Cops -- Travis & Shanna Fought Over 'Pedophile'

8/26/2009 4:00 AM PDT

Cops -- Travis & Shanna Fought Over 'Pedophile'

Finally some clarity about Monday's epic battle between Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler -- cops have released the dramatic report from the incident that centered around a convicted child molester.

According to the Barrington Police, the drama began when Travis went to Shanna's Rhode Island home to drop off their two kids. When Travis noticed a car belonging to a convicted child molester near the home, he got into an argument with Shanna -- and she called the cops.

When police arrived, Travis told police he didn't "want to leave the kids in the residence with a pedophile and wanted a certified nanny with the kids."

Cops read the court order explaining the custody agreement between the couple, which stated that the man who owned the car was not allowed near the kids. But when they checked Moakler's home and discovered he was not there, Barker agreed to leave as long as he was given the names and numbers of the two nannies staying with the kids.

After the deal was made, cops say Shanna asked about how to get a restraining order. It doesn't say who she was trying to restrain, but after Travis posted a message on his Twitter page calling his wife a piece of ... well, another word for excrement ... you could probably figure it out.

: Shanna's rep just told us: "It is really sad at this point that Shanna can't enjoy her children with her family in peace. Why would police let the kids stay if this apparent "uncle" was actually there. Shanna and Travis need to work this out without the media being involved. There are young children involved and its just not fair."