh wait, I forgot this is Hollywood ... pregnant bellies and kids are just photo opts!

1883 days ago


HEY, #4 "CLEVELAND-WEST-SIDE", (are you in a race with Octomom???)... AND SINCE YOU CAN AFFORD A COMPUTER AND INTERNET ... TRY READING ABOUT DAIRYMEN (they prefer that name not farmers) AND WHAT LITTLE THEY ACTUALLY MAKE ON THEIR PRODUCT! YOU ARE AN UNINFORMED IDIOT .. IT'S THE MIDDLE MAN THAT GOUGES THE MILK PRICES NOT THE DAIRYMEN. THE MIDDLE MAN SETS THE PRICES & THE STORES! BTW ... if you can afford a computer and the Internet you can afford milk! AND if you are unemployed you are more than likely on unemployment therefore eligible for food assistance PLUS those children of yours that are of school age are getting milk at school and are eligible for free or reduced breakfast and lunches. Seriously!

1883 days ago


Is she out of her fking mind?! Why on Earth would she let a Convicted Child Molester around her precious children?! FFS! If I were him I would have had a fit too! She needs to get her head screwed on right! FFS You NEVER let a pedophile around your children!! Once a pedophile ALWAYS a pedophile!! Take her ass to court and get those kids Travis, she is unfit to have them..and do it before they get molested!!

1883 days ago

northern gypsy    

sooo travis tell us again what you found so endearing about shanna ...
i mean you managed to have not 1...but...2 children with her !!!
what a mess...what's our next generation of children learning from all of this ???

1883 days ago


I find it appalling that Moakler would allow a pedophile around her children. Travis should go for full custody and Moakler needs to crawl in ahole and die.

1883 days ago


Shame on you Shanna!!! Your kids safety should come before anything! I know that it's family, so there's love and you don't want to hurt anyone, but come on!! It's your kids! I think it's like 1 in 4 kids get sexually molested, and the majority of these happen with FAMILY or family friends. You could never live with yourself if something happened to them. . .

Until she wakes up to the danger, Travis needs to stay vocal on this and pursue it through the courts. He's being a good father and those kids are lucky to have him!

1883 days ago


shanna why the heck would you allow a child molester near your kids? Oh wait, you dont care about the kids you care about your $$$$$$ you get every month , shanna doesnt raise her kids nannies do

1883 days ago


travis go for full custody on your kids....shanna needs to stay away, maybe travis needs a restraining order to keep Shanna away from him and the kids. Shanna = NO GOOD

1883 days ago


I have a good friend who was one of their kids teachers. She said that Travis was an excellent, involved dad, and that Shanna was a total self-absorbed flake. I guess it goes back to the old adage 'Do not judge a book by its cover'.

He is totally right not wanting a convicted child molester near his children. It is a travesty of justice if she was awarded a restraining order.

1883 days ago


Its seems, Shanna has proven herself to be batsh*t crazy over and over again. I wouldn't trust her to tell me what time it was.So her poor judgement regarding her children's company isn't much of a surprise. She is a cheat, a liar and a crappy parent and will continue to golddig her way into some other poor bastards life. Then she will pop out a few of his kids to secure her lifestyle insurence policy. What a mess. I feel bad for the kids.

1883 days ago


Good for Travis! I have a lot of respect for a man who stands up for his kids. Shanna is damn lucky that the father of her children cares enough to stand up for them -to her- for their well-being, even if she's too dim to understand what is going on. If those kids grow up to be awesome adults like I think they will, it's credit to Travis.

1883 days ago


What does 'near the home' mean anyway?

Quarter mile, 100 yds, in the driveway?

1883 days ago
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