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Law Enforcement Doesn't Believe Dr. Murray

8/26/2009 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. MurrayLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ the L.A. County Coroner and the LAPD are not buying Dr. Conrad Murray's story that he gave Michael Jackson a relatively low dosage of Propofol before he died.

Sources say the L.A. County Coroner has determined Michael Jackson died from a lethal level of Propofol. There were "traces" of other drugs in Jackson's system, but nothing that would have killed him.

According to the search warrant affidavit, during Dr. Murray's interview with LAPD detectives two days after Jackson died, he said he gave Jackson 25 milligrams of Propofol shortly before the singer stopped breathing. Dr. Murray also said he had been giving Jackson 50 milligrams of Propofol for the prior six weeks so Jackson could sleep, but he felt the singer may have been forming an addiction so he cut back.

Here's the reality. It takes approximately 400 milligrams of Propofol for someone of Jackson's body size to sleep 8 hours -- that's 16 times the amount Dr. Murray says he gave Jackson the day he died.

Our law enforcement sources simply do not believe that 25 milligrams would have in any way compromised Michael Jackson, especially since he had developed a tolerance to a much higher level.


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Catholic Girl    

No news on Senator Kennedy's death, Harvey? Plenty of trash topics, but not even a little itty bit about this other iconic American, who helped fight for the rights of the common man of all races & creeds until his dying days? Who joyfully endorsed Barack Obama, our first African-American President while fighting a brain tumor... Nothing? You guys must be on autopilot over there on the Westside...did you all make a Starbucks run at the same time?

Senator Edward Kennedy has passed away at the age of 77. Job well done Ted, thank you. RIP.

1892 days ago


Dr Conrad Murray is a lying snake. His emotional video to his so called friends was PATHETIC! This doctor is a SMOOTH CRIMINAL!
Dr Murray say hello to the Michael Jackson fans in PRISON!

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You've Been Hit By
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1892 days ago


my son relies on drs because of serious medical probs, and im so glad he doesnt have a fly by night numpty like MJ had, this is so sad. apart from his fans he has robbed 3 kids of their loving dad and that is unforgiveable. i hope he and all the other docs inc.klein get all thats coming their way.

1892 days ago


I think we should remember billions of dollars are at steak here. When that kind of money is involved anything can happen. We talk about his debt and how much he owed what i think we might want to consider is how fast his estate has started raking in money. And these recent developments don't have anything to do with his assets with Sony. So regardless of what Michael was living on when he was alive the profits that are coming because of this death are staggering. Some say they may surpass Elvis Presley. And remember we are talking about world wide. In addition the belief is this growth in his estate could go on for years. So I think conspiracy here is an understatement at best.

1892 days ago


Look im sick and tired of hearing bout frikkin Michael Jackson!! WHO CARES!?!?! Lets go ahead and lock up the Doc for murder and keep it moving. The world aint stop moving because someone famous got killed.

1892 days ago


NO ONE believes Dr. Murray. I don't think he even believes the crap he has been putting out lately.

Maybe if he would have stuck to being a doctor instead of a greedy enabler his life and practice would not be down the toilet.

1892 days ago


Tohme people, Tohme killed Michael... the doctor is being blackmailed and made to look like the fall guy... his life has been threatened.....

1892 days ago


The doc is a liar and a killer. How long does it take to arrest someone? Jail him and throw away the keys. He's finished... Why doesn't he do the right thing and "do a Ryan Jenkins".

1892 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

Some stuff doesn't make sense here.

1. Why doesn't someone just say how many mg of Propofol they found in MJ? Why just say he died from an overdose of it and then say they think the doctor is lying because the amount the Doc said he gave (25 mg) would not have constituted an overdose (>1600mg) It almost seems like they are forcing to get things to fit their model.

2. How come they (Coroner) didn't find high levels of a set of drugs in his system, as some thought they would have found?

3. I remember once before surgery my blood pressure was high and the Anesthesiologist was reluctant to put me to sleep. Could it be that MJ was so angry with the Doc and all the other pills not working that when he DEMANDED the Propofol that his blood pressure was really high and this contributed to his demise? (I don't know... not an expert in this area.)

4. Some saying the Doc murdered him... but for real murder there must be *motive* and Dr Murray had absolutely no motive for MJ to not be alive. His sweet $150K per month contract is over, he is stigmatised for life, still has lots of debt to pay, and he loses his medical license cause he was doing things he wasn't supposed to be doing... all of which are kept quiet (like it was for the previous 6 weeks) if MJ stayed alive.

5. If the Doc has been doing this for 6 weeks, he should know the difference between 25mg and 1600mg of Propofol. And he would be stupid to lie cause they would find the amount in MJ's system. So again, the key question here is how many mg of Propofol did they find in MJ? Facts please.

6. How is it that a guy/reporter who has now written a book about MJ, predicted in Dec 2008 that MJ may be dead in 6 months. He was right. How come he could see stuff and so many people are saying MJ was keen to perform, he was upbeat, he looked healthy? And the guy/reporter said MJ was sickly and may be dead in 6 months, and was ABSOLUTELY correct. How is that??? And Dr Murray was only with MJ for 2-3 months. So MJ's bad state and deterioration was observed by that reporter about 3 months before Dr Murray came on board.

Sherlock Holmes: When almost all options are exhausted, whatever remains, however implausible, must be the answer.

1892 days ago


This is an absolute shame. Doctors are supposed to become what they are for the purpose of preserving life not themselves. This I mean through monetary gain. This guy in my eyes is a leach and deserves to have justice served up nice and cold. Lying DOG!

1892 days ago


Well if we believe Dr. Murray he was not making 150,000. he claims MJ and AEG had not sighed the contract yet. So if thats true his deal with them did not exist. So I guess Murray expects us to believe he was taking care of Michael out of the goodness of his heart. This from a man who walked in demanding a million dollars a month and was turned down by AEG.

I am sorry but I think the only reason he stuck around is because yes he was getting paid but the question is by who and for what. I am not buying that a man in his financial situation was working hoping to get paid. If thats the case who the hell is paying for this high powered legal team he has. Still not adding up.

1892 days ago


I agree his poor state of health was indeed observed long before Murray came on board. If Michael had canceled this concert for health reasons wow some people including Michael would have lost Millions. Further I don't think his estate would have been worth what we are looking at now. Yes I believe Michael was too sick to keep this up. The question is who was afraid of this same thing and did they do anything about it?

1892 days ago


Is Doc Murray visiting Who else is voting yes so many times???

1892 days ago


I dont think Dr. Murray knew how to disconnect the surveillance cameras and videos.
LaToilet must have done it.

1892 days ago

Linda Mott    

If he isn't charged and found guilty, then many people will feel he got away with murder, not the first time in Hollywood.

1892 days ago
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